Bihar polls: It's a 'rap battle' between political parties

Bhojpuri songs, often with modern and political twist, are used to convey the message

1228392607 Digital connect: Jd(U) supporters in Patna watch Nitish Kumar’s address during a virtual rally | Getty Images

The electoral contest in the Assembly polls in Bihar, which is gaining momentum as election dates draw closer, has turned musical, with Bhojpuri songs, often with a modern and political twist, being used to convey the message.

The BJP recently launched its campaign song in Bhojpuri which declared 'Bihar me ee ba' (This is what we have in Bihar). The song highlighted the achievements of the Nitish Kumar government.

The song aimed to counter a popular Bhojpuri number which poses the question 'Bihar me ka ba' (What is there in Bihar?). Rendered by singer Neha Singh Rathore, the song has been gaining popularity, especially during election season. The BJP song, in rap style, boasts about the development work done in the state under Nitish rule.

Rathore's song, which takes a dim view of Nitish regime, has come in handy for the NDA's opponents in the state, the RJD-led opposition alliance, which has been making full use of it during the campaign.

Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who hails from West Champaran in Bihar, too had recently sung a rap number in Bhojpuri—'Bambai me ka ba' (What is there in Mumbai?). The video of the song, directed by filmmaker Anubhav Sinha, looked at the plight of the migrant workers who were forced to live in pitiable conditions in the metropolis, away from their homes, to earn a living. The song is seen as a critique of the state of governance in Bihar, seeking to convey the idea that Biharis are forced to migrate to other states in search of work because their own governments have failed to provide them with employment opportunities. Rathore's song took off from the Bajpayee number to ask what is there in Bihar.


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