Taapsee Pannu defends Kareena Kapoor for demanding Rs 12 crore for playing Sita

She is one of the biggest female superstars we have in the country, Pannu said


Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu has come out in support of fellow actor Kareena Kapoor Khan after the latter faced online criticism for demanding ₹12 crore to play the role of Sita in a film, saying if a male actor had made such a demand, there would not have been such criticism.

Pannu said Kareena Kapoor was well within her rights to ask for such a fee for a role that would demand much from her.

According to Bollywood Bubble, Pannu said because a woman was asking for such a fee, she is being called 'too demanding,' and added that such remarks as often made when it is a female actor.

She observed that a male actor quoting hefty fee would have been thought of as having increased market value.

"You will always read about this problem issue of hiked salary with women. But why not? She is one of the biggest female superstars we have in the country," Pannu was quoted as saying.

She sought to know if male actors would opt to play mythological characters for free.

Earlier, media reports had suggested that Kareena Kapoor quoted an increased fee of Rs 12 crore for the movie, which is reported to be a retelling of Ramayana from the point of view of Sita. Her usual remuneration is reportedly around Rs. 6-8 crore.