Entertainment http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment.rss en Sat Mar 06 10:43:56 IST 2021 https://www.theweek.in/privacy-an-settlement.html on-her-34th-birthday-kangana-ranaut-says-she-feels-like-super-human <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/23/on-her-34th-birthday-kangana-ranaut-says-she-feels-like-super-human.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/2/10/Kangana-Ranaut-twitter-quit.jpg" /> <p>As actress Kangana Ranaut celebrates her 34<sup>th</sup> birthday on Tuesday, she took to Twitter to inspire women to dream big. In a series of tweets, the actress said that she was at the peak of her career at 34, and that she finds strength in her fine lines and grey hair.</p> <p>“They said a woman has a shelf life, this world only values young sweet 16 type girls with no brains, mature and wise woman can only belong to a household to a man who can give them a surname. They said many things it made me anxious, what will happen to me, where will I go,” she said.</p> <p>She further said: “Today I turned 34, they never told me, I will be at the peak of my career at 34, I will be celebrated for my art and my experience will be valued and my age or marital status would mean nothing to anyone,I feel like a super human loaded with exceptional experience about skills. I find certain ease with my body does not matter if I am too fat/too skinny,I like being sensual and feel at ease with my sexuality, I don’t get flustered with pimples or periods and no one has the power to make me feel bad about myself, they never told me.”</p> <p>She added: “”Fine lines and beginning of grey hair would look so soothing, it will enhance my character and and strength will become my beauty. So let me tell all you girls out there. It’s beautiful at 34 world looks super gorgeous from this view. Thanks to my mother who gave me birth.”</p> <p>On Monday, Kangana won the national award for best actress for her performance in films <i>Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi</i> and <i>Panga.&nbsp;</i></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/23/on-her-34th-birthday-kangana-ranaut-says-she-feels-like-super-human.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/23/on-her-34th-birthday-kangana-ranaut-says-she-feels-like-super-human.html Tue Mar 23 11:38:17 IST 2021 vishnu-vishal-and-jwala-gutta-to-get-married-soon <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vishnu-vishal-and-jwala-gutta-to-get-married-soon.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/september-20-2020/people/73-Jwala-Gutta.jpg" /> <p>Actor Vishnu Vishal and badminton player Jwala Gutta, who got engaged in September, will soon get married.</p> <p>In a recent media interaction, the actor confirmed that he will marry Gutta, who he has been dating for a few years, soon. The actor was speaking at the pre-release event of the Tamil movie <i>Kaadan</i>, which will be released as <i>Aranya</i> in Telugu and <i>Haathi Mere Saathi</i> in Hindi.</p> <p>"We are going to tie the know real soon. I am extremely happy about it. I will announce the wedding date soon," the actor said, confirming the marriage.</p> <p>The actor also thanked her for supporting him during the shooting of the movie. "I want to thank Jwala. She was of huge support while shooting this film as she was there for me throughout," he was quoted as saying.</p> <p>Vishal was earlier married to Rajini Natraj and they have a son named Aryan. Vishnu and Rajini got divorced in 2018. Jwala was married to Chetan Anand and later got divorced.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vishnu-vishal-and-jwala-gutta-to-get-married-soon.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vishnu-vishal-and-jwala-gutta-to-get-married-soon.html Mon Mar 22 18:53:11 IST 2021 kartik-aaryan-tests-positive-for-covid-19 <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kartik-aaryan-tests-positive-for-covid-19.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/4/6/kartik-aaryan.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan, on Monday, said he has tested positive for COVID-19 and asked his fans to pray for him.</p> <p>The 30-year-old actor, on Saturday, walked the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week, in Mumbai.</p> <p>He was joined by his upcoming <i>Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2</i> co-star Kiara Advani.</p> <p>Aaryan took to Twitter and shared a picture of a first aid medical sign, writing, "I am positive. Pray for me."</p> <p>The actor was also shooting for <i>Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 </i>with Advani and Tabu, who joined the crew on March 15.</p> <p>Aaryan began his portions for the horror-comedy earlier in March in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.</p> <p>On Sunday, Mumbai reported 3,779 fresh COVID-19 cases, taking the overall tally to 3,62,675. The death toll mounted to 11,586.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kartik-aaryan-tests-positive-for-covid-19.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kartik-aaryan-tests-positive-for-covid-19.html Mon Mar 22 16:16:58 IST 2021 national-film-awards-best-actor-best-actress <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/national-film-awards-best-actor-best-actress.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/22/collage-awards.jpg" /> <p>The 67<sup>th</sup> National Film Awards were announced on Monday. The awards were initially going to be held in May last year but were delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The six-member jury watched over 200 films for the awards.</p> <p>Kangana Ranaut bagged the award for Best Actress for her roles in <i>Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi,</i> <i>Panga.