Creative Dustor BOT X Pro for hassle-free hoovering

The robotic vacuum cleaner can do sweeping and moping


The Creative Dustor BOT X Pro is a robotic vacuum cleaner, a category that’s becoming a little more popular as more and more people work from their own place, and are looking to get their places cleaned without having to indulge themselves or give their own input to save both their time and effort.

The BOT X Pro is all circular with around 10cm in thickness. On the top, you have the Dustor branding, Home button, WiFi button, and the LiDAR scanner (very much noticeable), while the main Power switch sits on the sides along with power port. and on the bottom, you have the anti-cliff sensors, charging pole, wheels, dust box and two main brushes, water tank (370ml) and dust tank (600ml). The body is mainly made out of plastic with a glossy thick layer on top.

The BOT X Pro vacuum cleaner robot comes in the box with a cleaning brush, extra tank, charging station, power adapter, two pairs of brushes, remote control and a cleaning cloth. There are two filters – regular filter and heap filter. The regular filter can be washed, while the heap filter can only be cleaned with a cloth and not to be washed. The vacuum cleaner can do sweeping and moping.

You have to change the tank if you would like to use the mopping function. You can control and run it from the buttons on the body, or just use the remote control, or via a third-party app called WeBack, which for some reason asks you to sign up with your Email address and doesn’t work without it. The main use of the app if you want to use the cleaner sitting somewhere else while it is connected to your WiFi network. Otherwise, the remote control is sufficient to get the job done and is quite straight forward to use thanks to the indicative icons on each button. Oh, and the cleaner doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi (only 2.4GHz).

The cleaner has a normal mode and a turbo mode for high suction power. The turbo mode sets it to quite noisy levels but it’s understandable. The robotic cleaner is heavy but not that heavy and big that you can’t carry it around your house in two hands. As soon as you start it first, the Dustor BOT X Pro takes a look around the place and scans the entire room using the LiDAR scanner. It goes to

clean the surfaces in rounds or you can choose to use the zigzag mode, too. Whenever there’s an obstruction, the cleaner immediately goes back a little on coming contact with it, and resumes cleaning to the surrounding areas. During our testing, it didn’t really leave areas without cleaning, expect for when there are tricky situations, such as a table with chairs around not set in any particular manner. The vacuum cleaner moved from flat floor on to a thick carpet just fine and seemed assess that it has moved to a different surface quite quickly, too. The cleaning itself, for floors and carpets seems to be satisfactory. The user can also set the vacuum cleaner to start at a particular time by scheduling it to resume cleaning after a set number of hours. During the cleaning procedure, the cleaner didn’t take too long to cover the whole surface. The dry cleaning is certainly more up to the mark than wet mopping, which does leave a few sticky spots behind. There’s also a spot mode, which is for some stringent spots and stains left, but it didn’t make much of a difference. 

Other than ceramic, it works on tiles as well as wooden floors. Using the remote control, you can also manually control the movement of the cleaner, if the automatic and zigzag modes don’t fetch the desired result for you though it does require a lot more time and effort from your part as the navigation requires too many turns and touches. Changing of tanks and cleaning of tanks, on theother hand, is straight forward and both can be conveniently cleaned and installed back, too.

When its battery is low, if used with the charging station, the cleaner automatically goes to the charging station, though this didn’t work for use, and the cleaner had to be set on the charging station ourselves. It takes around 6 hours to charge the cleaner’s 2,600mAh battery fully, and lasts around 90-100 minutes or so of cleaning (not in one go). 

The BOT X Pro comes for around Rs. 31,990 does appear a bit steep for sure, plus it has a lot of known names to compete with — Mi Robot Vacuum — Mop P and EUREKA FORBES ROBO LVac, but its high suction capacity (can go till 2880pa), straight forward remote control, LiDAR and anti-cliff sensors, scheduled cleaning and a neat design make it a good option worth considering if you are looking for a robot vacuum to have your floors and carpets, which require cleaning and some light mopping regularly due to heavy dirt.

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