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Saina will have to keep it simple

Pullela Gopichand

As world No 1, Saina will have to constantly contest with top Chinese players.

In women's singles, there are many new countries entering the competition space. There are champions from Spain, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Japan and China. The Chinese are no longer the only dominant players. The ones who are in the game are there, but no new players are coming in. Saina will have to keep it simple and keep working hard and figure out a way to beat the competition.

Does she need a specific plan to beat the Chinese?

There is nothing specific. Each player is different, with different types of games. The Chinese cannot be seen as one group and it all depends on what equation Saina has with each player.

Is there a need for any special effort to strengthen her game?

She does not train under me any longer. She has a team of her own and I am sure they will look into it.

Saina is 25. She has a year or two left. How can she keep her game consistent?

She is still young and she can play till she is into her 30s. There is nothing like a consistent game. It all depends on the players and the conditions. What game she will play against the opponent on the given day and what conditions prevail on that day is what is more important.

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