We agitate, but we can also govern

People would say that we are good at protests and agitations, but we cannot work in government. In the last one year, we have broken that image. We have proved that we have the intellectual capacity to conceive a major policy like the odd-even scheme and implement it. Our critics said there would be chaos, there would be anarchy. But we have proved that we can ensure people’s support for big policy decisions. If we can agitate, we can also govern.

We have also developed a new model of governance. Till now, the model was to create physical infrastructure like highways, roads and hospitals. That was considered development. We are not against it. But our focus is on creating human infrastructure. We are trying to improve basic facilities and enhance human capital. This is our development model. We have ensured people’s involvement in the framing of policies and their implementation. It is only through the involvement of people that any ambitious project can be successfully carried out. Unfortunately, the Modi government has not let us work. The Anti-Corruption Bureau had been reporting to the Delhi government for 40 years. Now, the Modi government says the ACB is not under the jurisdiction of the Delhi government. The Modi government is trying to control the bureaucracy.

There is a unity of understanding that the politics in this country is bad and we need to do something about it. We have to prove to the whole world that we are thinking individuals who can also govern well. We had to reinvent ourselves.

We have made no compromise on corruption. When evidence was produced on the involvement of our minister in corruption, we gave it to the CBI. The officials are used to working with politicians and they are also beneficiaries of that system. If this system does not survive, then they are also losers. There are some very good officers who are honest. But there are so many officers who do not let such people work. This network has to be broken.

Ashutosh is spokesperson, Aam Aadmi Party. As told to Soni Mishra

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