TN cop calls woman at midnight for 'enquiry', compulsorily retired

The police inspector allegedly spoke inappropriately to the woman

Tamil-Nadu-Police Representational image | via Commons

A 48-year old police inspector has been compulsorily retired in Tiruchirapppali for alleged misconduct of calling a woman over phone at midnight and speaking inappropriately in connection with her complaint, an official said on Thursday.

The inspector was compulsorily retired as a punishment and he had spoken to the woman when he was helming a police station in nearby Perambalur district.

"We received a complaint that the inspector called up a woman complainant over the phone at midnight for questioning and had spoken unnecessary things.

During our enquiry we found that the allegation was true," a senior police official told PTI.

The 48-year old inspector belonged to the 1997 batch and the retirement order has been handed over to him.

Earlier, the inspector had been transferred from Ponmalai here to Perambalur following an allegation and there were accusations against him even before that, he said.

Such allegations in the past were also looked into before taking a decision on punishing the inspector by compulsorily retiring him, the official added.