Fresh perspective

If art were a room, Prasoon Joshi would have explored every nook and cranny of it in his book Thinking Aloud. The book is a collection of essays in which he writes about topics as diverse as the growing violence on television, romance in Hindi cinema and the changing world of advertising. The tone is intelligent and incisive. Whether it is combining poetry and philosophy or decimating hierarchy in art forms, he imbues every topic with a vivid perspective. The great thing about Thinking Aloud is that it is not prescriptive. Rather, its vision is expansive, as Joshi acknowledges, and even exalts the existence of differences. “Is there a deficit of humility and grace,” he asks, “to acknowledge that parallel narratives exist and must be engaged with, and not vociferously dismissed?” Amen to that.

Thinking Aloud Reflections on Emerging India

Author:Prasoon Joshi


Pages: 193

Price: Rs500