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manmohan (File) The visiting Saudi Arabian industries minister Abdul Aziz Al-Zamil being greeted by finance minister Manmohan Singh during their meeting in Delhi

Full text of then finance minister Manmohan Singh's Budget speeches for the 1991-92 and 1992-93 fiscal years

JULY 24, 1991

Sir, I rise to present the budget for 1991-92. As I rise, I am overpowered by a strange feeling of loneliness. I miss a handsome, smiling, face listening intently to the Budget Speech. Shri Rajiv Gandhi is no more. But his dream lives on; his dream of ushering India into the twenty-first century; his dream of a strong, united, technologically sophisticated but humane India. I dedicate this budget to his inspiring memory...

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FEBRUARY 29, 1992

...Our nation will remain eternally grateful to Jawaharlal Nehru for his vision and insistence that the social and economic transformation of India had to take place in the framework of an open society, committed to parliamentary democracy and the rule of law. India’s development is of tremendous significance for the future of the developing world. To realise our development potential, we have to unshackle the human spirit of creativity, idealism, adventure and enterprise that our people possess in abundant measure...

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