Southern star

109-loyola-college-chennai All-round performance: Loyola College, Chennai | R.G. Sasthaa

No 2 in science, No 2 in commerce & No 3 in arts

The many groups of young men and women on the campus of Loyola College do not seem to be enjoying the greenery around them. You cannot really blame them for that, as they have a tough job on hand—getting an admission to the college. The popular commerce stream in the college gets more than 7,000 applications for the 360 seats it offers. The visual communication course gets some 6,000 applications. Altogether the college receives about 45,000 applications a year.

At Loyola, the curriculum is designed in such a way that it is socially relevant enough to take the students beyond the campus and make them stand out in the competitive world. The college does not compromise on discipline. “Excellence does not come easy,” said Dr K.S. Antonysamy, director of public relations at the college.

He said the value additions the college gave reflected the commitment of the faculty. “It is not quantification of knowledge,” he said. “Here we look at education differently, helping the students in the quality of the knowledge they receive, to help shape their character.”