France and I: Manish Arora


France celebrates artists and as an artist, I have been more than welcomed, loved and celebrated here. It has impacted me greatly, and you see that in the way I live, whether it is my house or the silhouettes of my clothes. Although all my collections are inspired by the beautiful colours you see in India, my silhouettes are western.

France is also the ideal place for dreamers, artists and visionaries and my collections always pay homage to the dreamers by being larger than life. Besides showcasing my collection in Paris, I live here, and France is my own country. Paris is such a melting pot of culture, and I hope that I continue being inspired by the beauty and elegance of the French.

As the fashion capital of the world, being stylish is a way of life for Parisians. India and Paris work very differently when it comes to the fashion week. Initially, it was tough for me because the audience had never heard of me. They were not aware about Manish Arora garments, yet the reception I received from my first show till the recent Autumn Winter 2018 show at the Paris Fashion Week, has been heartwarming and overwhelming.

Since the time I started, one of the biggest things that has changed the fashion game is social media. While most people in the fashion industry despise it, I love social media and it helps me showcase a glimpse of my life and what inspires me.