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Christians helped us in Nemom

68Rajagopal O. Rajagopal | Solomon Thomas

Interview/ O. Rajagopal, BJP MLA

How do you assess your win? This is also the first victory for the BJP in Kerala assembly.

This is a new chapter in Kerala politics. For the last 60 years, we had the left and right sharing power. These two fronts shared the same mindset and policies. The only difference was that when the UDF was in power corruption increased and when the LDF was in power muscular politics had the upper hand. People in Kerala were in search of an alternative, which was provided by the BJP. We have emerged as the third alternative in the state.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance, especially the alliance partner BDJS?

I need some time to study and comment.

Is there a minority consolidation against the NDA in favour of the Left?

It has been observed in certain pockets, not everywhere. For instance in Nemom, the Christians have helped us. But among Muslims, that is not the case. There has been largely a consolidation against the BJP.

What next for the state BJP?

The senior leadership will get together and devise the strategies to take forward the BJP agenda in Kerala.

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