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Israelis to vote in fourth election in two years

The race boils down to a referendum on Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

Virus Outbreak Israel

Israelis, on Tuesday, will vote in their fourth parliamentary election in just two years.

The race would be between Likud's Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid party. Gideon Saar of the New Hope party and Naftali Bennet of the New Right party are also Netanyahu's political rivals.

The race boils down to a referendum on Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who hopes voters will reward him for leading the country's successful coronavirus vaccine roll-out. 

Netanyahu, who managed to reach out to the Arab world has developed a reputation as a master manipulator capable of surviving any crisis. 

Thousands of protestors, on Sunday, rallied outside Netanyahu's home protesting against his policies. Protestors chanted, 'Bibi go home,' using the premier's nickname. 

The elections take place as Netanyahu stands trial for corruption charges. Witnesses take will take to stand against him next month. Netanyahu hopes to be voted to power again and gain immunity against corruption charges. Opponents have been portraying Netanyahu as a liar who put his political survival ahead of the country's interest. Netanyahu is Israel's first prime minister to be indicted of corruption. Other charges against him include accepting improper gifts and seeking to trade regulatory favour with media moguls in exchange for positive coverage. 

Netanyahu, moving to personally lobbying the CEOs of Pfizer and AstraZeneca to secure vaccines for the nation's population. Infection rates have gone down, enabling restaurants, museums, schools and airports to reopen. 

Due to concerns regarding coronavirus still prevalent and voter fatigue, analysts expect voter turnout to be lower than 71 per cent. 

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