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Interview/ Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs

What will be the government’s agenda in this winter session?

Our effort would be to make the session smooth, constructive and productive. We are talking to opposition leaders. We have called for an all-party meeting on November 15. Two dozen important bills, including three GST Bills, will be taken up. We would be open to discussion on whatever issues the opposition raises.

Demonetisation is a bold step, but the opposition has said that it is an inconvenience to the common man.

This is a revolutionary step against black money. It helps the weaker sections of society and helps the economy of the country. As far as the opposition is concerned, we will discuss in the business advisory committee meeting and the all-party meeting as to how they can debate it. We will present our case; it is in favour of the people.

There have been several terrorist attacks, and tension is also rising on the Line of Control. How will the government respond to these charges?

The entire world is fighting terrorism. It is an enemy of humanity. We have been fighting terrorists and giving a very effective reply. If the opposition asks for a discussion, we would be ready to reply.

The BJP is pushing for abolition of triple talaq, but parties like BSP and Trinamool say the government is interfering in the affairs of a community.

We are a democracy and we are secular. We are an open country. Constructive debate and discussions are healthy. If there is a debate, there will be different viewpoints. On the issue of triple talaq, the government is nowhere in the picture. Only the Law Commission has come out with a questionnaire asking for an opinion on it. There is a debate over Uniform Civil Code. There have been discussions on it many times since independence. Till now, only academic debate is taking place.

Questions have been raised about the SIMI encounter and the freedom of the press following the announcement of a one-day ban on a television channel.

If anyone asks for a discussion, we will see if the rules permit. The government will respond to it. For us, national interest is the priority and we would deal with any issue.

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