40 chapatis, 10 plates of rice: Man quarantined in Bihar has an unusual appetite

He once ate 85 littis—a delicacy made of wheat flour and roasted chickpea

Anoop Ojha | TV grab Anoop Ojha | TV grab

A quarantine centre in Bihar's Buxar is making news for an unusual reason, or rather an unusual occupant.

Anoop Ojha, a 23-year-old migrant worker who returned from Rajasthan and is quarantined at the Manjhwari quarantine centre in the district likes to eat, a lot. According to media reports, he consumed 40 chaptis for breakfast. His lunch include as many as 10 plates of rice, enough to feed at least 10 people. He once ate 85 littis—a delicacy made of wheat flour and roasted chickpea, popular in Bihar.

The administrative officials, who were told about the young man's unusual diet, visited the centre and were shocked to learn the amount of food he consumes a day, according to a Deccan Herald report.

They decided to pay a visit to the centre after learning that there was a shortage of foodgrains because of Ojha's unusual appetite.

“Ojha’s quarantine period is about to end. We have instructed the cook that he should not be deprived of food. Nor there should be any slash in his diet. Let him have whatever he wants,” the Deccan Herald quoted the officials as saying.

He returned to Bihar after the Union government imposed the fourth phase of the lockdown.

Studies have shown that physical or emotional stress can lead to high intake of food.