‘No less than betrayal’: Congress accuses Modi of lying on Chinese incursions

The Congress comments came after a MoD report mentioned Chinese aggression across LAC

modi ladakh (File) Prime Minister Narendra Modi walks with soldiers during a visit to the Ladakh area | PIB/AP

A ministry of defence document that mentioned Chinese aggression across the Line of Actual Control has become the latest weapon for the Congress to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In an all-party meeting soon after the Galwan clash on June 15, Modi had assured that there were no intruders on Indian territory in Ladakh, a claim which the Congress had disputed.

On Thursday, media outlets had reported on the ministry of defence document, which was titled Major activities of Department of Defence for the month of April and May. Interestingly, the document was removed from the ministry of defence website later on Thursday.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi posted two separate tweets, in English and Hindi, which claimed the government had acknowledged Chinese intrusions. Rahul commented, "Why is the PM lying"?

Since the time Chinese incursions across the Line of Actual Control into Ladakh were reported in May, Rahul Gandhi had demanded answers from the Narendra Modi government on the situation on the border and accused it of not being transparent.

The official Twitter handle of the Congress tweeted about the document, alleging Modi had misled the nation.

The Congress tweeted, "Now the ministry of defence has accepted the issue of Chinese intrusion. Why was nation misled by claiming no one had intruded? Lying on the issue of national security is no less than betrayal. The nation will never forgive the prime minister's lie."

In an earlier tweet, the Congress had claimed the government lied to "protect Modi's image". The Congress tweeted, "Lying won't bring back our 20 martyred soldiers & lying won't turn the PLA troops back to China. The only thing lying does is help protect PM Modi's image."

The ministry of defence document claimed "The Chinese side transgressed in the areas of Kurgang Nala, Gogra and north bank of Pangong Tso on May 17-18". In fact, the ministry of defence had for the first time used the word "transgression", instead of "incursion".

The document went on to mention that the situation in Eastern Ladakh arising from unilateral aggression by China continues to be sensitive and requiring close monitoring and prompt action based on evolving situation.