If I die of COVID, I am happy I lived freely and not stuck in a cage for a year: Pooja Bedi

She had faced backlash for 'flaunting privilege'


Bollywood actor Pooja Bedi, who faced much social media backlash for “flaunting privilege” after she took to Twitter to post a video of her and her fiance, Maneck Contractor, enjoying a boat ride in Goa, said if she gets COVID-19, she "would do steam inhalation.. gargle with salt water.. rest... eat herbs & drink lots of kaada."

She was responding to a social media user who said the actor shouldn't use her "privilege to get a hospital bed. Just avail of the facilities 'available and accessible to every individual'.

“If i got covid.. I would do steam inhalation.. gargle with salt water.. rest... eat herbs & drink lots of kaada. Think positive thoughts & be happy that while I didn't have covid I LIVED. & if I die of covid, well I'm happy I LIVED FREELY & was not stuck in a cage for a year,” she wrote.

Posting a picture of the boat ride, Bedi had written: "Joys of living in healthy, happy #goa . Free your mind #NoFear Life is meant to be lived...❤ not spent caged and masked for a year/ years in fear of a virus that's clearly not going away!If you died tomorrow after year of masking/lockdown.. what would ur greatest regret be?"

When a user told her that "people are dying of covid complications every day. check your privilege," Bedi responded saying, "What privilege. ?? Beaches are available and accessible to every individual irrespective of what u consider privilege... We have a large coastline in India. It's only your state of mind (fearful or positive) that makes u avail the "privilege "."

In another tweet, she had said "living without fear of COVID-19 seems to be the way forward. Taiwan seems to have done remarkably well... with herd immunity? Only 10 covid deaths in a densely populated country."

Responding another user who said her tweet is indicative of "lack of a reality check nd too much privilege," she wrote: "You can sneer & be as cynical as u wish! the fact remains that people have had their lives & livelihoods snatched from them thanks 2 lockdown.The stress,lack of exercise, lack of social life, lack of outdoors, livelihood challenges hav LOWERED their immunity put them MORE at risk"