UK: Media glare on murderous past of wife of rising Labour politician

mundill-mahil Mundill Mahil

Londoners are loosing their head over Mundill Mahil, the 'honeytrap' beauty who lured a young man to his grisly death, but is now set to become a mayoress.

Mahil became infamous for her involvement in the murder of Gagandip Singh, 21, whom she had lured to her university bedroom in Brighton. Singh was then beaten and knocked unconscious by Harvinder Shoker, her friend, and Darren Peters, Shoker's friend. Singh was bundled into the boot of his car after being tied up using electrical chords. It was then driven to Blackheath, south east London, and set on fire. Singh is said to have been still alive when the car was set on fire.

Gagandip Singh Gagandip Singh

During the trial it had emerged that Singh had raped Mahil. She then approached Shoker for getting revenge. Shoker who was said to have been infatuated with Mahil recruited Peters to help in the plot against Singh.

Mahil, Shoker and Peters were found guilty. Though Mahil was cleared of murder, she was convicted for causing grievous bodily harm. She was sentenced to six years in jail while Shoker received 22 years for murder and Peters was jailed for 12 years for manslaughter.

Mahil was released from jail after three years. She built her life and trained to become a personal trainer, aromatherepist and masseuse. She then went on to marry Varinder Singh Bola, a rising star of the Labour Party, in 2016.

This week, Bola announced that he is mayor-elect of London Borough of Redbridge. "I'm over the moon to be confirmed as the Mayor-Elect for the London Borough of Redbridge. It's an incredible privilege to step into the role of Mayor following the incredible Cllr @DebbieThiara and represent the Borough I love and have lived in my whole life," he tweeted.

Mundill Mahil with husband Virender Singh Bola Mundill Mahil with husband Virender Singh Bola

This has led to much distress not only to her victim's family but also many who have followed the case.

Singh's sister Amandip Kaur, according to a report in Daily Mail, said: "That woman lured my brother to a horrible death and yet served just three years in prison for it. She has only been out for four years and is now going to be a mayoress, through her husband, but will be afforded as much respect as him."

Kaur said her family had been struggling to deal with her brother's death ever since the incident. "Yet she's served a meagre prison sentence, married a high-flying politician and is now trying to ingratiate herself into polite society. Not once has she ever admitted her guilt or apologised to us. She's moved on and is trying to pretend nothing ever happened."

With media houses reporting on the latest developments in Mahil's life, Varinder Singh seems to have deleted his account. After his tweet about being made mayor elect, he received lot of criticism over the fact that he was married to Mahil.

"You can't take a position like that when your wife was involved in a murder! She should not be allowed to be associated with a privileged position. What was he thinking when he married her?" tweeted @AlexStillMe.

"So your election allows you[r] wife, sentenced to twelve years in jail for playing her part in the violent murder of a man, to involve herself in a role in local politics by becoming mayoress..." tweeted @rog_doge.