BJP busy working to 'destroy' Constitution, says Rahul Gandhi

He urged people to take a pledge to defend Constitution and uphold its values

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gestures as he speaks during an election campaign rally ahead of Assembly polls in Mahendergarh district of Haryana | PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi | PTI

On the day that India celebrated Constitution Day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP government in the Centre of trying to “destroy” constiution.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said it is ironic that on the “ day India was celebrating its Constitution, the BJP government was busy working to destroy it.”

Further, the Congress leader said the Constitution belongs to every Indian and urged people to take a pledge to defend it and uphold its values.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too had taken a swipe at the government on Tuesday, saying the "people in power" in the country are trying to "circumvent" the values of the Constitution and are "attempting to weaken the power of the people" in a democracy.

"Today is Constitution Day and people in power are circumventing the values of the Constitution and weakening the power of the people in a democracy by promoting money power," she tweeted.

Priyanka Gandhi also said there could not be a bigger celebration of democracy than the fact that members of opposition parties are protesting in unison against the attacks on democracy.

"What can be a better celebration of Constitution Day when MPs of all opposition parties stand together under the statue of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and respond to the attack on democracy by reciting the Constitution of India," she tweeted.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties, including the Congress and the Shiv Sena, had skipped a joint sitting of both houses of Parliament on Constitution Day to mark their protest against the BJP's alleged high-handedness in Maharashtra.

Earlier, reacting to the political developments in Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi had dubbed it the "murder of democracy".

During the question hour in the Parliament on Monday, the Congress leader had refused to ask supplementary question saying there was no point in doing it as "democracy has been murdered in Maharashtra".

(With PTI inputs)