3 Body Problem review: This sci-fi series is a visual treat

Usage of certain terms and complicated scientific equations keep viewers hooked


With 3 Body Problem, The Game of Thrones duo’ David Beinoff and D.B Weiss have yet again created their magic along with Alexander Woo. Dating back to 1967 in the wake of the Chinese cultural revolution the opening scene projects imagery of bloodshed, a mad crowd and a man, who is being brutally tortured. With the opening two minutes to the scene, emotions escalate; the viewers will be taken by surprise with the scenarios that are about to unfold.

The series falls under the sci-fi genre. Usage of certain terms and complicated equations, scientific in nature, make viewers more interested in the plot. The strategic building of the story and the long dialogues with scientific references keep you hooked. The superficial effect of advanced technology and its role as a threat to humanity is portrayed successfully. The series follows a non-linear narration style. The shifting of scenes reflects the transcending changes that time has brought in on the environment. Apart from depicting the complicated themes throughout the series, the director's brilliance is seen through scenes that have clever Easter eggs hidden. 

While stories of different characters are shown, the thread of the main plot is never lost. The thread is connected via different narratives. Establishing a timeline and connecting the stories of different people to a common link makes the series distinguishable. 

Four brilliant scientists graduating from prestigious universities Auggie (Eiza Gonzalez), Jin Cheng (Jess Hong), Will Downing (Alex Sharp), Saul Durand (Jovan Adepo) sets the story in motion. They have each other’s back through thick and thin. With the arrival of san-ti (aliens), chaos ensues as they start manipulating humans. The efforts to destroy the species through high-performance technology fail. After realising that the flaw of humanity is ‘lying’ the aliens proclaim war.

The show brings in graphical elements engaging viewers to the limits of disbelief and plot lines that evoke curiosity.  The series is closely interconnecting the futile and uncanny nature of humans and their existence, which is slowly nearing an end.

The series also draws a parallel to the movie, ‘Arrival’ which portrays the story of linguistic expert Louise Bank appointed at the US Navy, who tries to decode communication with foreign species. The movie brings to light the flaws of human communication that are referred to as ‘time-consuming’ by aliens. This series also hints at the interface between them, who claim, that the technological advancements and inventions of the human race are limited in possibilities and time consumption. 

Series: 3 Body Problem
Cast: Eiza Gonzalez, Jess Hong, Alex Sharp
Director: Minkie Spiro, Jeremy Podeswa
Rating: 3/5


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