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There is a deep conspiracy

44Uma Uma Bharti | Sanjay Ahlawat

Uma Bharti, Union minister for water resources

Your thoughts on the Vyapam scam.

Right from the very beginning I was 100 per cent sure that I was not involved. As far as my reported involvement is concerned, there is a deep conspiracy…. And the conspiracy is political, too.

Why do you think you were implicated in the scam?

That is my question, why was I implicated? I knew I was being implicated. I want to know what purpose it was serving… was it to damage my reputation? What are the political intentions behind this? I want to know. I don’t know who is behind this. I won’t blame Shivraj [Singh Chouhan], but he must find out who is behind this. Shivraj is my elder brother.

What would be the political fallout for the BJP?

Nothing! When the Vyapam investigation was at its peak, the Lok Sabha elections took place and we won 27 of 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh. But there is something called responsibility towards the people. It is not necessary that everything will turn into votes, but you should do your duty.

Are you happy with the CBI inquiry into the scam?

A very serious inquiry had to be done, especially before it was handed over to the Special Task Force. Who does it and how is up to the state government. It is Shivraj's responsibility to make it happen as the people are very scared, especially the girls and the women.

Many students and parents are in jail.

That was the reason actually…. When I was panicking, it was not for myself. When I said I am scared, it was for the innocent people of the state.

What did the state director general of police say when he met you at your residence in Bhopal?

Yes, he came and then an additional inspector general spoke to me, but even then my name was there in the FIR. After that, even before the FIR could reach the court, it was published in a newspaper.

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