Billy Zane to play Marlon Brando in 'Waltzing With Brando'


Titanic star Billy Zane has landed the role of veteran actor Marlon Brando in the new drama, Waltzing With Brando.

The 52-year-old actor will play Brando in the film, which is based on 2011 memoir Waltzing With Brando: Planning a Paradise in Tahiti by Los Angeles-based architect Bernard Judge.

According to Variety, the story follows how Brando plucked Judge, an obscure but idealistic Los Angeles architect from his stable existence and convinced him that he should build the world's first ecologically perfect retreat on a tiny and uninhabitable Tahitian island.

The project will also mark a reunion between Zane and director Bill Fishman, who last worked together on 1993 film Posse.

Fishman will also pen the film's script. The shooting is expected to start later this year.

Zane also has two other films—Ghosts of War and Van Ling's Cliffs of Freedom.