'Rape of my dreams': Kangana targets Congress after Rahul's tweet on 'National Unemployment Day'

The 'rape' analogy led to a war of words on Twitter

kangana-mumbai-shiv-sena via Instagram

After Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the BJP government at the Centre over the economic situation in the country, lending support to the 'National Unemployment Day' campaign announced by several youths to use the occasion of birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to highlight the government's economic policies, which they claimed had failed to create jobs, controversial Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut trained her guns on the Congress.

Taking to Twitter, the actor shared photos of her office building, which was demolished by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), calling it “rape of her dreams.”

“This is rape, my dreams, my spirits, my self-esteem and my future,” she wrote in a tweet, along with a few pictures of the demolished building.

In another tweet, in which she shared before and after pictures of the building, she again used the rape analogy. “See what you have done to my house, is it not rape,” she wrote.

“Whatever was once a temple made it a graveyard, see how my dreams were broken,” the actor said in another tweet.

Many users who pointed out to her that she cannot compare demolition of a building with rape, saying, “ You can rebuild an office, not your dignity.”

“No, it's not. If you want to have an idea of what being raped feels like, ask Rangoli about her acid attack. And also ask her if she'd rather have that repeated or her office demolished. I can promise you she'll pick the latter. You can rebuild an office, not your dignity,” wrote a user.

The actor seemed livid when it was pointed out to her by a user that: "All rape is an exercise in power. Rapists may operate within an emotional setting or within a dependent relationship that provides a hierarchical, authoritarian structure of its own that weakens a victim’s resistance,distorts her perspective & confounds her will."

"What to expect from a medieval age feminist like you, for you rape is just in the vagina only, some women identify more with their brains and consciousness.... leave it you won’t understand Slightly smiling face," the actor replied.