Indian troops’ ‘bravado will backfire’, says China Global Times editorial

‘China will never concede for the sake of avoiding a war,’ the editorial said

China India Rivalry The China-India border area has seen regular conflicts recently

Hours after the Chinese military accused the Indian Army of crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on the southern bank of Pangong Lake on Monday and firing shots, an editorial in Global Times said that India’s moves will backfire if it misinterprets China’s goodwill and deter the PLA with warning shots.

“China will never concede for the sake of avoiding a war,” it read.

China, on Tuesday, claimed that Indian troops “fired warning shots” at the south bank of the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh on Monday. The People’s Liberation Army said that the Chinese troops were “forced to take corresponding countermeasures” to stabilise the situation.

“China doesn’t want a border war with India. But if the Indian side misinterprets China’s goodwill and intends to deter the PLA with warning shots, its moves will backfire,” the editorial read.

The editorial further said that China and India should prepare for “a new era of bloodshed along the border” if Indian forces continue to breach the agreement to not use firearms in conflicts.

“We must warn India seriously: You have crossed the line! Your frontline troops have crossed the line! Your nationalistic public opinion has crossed the line! You are over-confidently provoking the PLA and Chinese people – this is like doing a handstand on the edge of a cliff!” the editorial read.

It also boasted about China having a bigger military budget and more weaponry than India, adding that while Beijing is “trying hard” to solve border disputes peacefully, the PLA will be ready for “any possible scenario”.

It further said that if Indian troops continue to “fire shots recklessly”, there will be consequences for “breaking the rule”. “They could be eliminated immediately in case of military conflicts,” it read.

The editorial concludes by saying that China has shown “extreme forbearance”, but if necessary, it will “correct Indian forces’ misunderstanding of China’s state will with practical actions”. 

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