</i></p> <p>Manoj Bajpayee bagged the award for Best Actor for <i>Bhonsle,</i> along with Dhanush for his performance in <i>Asuran. </i>The best feature film is Priyadarshan's big budget Malayalam film starring Mohanlal, <i>Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham.</i></p> <p>Pallavi Joshi bagged the award for Best Supporting actress for her performance in <i>Tashkent Files, </i>and the Vijay Sethupathi was declared Best Supporting Actor for<i> Super Deluxe.&nbsp;</i></p> <p>Kani Kusruti's <i>Biriyani</i> won a special jury mention. Kani had recently won the Kerala state award for best actress for the Sajin Babu directorial. Vetrimaaran's <i>Asuran</i> was adjudged best Tamil film;<i>&nbsp;Jersey</i> is best Telugu film and best Malayalam film is <i>Kallanottam.</i> Best Hindi film is <i>Chhichore</i>, featuring late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor.</p> <p>The award for best special effects went to <i>Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham </i>starring Mohanlal. Gireesh Gangadharan bagged the best cinematographer award for Malayalam film <i>Jallikattu.</i></p> <p>Sikkim bagged the award for the most film friendly state. Non-Feature film award for Best Voice-over/Narrration was given to Sir David Attenborough for&nbsp;<i>Wild Karnataka. </i>The award for Best Non-feature Film was bagged by<i>&nbsp;An Engineered Dream.</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/national-film-awards-best-actor-best-actress.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/national-film-awards-best-actor-best-actress.html Tue Mar 23 11:44:56 IST 2021 vijay-sethupathi-reveals-look-bollywood-debut-mumbaikar <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vijay-sethupathi-reveals-look-bollywood-debut-mumbaikar.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/22/vijay-sethupathi-mumbaikar.jpg" /> <p>Actor Vijay Sethupathi took to Twitter on Monday to reveal his look from his upcoming Bollywood debut <i>Mumbaikar. </i>In the picture, Sethupathi, holding a gun, is seen beside a schoolchild.</p> <p><i>Mumbaikar</i> is the Bollywood remake of 2017 Tamil film <i>Maanagaram</i> and is directed, written, and produced by Santosh Sivan, according to reports. <i>Maanagaram</i> was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.</p> <p>The thriller also features Vikrant Massey, Tanya Maniktala, Sanjay Mishra, Sachin Khedekar in significant roles.</p> <p>Talking about the film’s title, Santosh Sivan had said in a statement, “Every city has its own spirit, and so does Mumbai that is synonymous with the spirit of resilience. It draws aspirants from all over India, both in terms of region and religion. And in the midst of the concrete jungle, there is a heartbeat that heals. Mumbai may be a metro, but Mumbaikar is an emotion. Hence the title. In terms of cast, we have an intriguing and interesting mix of national talents. And that adds to the magic.”</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vijay-sethupathi-reveals-look-bollywood-debut-mumbaikar.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/vijay-sethupathi-reveals-look-bollywood-debut-mumbaikar.html Mon Mar 22 15:46:22 IST 2021 mammootty-announces-release-date-one <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/mammootty-announces-release-date-one.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/22/mammootty-one.jpg" /> <p>Malayalam superstar Mammootty on Monday announced that his political thriller <i>One</i> will release on Friday. “Kadakkal Chandran to take charge from March 26th (sic),” he wrote on his Twitter account.</p> <p>Directed by Santhosh Viswanath, the movie is written by screenwriter duo Bobby and Sanjay. The highly anticipated film also stars Nimisha Sajayan, Joju George, Murali Gopy among others.</p> <p>Mammootty is basking in the success of his latest film, <i>The Priest, </i>which released in theatres on March 11. The horror film, which is the directorial debut of Jofin T. Chacko, had opened to packed theatres.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/mammootty-announces-release-date-one.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/mammootty-announces-release-date-one.html Mon Mar 22 14:50:20 IST 2021 actor-theepetti-ganesan-passes-away-madurai <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/actor-theepetti-ganesan-passes-away-madurai.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/22/ganesan-twitter.jpg" /> <p>Actor Theepetti Ganesan passed away at the Madurai Government Hospital in Tamil Nadu on Monday due to ill health.</p> <p>Director Seenu Ramasamy took to social media to convey his condolences to the actor’s family and pay his tributes to the late actor. In a Tamil tweet, he said: “I was shocked to hear the demise of my brother Karthi aka Theepetti Ganesan at Rajaji Government Hospital in Madurai due to ill health. He was one of the best actors who acted in my films. My heartfelt condolences.”</p> <p>The actor is known for his roles in many Tamil films including<i> Renigunta</i>, <i>Billa 2,</i> <i>Thenmerku Paruvakaatru</i>, <i>Neerparavai </i>and <i>Kanne Kalaimaane</i>. He was also seen Malayalam film <i>Usthad Hotel.</i></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/actor-theepetti-ganesan-passes-away-madurai.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/actor-theepetti-ganesan-passes-away-madurai.html Mon Mar 22 14:04:41 IST 2021 kangana-reveals-amazing-physical-transformation-thalaivi-see-pics <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kangana-reveals-amazing-physical-transformation-thalaivi-see-pics.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/22/kangana-thalaivi-insta.jpg" /> <p>Kangana Ranaut who is essaying former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa in her biopic <i>Thalaivi</i>, took to social media to share stills of her massive physical transformation for the role.