Vijay Babu trying to force survivor actress to withdraw complaint?

Police to involve the Interpol to arrest him from Dubai

vijay babu fb Vijay Babu | Official Facebook account

The Kerala Police team investigating the rape case filed against noted actor and filmmaker Vijay Babu has received information that the accused is trying to use his influence with some film personalities to compel the survivor to withdraw her complaint.

Vijay Babu is presently untraceable and is evading arrest by hiding in Dubai.

After learning about these moves of the actor, the police have hastened the procedures to involve the Interpol to arrest him from Dubai. “We will forward the arrest warrant issued by the magistrate court in Kerala to the Interpol and the Dubai Police through the Union Home Ministry,” said a Kerala police officer.

All phone numbers which could be used by Vijay Babu in Dubai are already under the surveillance of the Cyber Cell of the Kerala Police.