'Thrilled to know I am awesome at everything that I do': Kangana Ranaut reacts to trolls

She claimed that there has been a smear campaign on social media against her

Kangana-Ranaut-twitter-quit Kangana Ranaut | via Twitter

Controversial Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut doesn't consider herself just the best actor in the country, but she believes she is "awesome at everything" she does. The actor said this while taking on those trolling her on social media over the picture of a smoothie bowl that she had for breakfast, photo of which she had posted on social media.

"There is nothing I appreciate more than self made food, here’s my very own personal recipe a summer smoothie for breakfast with lots of organic honey nuts and fruits." the actor had tweeted on Thursday, along the photo of a smoothie bowl.

However, a few of the accounts following her morphed pictures on her tweet, to claim that the actor was sharing a photo that she had downloaded from the internet. Taking the trolls head on, the actor replied, "Hahahaha can’t believe some people are mistaking this picture from my van this morning for some international professional chef’s famous blog, I knew I am good but sooo good like a professional.... seriously had no clue. Thrilled to know I am awesome at everything that I do."

"All the influencers accounts automatically get memes to post mocking or making fun of everything I do, in this case this fake edit being spread claiming that I lied about cooking, this may seem frivolous on surface but deep down it’s made to damage one’s credibility and dignity," she said in another tweet.

The actor further claimed that there has been a smear campaign that has been going on against her and added that her "team has tracked down this source, from where the money for smear campaigns flowing, we found unidentified companies and fake emails from where the information and memes along with money generate, but deep down I know who this is . When the time is right I will reveal his name."

In another tweet, she said the man behind the smear campaign is "jilted obsessed lover," that she had a small fling with. "He is faking a high profile relationship but won’t marry the kid cause he has many skeletons in his closet, I will reveal his name with solid proofs, hang in there," she added.