In brief: School blaze kills 23 in M'sia; Austria rejects EU expansion


India, Japan cannot challenge China: Chinese daily

Chinese daily Global Times said that close ties between New Delhi and Tokyo posed no "grave threat" to Beijing. The daily added: "China's vast trade with Japan and India greatly dwarfs bilateral trade between India and Japan. Given this, Tokyo and New Delhi are unlikely to challenge China without giving it serious thought."

One killed, eight injured in Baghdad blast

A civilian was killed and eight others were injured in a bomb blast in southeastern Baghdad. An IED exploded on Wednesday evening near the industrial district in Besmaya village, located on Baghdad-Wassit road. Despite the IS's defeat in its main havens across Iraqi provinces, observers believe the group may still constitute a security threat.

Iraqi Kurdish referendum 'historic mistake': Turkey

Turkey on Thursday welcomed an Iraqi parliament move to reject a referendum on Kurdish independence. Turkey has the region’s largest Kurdish population and fears a ‘Yes’ vote could fuel separatism in its southeast where Kurdish militants have waged an insurgency for three decades in which more than 40,000 people have been killed. Iran and Syria also oppose the vote, fearing it could fan separatism among their own Kurdish populations.

Islamic school blaze kills 23 in Malaysia

A blaze at an Islamic boarding school in the Malaysian capital killed at least 23 people, most of them teenage boys who cried for help from barred windows. Most of the victims died from smoke inhalation. Two teachers were also killed in the fire at the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah, a 15-minute drive from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

N. Korea condemns Tokyo, Seoul over UN sanctions

North Korea has condemned Japan and South Korea for their support of the US and the new sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Pyongyang accused Seoul of being "traitors" and "dogs of the US". The Kim Jong-un regime accused the UN body of becoming "a tool of evil which does not ensure global peace and security but ruthlessly wrecks them".

Austria rejects EU bid for euro expansion

Austria's government rejected an European Union proposal to bring more member states into the eurozone, warning that such a move could lead to fresh economic crises like the one seen in Greece. expanding the euro area would only lead to financial problems, Chancellor Christian Kern warned.

Iran's terror links have penetrated Latin America: Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the Colombian capital Bogota, said that Iran's "terrorist links" are everywhere, including Latin America and called for unity in combating Tehran's influence. He said although "limitless opportunities" are present, but a huge threat also exists from militant Islamic terrorism that has affected both Muslims and others around the globe.

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