'Down, shouldn't mean out'

  • Websites crashing is an accepted part of any enterprise. The trick is to ensure business as usual, through hot-start alternatives. An Indian-led US Cloud company offers just that

Even the biggest and biggest in the business—like Amazon Cloud Services—are not immune to break downs that may creep over their operations, from malicious or other sources. But the millions of customers of such services expect to be insulated from these glitches.

Webscale—an Indian talent-led US Cloud company headquartered in the US Silicon Valley, with development supported from Bangalore, is making enterprises a Godfather-like offer they can't refuse: the world’s first and only integrated web application delivery solution that provides scalability, high performance, security and control in a single, powerful platform.


Last week, Webscale, whose portfolio includes some free web delivery tools for smaller companies, announced the first of a new line of a-la-carte firewall solutions that are aimed at addressing pain points many businesses face when trying to ensure the security, availability and performance of their critical web applications.

Webscale’s cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) is claimed to be the first to focus on critical e-commerce platforms by offering robust protection for both data traffic at the browser level, and the complete backend application infrastructure, in a single solution. Like its flagship products the WAF offers a complete solution—making it unnecessary for smaller enterprises to running to multiple providers—one for running their e-commerce application, another to secure it.

Webscale's Bangalore team is second only to the headquarters in size.

Typically, Webcale manages more than 80 online storefronts for each of its customers, in an environment when Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS) attacks can be expected anytime, anywhere. In the event of such an attack, Webscale enables Shield Mode, instantly blocking bad traffic and validating genuine users, keeping the website fast and available protecting both potential revenue and maintaining brand reputation.

Says Bombay University and University of Southern California alumnus and Webscale CEO Sonal Puri: “Security is a major concern for our customers, so the development and release of Webscale’s Cloud WAF has been a top priority. As a true cloud-based solution we are able to learn across our customers, allowing for any fixes applied, to be immediately distributed across our entire base. That is the beauty of a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform versus an appliance.”

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