Delayed? Make most of it


Flight delays are common in winter. Post winter, too. So what do you do when stranded for hours, waiting for take-off time? Here are a few things to do in the midst of the airport limbo. Improvise based on your mood and the new company

* An airport is where you congregate with a thousand strangers. If there was one time when you felt a connection, it is when your flight is delayed. The best thing to do, perhaps, is head to the airport bar with a couple of fellow stranded folks and kill time over a ‘Grasshopper’, a cocktail that is as green as its insect namesake!

* Being stranded at the airport on New Year’s Eve, or maybe ahead of Republic Day, can throw plans out of the window. Use this as an opportunity to ask your boss to give you a couple of days off.

* Most airports have book shops such as Crossword. Check out the most unusual titles this season.

* Use airport Wi-Fi to watch a TV show that you’ve been wanting to catch up on.

* Many big airports have musical instruments that just sit idle. Maybe this is your chance to put up a small show. You won’t get a free stage like this, with an audience!

* Hundreds of strangers under one roof also calls for strange conversations. You’d be surprised at what you might hear, if you do a bit of eavesdropping.

* Do a ‘Tinder’in real life. Scan faces, and if you like someone, go strike up a conversation.

* And finally, if you have done at least a bunch of the things mentioned above, create a Snapchat story of your airport adventures.

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