Asha Karoshi

I think some miracle will happen and you will come back to us

Asha Karoshi

Dear papa,

AT LEAST ONCE... only once… if I could see you, touch and feel you…. Just once if I could hug you and sleep on your lap and feel the warmth of your affection.

Rani and I miss you so much, pa. I hate God for stealing you from us, that too, when I was only two years old and Rani was in mom's womb. You know, papa, for every girl, her father is her first hero, but in our life, that hero is missing. A picture of life without you is so painful. Even today I can't forget those rainy days when parents used to pick their children up from school and attend parent-teacher meetings; I missed you even more those days.

I treasure two things relating to you which are very precious to me: one is the greeting card you sent me on my first birthday and the second is your letter to mom in which you talk about your plans for my future. If you were here, then I would be your princess... but, my bad luck....

When I was in the sixth standard, I watched a Kannada soldier movie in which the hero was in the Army just like you. He died in Kargil but in the climax, he returned to his family. Till now, I think some miracle will happen and you will come back to us… life without you is very hard, pa.

Naik Ashok B. Karoshi

Pa, you don't know what a brave woman you married; she withstood all the difficulties single-handedly, and sacrificed so much to bring us up. You know, papa, now both your daughters are young ladies with government jobs.

Our souls are very proud that we are daughters of a martyr who served his motherland for 12 years and won the Sena Medal. But this feeling cannot fill the void you left. If there is another birth, I want to be born as your daughter, but you must promise me that you won’t leave us and go.

Your loving daughter,


Asha Karoshi, 24, is a tax inspector in Belgaum, Karnataka. Her father, Naik Ashok B. Karoshi of 25 Rashtriya Rifles, a Sena Medal awardee, was martyred on August 5, 1995, in Kashmir in Operation Rakshak.