Mumbai Police uses problematic Bollywood film quotes to urge people to denounce misogyny

'Cinema is a reflection of our society'


Mumbai Police used a series of dialogues from Bollywood to raise awareness on the issues of misogyny and casual sexism.

Taking to Twitter, the Mumbai Police used dialogues form popular movies like Salman Khan’s Dabangg, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani-starrer Kabir Singh, and the 2019 movie Udja Chaman among others to convey the message that every word should be used thoughtfully.

"Every word we use is a thought beforehand. The language used in everyday life, as well as in the film, is a reflection of our thoughts. Use every word thoughtfully!," read the tweet with the hashtags #LetsNotNormaliseMisogyny, #MindYourLanguage, #WomenSafety.

When a user said the police should "focus on potholes & traffic, not misogyny," the response was prompt and hard-hitting. "With due respect to the need of addressing the other concerns you mentioned, misogyny seems to be a lesser problem in the nature of comparison you have drawn. Exactly the reason why #LetsNotNormaliseMisogyny needs to be reiterated as many times and in as many ways," Mumbai Police tweeted in response.

"Cinema is a reflection of our society. Here are (just) a few (of many) dialogues both our society & cinema need to reflect upon. Choose your words & actions with care - unless you want the law to intervene!." Another set of problematic Bollywood dialogues were posted along with the tweet.