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Catch up, India

Your cover story is an in-depth study unravelling the intricacies involved in India-China disputes (‘Valleys of vigil’, April 22). The sinification of people in and around the border areas is a matter of serious concern, as is evident by the hostile attitude of Dzumsa in north Sikkim where India’s writ does not work.


Raveendranath A.,

On email. 


R. Prasannan gave a clear picture of the situation in the India-China border. In fact, Jawaharlal Nehru had ordered the Army in 1962 to throw the Chinese out when there was an incursion from their side. Today, the situation has improved, but the balance of power has not drastically changed. Our Army chief said that we are ready to fight on two fronts, but the external affairs ministry is not as confident.


We must understand that the problems with the Chinese are not unsolvable. Hundreds of soldiers have been killed on the LoC in peace time, but not a shot has been fired on the LAC. Though, there were occasional conflicts between the Indian and the Chinese soldiers, they ended in war of words and fisticuffs. The problems between India and China are more of posturing than real.


I feel an accommodating attitude should help India and China. The LAC goes through a lake in Ladakh. Let us give the whole water body to China and ask China instead to give us Mansarovar, that has an emotional connect with us. Such adjustment on a few metres of barren land on LAC should not be a big problem. But, for all this to happen, there has to be statesman-like decisions on the part of Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping.


N. Kunju,



Why criticise?

It was appalling to read the four highlighted letters (April 22). All the readers have condemned the choice of printing Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of David on the cover page! It just shows how narrow-minded we have become!

I shudder to think how our minds have corroded when only few decades ago bare-chested grandmothers in families were a norm!


Anupa Alex,

On email.