'Howdy, Modi' is world's most expensive event ever: Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi tweeted no event could hide reality of economic mess India was being driven to

Howdy Modi flex pti A billboard welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi installed at NRG Stadium in Houston, ahead of the 'Howdy, Modi' event | PTI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said he is amazed at what Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to do for a stock market bump ahead of his 'Howdy, Modi' event in Houston, which he termed as “the world's most expensive event ever”.

He said no event can hide the reality of the economic "mess" 'Howdy, Modi' has driven India into.

"Amazing what PM is ready to do for a stock market bump during his #HowdyIndianEconomy jamboree. At + 1.4 Lakh Crore Rs. the Houston event is the world's most expensive event, ever! But, no event can hide the reality of the economic mess 'Howdy Modi' has driven India into," Gandhi said on Twitter.

The Congress leader's attack comes after the government announced slashing of corporate tax rates for companies by almost 10 per cent to 25.17 per cent to bring them at par with Asian rivals such as China and South Korea, as it looked to boost demand and investments.

Battling six-year low economic growth and a 45-year high unemployment rate, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday announced the step two-and-half-months after presenting her maiden Budget, that was hailed as "development-friendly" and "future-oriented".

Sitharaman announced fiscal measures that will cost the government Rs 1.45 lakh crore in revenue annually.

In the fourth phase of post-budget economic stimulus measures, Sitharaman cut base corporate tax for existing companies to 22 per cent from current 30 per cent. For new manufacturing firms, incorporated after October 1, 2019 and starting operations before March 31, 2023, the tax has been cut to 15 per cent from the current 25 per cent.