British PM Keir Starmer begins tour of UK nations to 're-set' relations

He will be first meeting the Scottish FM Swinney in Edinburgh

Starmer UK nations visit British Prime Minister Keir Starmer delivers a speech, following his first cabinet meeting as Prime Minister, in London | AP

Prime Minister Keir Starmer is embarking on a UK-wide tour to reset relations with Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Following his party's landslide victory, Starmer emphasised a new approach to politics based on cooperation and respect. Starmer aims to transform disagreements into cooperation, starting with a meeting with Scottish First Minister John Swinney in Edinburgh.

Starmer's approach prioritises respect and empowerment, seeking to decentralize power from London to regional leaders. He believes this will address the country's challenges, including a struggling economy, a disillusioned public, and a "broken" National Health Service (NHS).

This tour is part of Starmer's broader mission to serve the people and tackle the country's problems. He will also meet with regional mayors in England and travel to Washington for a NATO meeting. His top diplomat, David Lammy, is strengthening ties with European partners, including Germany, Poland, and  Sweden.

Lammy affirmed that the UK will not rejoin the EU single market but will seek closer cooperation. Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds supported improving trade with the EU while rejecting the free movement of people required for EU  membership.

While the UK won't rejoin the EU single market, Starmer's government seeks to improve trade relations and cooperation with the EU. They aim to put the divisive Brexit years behind them, focusing on collaborative solutions that benefit both the UK and the EU.

Starmer's commitment to cooperation extends across party lines, recognizing that good ideas know no political boundaries. By engaging with politicians from all sides, he hopes to create a more inclusive, effective government that truly serves the people.

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