Malayalam actor Siddique faces #MeToo heat, actress calls him out for misconduct


Veteran Malayalam actor Siddique is the latest to be caught in the MeToo storm, after budding actress Revathy Sampath alleged he harassed her during a movie screening in 2016.

In a Facebook post, Revathy wrote that the actor made a verbal sexual offering to her while attending the preview of the film Sukhamayirikkate, in a theatre in Thiruvananthapuram. She wrote that she was only 21 yrs old at that time, and the incident was traumatic. She wrote that she couldn't stop herself from speaking out now after she happened to watching a video of Siddique's press conference in which he lashed out at the Women in Cinema Collective last year.

Malayalam movie fans have been leaving comments to her Facebook post, most of them being hate comments that slam her for attempting a 'publicity stunt'.