Don't post 'defamatory' content against Salman Khan, Mumbai court tells KRK in an interim order

The court observed that the reputation of a person is of paramount importance


A Mumbai court, in an interim order, barred Bollywood actor Kamaal R. Khan from posting or publishing "defamatory" content against Salman Khan, his business ventures or movies.

The court, which is hearing a defamation suit filed by the Radhe actor against Kamaal R. Khan, observed that the reputation of a person is of paramount importance and added that any harm to this reputation is tantamount to personal injury.

Salman Khan had sought  contempt action against Kamaal R. Khan for continuing to make defamatory remarks against him despite an undertaking not to do so. The plea sought to restrain Kamaal R. Khan from directly or indirectly making and uploading videos or any other content on the actor, his business ventures and films/projects.

The defamation complaint against Kamaal R Khan was over the latter's review of the movie 'Radhe'.

In the restraining order, Additional Sessions Judge C.V. Marathe observed that reputation and honour are "no less precious to good men than bodily safety and freedom. In some cases, they may be dearer than life itself."

While Salman Khan's lawyer argued that Kamaal R. Khan has been regularly posting videos defaming the actor, the latter's lawyer claimed that the Radhe actor is a public figure and hence should be open to criticism.

After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court observed that the posts by Kamaal R. Khan aim to lower the image of Salman Khan in the society, and barred him from posting defamatory content against Salman Khan.