Sona Mohapatra lashes out to parents for making their kids to 'gyrate' to certain songs


Singer Sona Mohapatra expressed her displeasure over parents sending their children on to the stage when a performance is going on and making the children 'gyrate' to certain songs.

Taking to Twitter, the singer posted a picture of herself with a young girl on stage with a note. Sharing the picture she wrote, “While India outrages about how we treat women & more so when we are subjected to extreme acts,let’s take some time to think about how we treat our children, what we teach them & what environment they are growing up in. THIS happened for the nth time in one of my concert stages.”

Lashing out at parents sending children on to the stage, she pointed out the dangerous involved saying there are a lot of cables, wires and equipment on stage. “Dear parents, do note that a concert stage is earned with years of hard work and commitment. Secondly, shoving your kid up without any intimation, permission from the artist or adult supervision is not only disrespectful but dangerous considering there is so much equipment, cables, wires & electricity on stage and electricity! Finally and most importantly, have some understanding of context,” she wrote.

She also had a word of advice to parents who make their children dance to certain songs that are inappropriate. “Making a young, barely out of toddlerhood girl child gyrate to Banno Tera Swagger Lagey SEXY & Bedardi Raja is plain creepy, inappropriate. I had no choice but to stop the show and request for her to be accompanied out. I don’t blame the kid at all. She was and is innocent but for adults to stealthily parachute her on to a stage that didn’t even have stairs for audience access is deeply disturbing. I do call up audience and kids on my stage once in a while but it is and should be my prerogative, choice of song and planned for safety. Have covered the child’s face because this is not about her in particular and I only wish her well and send her a lot of love like I said on the microphone. Hope she follows her passion, even goes to a dance school if she desires & makes a mark for herself in the performing arts arena,” she wrote.