A tale of two mothers

65-Daughter-of-Mine Film: Daughter of Mine (Italian, 2018)

EVERY MORNING, Tina, a sensible and hardworking woman, religiously cleans Angelica’s farmhouse on the Italian island of Sardinia. Angelica, an alcoholic who hardly cares for anything in the world other than the animals on her farm, is about to be evicted if she cannot cough up a huge sum of money. Tina urges her to sell her animals, leave Sardinia and start over elsewhere. Although hesitant, Angelica agrees to do so, and requests Tina to bring her young daughter Vittoria to the farm once.

It is soon revealed that Angelica is Vittoria’s biological mother. When Vittoria is brought to the farm for the first time, she is hesitant and reticent. However, she begins to warm up to Angelica and starts visiting the farm without Tina’s knowledge. When Tina finds out, she is appalled and tries to convince Angelica to leave town. Angelica, who begins to take a liking to her daughter, is unwilling to leave.

Daughter of Mine, which was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, is the tale of a confused child caught between two mothers. Directed by Laura Bispuri, the movie boasts some great performances and a few tense moments, making it a thrilling watch.