Gold, US dollars worth Rs 77 lakh seized by Customs at Chennai airport

The seizure was made in four separate incidents

gold Gold and currency seized at Chennai airport

A total of 1.53 kg gold, valued at Rs. 63 lakhs, and US dollars worth Rs 14.30 lakhs were recovered and seized under Customs Act, 1962, at Chennai airport in four separate incidents over the past three days. The total seizure was valued at Rs 77.3 lakhs.

On Sunday night, Shavushan Bare, 37, of Ramanathapuram who had arrived from Colombo by Air India Flight AI-274, was intercepted at exit. On persistent questioning he admitted to have concealed bundles containing gold paste in rectum. On personal search, 290 grams of gold valued at Rs 11.9 lakhs was recovered and seized.

On Monday morning, two Srilankan ladies, Sasika Rupini, 49, and Vasanthi, 49, who were bound for Colombo by Air India flight AI-273 were intercepted by the AIU officer in the departure terminal, when they were proceeding towards security hold after clearing immigration. On examination of their hand bags, $20,300 in denominations of 100 amounting to Rs 14.30 Lakhs were recovered, and seized under Custom Act read with FEMA 2015.

In another two cases, Mohamed Rifayudeen, 25, of Nagapattinnum and Seeni Ibrahim, 49, of Chennai, and who had arrived from Dubai by Air India Flight AI-906, were intercepted at the exit. On personal search, one gold chain weighing 115 grams was recovered from pant pocket of Rifayudeen. On further search of their person, six bundlescontaining gold in paste form were recovered from their rectum. On extraction, 667 grams of gold was recovered.

In another case on Tuesday, one Hikmathullah, 40, of Tiruchirapalli who arrived from Abu Dhabi by Etihad Airways Flight EY238 was intercepted at the exit. On persistent questioning, he admitted to have gold in rubbery spread form kept concealed in his rectum. Three bundles of gold in paste form were recovered. On extraction, 457 grams of gold valued at Rs 18.80 lakh was recovered and seized. The passenger was arrested.