Despite setbacks, Trump supporters confident of a successful re-election

"Trump keeps his promises like no other president in my lifetime," said one supporter

Virus Outbreak Trump

Different opinion polls are hinting that US President Donald Trump is losing popularity for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that he seems to be on his way out. Former US vice president and Democrat, Joe Biden, 77, is fighting the 74-year-old Republican incumbent president in the November 3 presidential elections, and many claim that Biden could be the next US president.

But, Trump supporters, who are as confident as their leader, certainly don't buy that. They expect a dramatic turnaround in the months to come. Trump's loyal supporters stand by him no matter what, and they are confident that he will return to power.

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India has always enjoyed bipartisan support in the US on all issues, but it is a fact that, of late, we have been a tad closer to the Republicans. Biden's recent comment, where he asked India to take necessary steps to restore the rights of the Kashmiris, has ruffled feathers in India. On the other hand, after a recent survey that said 50 per cent of Indian-Americans in some key battleground states are switching over to Trump's side, the White House said Trump is "incredibly grateful for the support he has got from Indian-Americans".  

THE WEEK spoke to some supporters and campaigners of Trump to figure out what makes the president so popular, what they thought of the recent protests, and why they want Trump to continue till the end of 2024.

E. Ron Deanne, former field service technical representative, US Navy; now settled in Henderson, Nevada

deanne-trump Ron Deanne

Deanne: I joined the US Navy in 1965, and stayed through the Vietnam war and the three Gulf wars. Trump keeps his promises like no other president in my lifetime. Like how he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The past four presidents promised to do that. Trump is constantly building the US military to exude strength, something the past presidents failed to do. His rallies are very popular and cannot be duplicated by anyone else.

I love my country and defend every citizen's right to protest peacefully. The problem with the current protesting groups in the US is the destruction of property and violence. When you change from being a peaceful group to getting your message out, you are a criminal and you trample on the rights of others. You are not allowed to force your rights over others.

I am going to be 75-years-old this year, and I have always respected the dignity and god-given rights, such as freedom of speech, assembling, etc. [But] when God-given rights are infringed upon, that's where I strongly disagree with the protesting groups. In the last two years, Trump has filled stadiums that no president in history has done. That's the only proof I need to see of his growing popularity.

Bonnie Garcia, Charles City, Iowa

bonnie-trump Bonnie Garcia

Garcia: Joe Biden is senile and too old to be the president. President Trump will do everything in power to keep America safe and strong. There are so many good things that Trump has done. He got rid of Obummer policies [Obama's policies] for one, put America number one in oil production. He has put people back to work and off welfare. He is building America's wall, and there are so many such things that he has done. We want him for another term. America needs him for one more term.

The media in the US is paid to hate America and Trump, in my opinion, by [George] Soros [Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist]. That man is evil and should be dealt with severely. He is spreading his hate and money all over America!

Jake Davies has been part of the Trump campaign since 2015. Presently settled in Liverpool, England, Davies helps Team Trump with their online campaigns. He is the owner of the largest support group for Trump in social media with more than 1,55,000 members. In 2016, he was instrumental in Trump's victory in some key states. "I told candidate Trump that he should go and campaign there [Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin] where a Republican hadn't won in decades." Davies runs a popular podcast daily where he talks about the US elections and why Trump should win once again.

davies-trump Jake Davies

Davies: Trump directly communicates and conveys his feelings with us. Other politicians lie and say one thing in public and another behind closed doors. Trump brought back jobs from overseas and he has revitalised manufacturing and coal jobs in states such as Pennsylvania. He has deregulated so much and given everyone tax cuts. He has stuck to all of his promises. He has reduced funding to the WHO. He is making other countries pay their fair share in NATO and the UN. Trump is reducing illegal immigration, building 200 miles of wall. He is reshaping the circuit and federal courts, too.

Biden cannot speak for longer than 10 minutes. Trump will destroy him at the debates and let people know why he cannot lead. The media will not be able to hide Biden's failings because those debates are going to be live, and everyone will be watching them.

The media in the US projects Trump in a negative manner because it suits their agenda. Channels like CNN, MSNBC, etc, have an overwhelming liberal audience. So, they have to tell their audience what they want to hear. Furthermore, a lot of people in these companies are former Democrat members or are married to people who are. These channels are corporations and don't have to be fair and unbiased like the publicly-funded BBC. Trump funded his own campaign along with small donations from supporters, not the wealth. So, he cannot be brought and controlled by media moguls like any Democrat leader.