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Leveraging different technologies, AMS Inform chases to touch horizons in the sector

laptop-tech AMS Inform leverages the latest technologies to make background checks a matter of minutes

Background verification is the only way to confirm the ingenuity of the job candidates and avoid any risk that might hurt the credibility of your organization. However, when it comes to hiring new employees, the HR personnel, more often than not, struggle most with screening the huge numbers of job applications. Getting a clear picture of your potential hire through manual background screening methods can be a time-consuming endeavour. AMS Inform is a background check service provider that leverages the latest technology and innovation to make background checks a matter of minutes.

1)        Checkmyaddress:

Address verification is an important component of the entire background screening process. Address verification can bring a sense of safety and compliance to the hiring process given the fact that the cases of identity theft and fraud are something rampant in the modern world, AMS Inform’s product Checkmyaddress is launched to streamline every aspect of the address verification process. Using this digital address verification platform, the recruiters will be able to verify any address globally within 5 to 10 minutes. The product is integrated with Google Maps and Map My India to produce credible verification reports in the fastest possible time. Checkmyaddress is a patent-pending product and the patent has been filed in multiple countries across the globe.

2)        Trakmyasset:

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Work From Home (WFH) culture emerged as the new normal. Several domestic and global companies are now offering WFH opportunities to both their existing and new workforce. In this context, AMS Inform has introduced their IT asset tracking and monitoring services Trakmyasset to lessen the burden of the IT teams. Trakmyasset allows users to track the digital assets of an organization like laptop/desktop/mobile/ laptop online in real-time to ensure IT asset compliance. This IT asset verification product is easy to use and takes only 10 minutes to produce reports. It caters to ISO compliance for verifying digital assets in any organization.

3)        CourtCheck:

Any employment verification is incomplete without a thorough court records verification of your new hire. If someone holds a criminal background, hiring him/ her will put each and every stakeholder of your business organization at risk. AMS Inform’s CourtCheck is the most convenient way for generating reliable court records verification reports in India. The tool is developed with a complex algorithm structure of more than 35 combinations to help find candidates for Indian criminal or Civil court records. It can access all the e-courts across India and a database of 400+ million court records. On top of that, using CourtCheck, a search can be done within 60 seconds which adds to its time efficiency.

4)        AMS: Verify:

The rising cases of fraudulent and risky candidature have lately pushed businesses to adapt elaborate pre-employment screening procedures. AMS: Verify is an online platform with complete workforce systems that seek to offer better client access, seamless online ordering, and efficient report delivery. The client co-branded portal is deployed on Amazon’s cloud-based virtualization platform and is built on elastic storage so that the storage system can offer improved scalability with the rise in data. It also comes with API integration with ATS systems to offer a seamless hiring experience for the recruiting teams. It also provides a gateway where candidates can submit their documents for verification purposes. It is. In fact, a unified platform for clients and teams for better management and execution of projects.

5)        Integrations with Twilio and WhatsApp:

AMS Inform is focused on developing accurate and smart background screening products and services for its global client base. Driven by this goal, the background screening service provider now offers Twilio and WhatsApp integration with AMS: verify platform. This smart technology can enhance the operational efficiency of their platform and improve customer satisfaction through the fastest delivery of results. It empowers employers and recruiters to contact any source across the globe through traditional SMS and WhatsApp. The employers can now increase the pace of their recruitment drives using AMS Informs novel AMS: verify platform with Twilio and WhatsApp integrations.

AMS Inform’s extensive efforts in developing smart background verification technology and a wide range of screening services have already made them a leading name in the industry. They provide background screening services in more than 100 countries and have local teams in 16 countries. AMS Inform is also a PBSA and NASSCOM member attesting to their credibility and authority in the industry. Leveraging new-age innovation, the firm is now looking forward to expanding its horizon like never before.