Maharashtra CM dares BJP-led opposition to topple his government

"If anyone wants to topple, let them do it now, why wait for September-October?"

16-Uddhav Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray during campaign rally in Mumbai | Amey Mansabdar

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has dared the BJP-led opposition to topple his government. Reacting to a BJP jibe, he said that his government may be a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw, but it is for the poor people of the state, and not like the bullet train which can be used by only a handful of people. Thackeray made these statements in a two-part interview to Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana. The chief minister has not given interviews to any media outlet, except Saamana, since occupying the office. 

In the interview, Thackeray said that bullet trains were more necessary for the Mumbai-Nagpur railway route than the Mumbai-Ahmedabad sector, as planned by the central government. "I would like the bullet train to connect our state capital Mumbai with Nagpur, which is our second capital." He reiterated that his opposition to the current bullet train project will continue as long as people are opposed to the project. 

Thackeray also claimed that he has been doing government work very well from his home, Matoshree. "Maharashtra got investment to the tune of Rs 16,000 crore when I was working from home due to the coronavirus crisis." Daring the opposition to topple his government, Thackeray said that he is willing to face any challenge. "I did not aspire to be chief minister. This [chief ministership] happened because people wanted it. Three parties came together to form a government and Shiv Sena got the post of chief minister. If anyone wants to topple this government let them do it now, why wait for September-October as is being speculated," said Thackeray.

"Some people are happy in constructive work, some are happy in destructive work. They talk about democracy, but is it democratic if they topple our government?" The BJP-led opposition has been criticising the Thackeray-led government as a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw. Responding to the jibe, Thackeray said that his government may have three wheels, but the steering is in his firm control. "Three-wheel vehicles are for poor people unlike the bullet train. If you say our government has three wheels, what will you say about central government? It is like a train with many wheels. "

The chief minister also said that there are no differences with his alliance partners and the issues raised by Congress have been resolved. He said that it wasn't true that his government gave a preferential treatment Sharad Pawar's NCP. "Pawar saheb is very senior to me and he meets me regularly to advise and guide. I have a good equation with him. I also call Sonia Gandhi sometimes."