Japanese LGBTQ influencer Ryuchell dies at age 27

The police are investigating whether Ryuchell died by suicide

ryuchell Ryuchell | Instagram

Ryuchell, a Japanese model, television personality, and LGBTQ influencer has died aged 27. They were found dead by their manager at the agency's office in Tokyo. Their real name is Ryuji Higa. The cause of their death hasn't been confirmed yet, but, the police are investigating whether Ryuchell died by suicide. 

The police are looking into details around Ruychell's death. Born in Ginowan, in 1995, Ryuchell worked at a used clothing shop in Tokyo's Harajuku after graduating from high school. They were known for their genderless style of dressing and gained recognition as a Instagram influencer. 

They frequently spoke on LGBTQ issues in Japan and actively participated in Tokyo Rainbow Pride. Ryuchell, over time, was featured on various TV shows and at several queer events in Japan. In 2016, they married a fellow model, Peco. The couple have a son. The couple divorced in August 2022 after they announced that they no longer identified as male. Ryuchell faced much online criticism at the time. They however said that they would continue to live with Peco and their son.

In February this year, Ryuchell and Peco appeared in a Youtube video, where Peco defended Ryuchell and defended her ex-husband. Ryuchell was constantly subject to online harassment over their gender non-conformity.  Peco and their son are abroad and are yet to comment on Ryuchell's death. 


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