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WhatsApp to let Android users re-download deleted media files

WhatsApp servers will store the files even after downloaded by the intended recipient


WhatsApp has added a new feature that would change the way users use their smartphones. The new feature, introduced in WhatsApp's updates between version 2.18.106 and 2.18.110, will help WhatsApp's Android users to re-download the deleted files.

Users generally do not keep many files on their smartphones due to lack of space. With this significant change, the social media giant will let users re-download any accidentally deleted files in the form of photos and videos, audio files, audio recordings and documents from the internal storage of their smartphone. However, this facility will not be available for iOS users.

Until now, all non-downloaded media files are stored on the WhatsApp server for only up to 30 days and the files are deleted permanently from the WhatsApp servers once it is successfully downloaded by the user. With the introduction of WhatsApp's new policy, with a re-download option, WhatsApp servers will store the files even after they are downloaded by the intended recipient. This feature is very useful to WhatApp users who accidentally deletes their files and those with limited storage space on their devices.

In order to secure its data, WhatApp will continue to ensure that the messages are encrypted.