The Lord is my shield

The men of God, and women, are in fervent prayer for divine intervention

gallery-image Syed Ziaulla Sha Khadri, head of Hazrath Syedana Yaqeen Shah Vali Dargah, Bengaluru.
gallery-image Lakshminarasimha, priest at Bhagawan Sree Maruthi Temple, Bengaluru.
gallery-image Jasbeer Singh, granthi at Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Bengaluru.
gallery-image Bantheji Anagarika Vappo, a theravada Buddhist monk.
gallery-image Ervad Fardoon D. Karkaria, panthaky (head priest) at Parsi Fire Temple, Bengaluru.
gallery-image Fr Varghese P. Idichandy, vicar at St George Orthodox Church, Bengaluru.
gallery-image Sadhvi Anima Shri, a Shwetambar Jain monk.


In the year of the Mask, spikes of an invisible foe pierced our lives, an oblique attack.

Its crown eclipsed our visages, shadowing our smiles, burying our dreams,

locking up all of us in a difficult berth.

The Mask is a temporary weapon, a shield and a guard, a new normal.

In a masked year, the ego has fallen, oneness is back.

People of all belief ask for one miracle.

Only one.

To end the wait, to go out, to celebrate; to take off our masks.

Everyone awaits a miracle.

Let it come from the sea or the sky.

Or any country on the earth.

The world is hoping for a miracle.

A vaccine.