Not easy to live with corruption charge

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Interview/ Kanimozhi, DMK leader

You have been acquitted. What’s the feeling now?

It’s a huge relief for me. I was prepared to face the worst, but now I am happy. The whole thing in the name of 2G spectrum scam was made up, as it was only a notional loss and no case can stand in a court of law based on a CAG report. As you know, it is not easy to live with a corruption charge for so many years when you are not at fault.

Even your party seniors wanted you to be sidelined in the DMK.

There was no question of sidelining, as all my party leaders and seniors knew the truth. I don’t think they felt the need to sideline me. I was more a literary person, who was into poetry, literature and art. My father then wanted me to come into politics. And then, when Kalaignar TV was set up, I was its director for two weeks. I wasn’t much interested in it, as I was never a TV personality. So, after two weeks, I resigned and I had given all the documents to the RoC [Registrar of Companies]. After I resigned, the money transactions happened. I didn’t even attend any of the board meetings as I was only a 20 per cent stakeholder. I didn’t attend even the AGMs. But the CBI went ahead and documented evidences. Contrary to the documents, they said I was an active brain in the TV. I was not a minister, nor a party leader. I was only a Rajya Sabha member.

Now that you are acquitted, where do you find yourself in the party?

My life revolved around the case for six years. I could not plan anything in my personal and political life. Now, as that pressure is not there, I can spend time on my personal life and political career. I will do more intense work from now on. Whatever is the responsibility given to me, I shall do it with care and dedication.

Your father is not very active in politics now. The DMK does not seem to be as vibrant as it was during his times.

We are a Dravidian movement. You cannot take away our ideologies, or blindly say we don’t follow our ideologies. The DMK can’t be DMK without its ideologies.

Do you think that, given the political situation in the state and at the Centre, the party is the same now even without an active Karunanidhi?

I feel whichever party or whoever it is, people will have to stand together beyond religion and politics. Inclusiveness is very important. The DMK and Thalapathi M.K. Stalin have understood this clearly, and he has definitely been working towards this.

Recently the prime minister visited your father. Is an alliance with the BJP possible in the near future?

Tamil Nadu is clearly a land of Dravidian movement and Periyar, and we believe in federal rights and social justice. Every state has its own identity—be it cultural or linguistic. Anyone who doesn’t understand this identity cannot gain a foothold in a state like Tamil Nadu.

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