Want to lose 45 kg like Adele? Here's the diet she followed

The singer had followed a relatively lesser known Sirtfood diet

adele via Instagram

Weight loss stories are dime a dozen. Every celebrity (or non-celebrity) who has gone from fat to fab does have a weight loss journey along with the diet tips that worked for him/her to share. From lion diet and intermittent fasting to Atkins diet, from Paleo diet to vegan diet, people who want to follow this fat to fab journey might be willing to try any type of diet, if they are told that a particular diet worked well for someone.

The latest celebrity to join the weight loss bandwagon was singer Adele who surprised her fans with a 45-kg weight loss. The transformation had even some of her fans complaining saying she has become too thin.

The singer had followed a relatively lesser known Sirtfood diet to shed the weight. Unlike the popular high protein low carb, or the high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet, Sirtfood diet is all about incorporating green juices and low-calorie foods in specific combinations.

'Sirtfood' diet turns on the "skinny gene" as the food items consumed in this diet are high on sirtuin—apples, citrus fruits, blueberries, strawberries, green tea, soy, tumeric, red onion, and olive oil among others—promoting weight loss.

The diet also is calories restrictive. For the first three days, the person who follows the diet would consume only 1,000 calories—two green juices and a single meal. Slowly the intake is increased to 1,500 calories, and this would include two meals.

Well, the diet plan is not without indulgences. Red wine and dark chocolate are encouraged in the diet.

However, the diet is criticised for being overly restrictive. Experts feel that following the diet may lead to "disordered eating". The diet plan may not be ideal for sustained and healthy weight loss, say nutrition experts.