</p> <p>Kangana wrote, “Gaining 20 kgs and loosing it all back within a span of few months wasn’t the only challenge that I faced while filming this Epic Biopic, wait is getting over just in few hours Jaya will be your forever (sic).” Kangana will be launching <i>Thalaivi</i>’s trailer on her birthday, March 23.</p> <p>Directed by A.L. Vijay, the film also stars Prakash Raj, Arvind Swami among others. <i>Thalaivi</i> will release on April 23.</p> <p>Recently, Kangnana praised director A.L. Vijay in a series of tweets and thanked him for being patient with her. She wrote “You are not only amazingly competent, your eyes shine brighter when I excel as an artist. Through so many ups and downs, I never saw a hint of anger, insecurity or despair in you. Spoke to people who know you for decades and when they speak about you their eyes light up. You are not a human, you are a devta. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that I miss you.”</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kangana-reveals-amazing-physical-transformation-thalaivi-see-pics.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/kangana-reveals-amazing-physical-transformation-thalaivi-see-pics.html Mon Mar 22 11:57:53 IST 2021 richa-chadha-togmanshu-dhulia-series-six-suspects <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/richa-chadha-togmanshu-dhulia-series-six-suspects.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/november-29-2020/people/104-Richa-Chadha.jpg" /> <p>Actor Richa Chadha says she is thrilled to collaborate with filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhulia, her co-star from <i>Gangs of Wasseypur, </i>for the director's upcoming series <i>Six Suspects.</i></p> <p>Chadha features on the series along with<i> Scam 1992 </i>star Pratik Gandhi. The duo has been filming for the series since February end in the capital. The <i>Fukrey</i> actor took to Instagram and shared a video from the sets. The project reunites Chadha and Dhulia after the acclaimed two-part gangster drama <i>Gangs of Wasseypur, </i>in which the director had played the role of Ramadhir Singh.</p> <p>"So thrilled to tick this one off my bucket list. Collaborating with a director on my wish list... began my career with him (because he was acting in 'Gangs Of Wasseypur'). Happy Storytelling Day Tigmanshu Dhulia," the 34-year-old actor captioned the video. The series is said to be an adaptation of author Vikas Swarup's 2008 novel of the same name.</p> <p>This is also the first collaboration of Gandhi and Chadha. Chadha was recently seen on the big screen in this year's <i>Madam Chief Minister.</i></p> <p>Gandhi, meanwhile, will been seen in the upcoming investigative comedy<i> Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?,</i> co-starring Taapsee Pannu.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/richa-chadha-togmanshu-dhulia-series-six-suspects.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/22/richa-chadha-togmanshu-dhulia-series-six-suspects.html Mon Mar 22 11:01:12 IST 2021 actor-harman-baweja-sasha-ramchandani-get-married <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/actor-harman-baweja-sasha-ramchandani-get-married.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/21/harman-baweja-twitter.jpg" /> <p>Actor Harman Baweja, known for films like "Love Story 2050" and "What's Your Rashee?", on Sunday tied the knot with fiancee and health coach Sasha Ramchandani in an intimate ceremony in Kolkata.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The couple got married as per the Anand Karaj rituals at a gurudwara, in the presence of family and close friends from the industry, including actor Shilpa Shetty, her businessman husband Raj Kundra, actors Ashish Chowdhry and Sagarika Ghatge Khan.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Shetty took to Instagram and shared a video of the couple from the ceremony.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"Congratulations Harman and Sasha. Here's to new beginnings filled with unconditional love, happiness and friendship forever. So happy for you guys," she captioned the video.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Baweja, son of director Harry Baweja and producer Pammi Baweja, is best known for his 2008 debut "Love Story 2050" opposite Priyanka Chopra Jonas.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>He also featured in filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker's 2009 romantic-comedy "What's Your Raashee?", also starring Chopra Jonas.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Over the years, Baweja has worked sporadically in films like "Dishkiyaoon" (2014) and animated Punjabi film series "Chaar Sahibzaade" (2014-16).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>For the ceremony, Baweja wore a pink sherwani along with a white turban, while Ramchandani was dressed in a silver and maroon lehenga choli.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Chowdhry took to Instagram and shared pictures of the newly married couple from the wedding ceremony and gave a quirky caption on the lines of the viral 'Pawri ho rahi hai' video.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"Yeh hum hai, yeh hamaare dulha-dulhan hai, aur yahaan 'Shaawri' ho rahi hai!" the actor wrote.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The wedding festivities began on Friday evening with a cocktail party, followed by sangeet ceremony on Saturday night.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Baweja and Ramchandani had their roka ceremony in Chandigarh last December.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/actor-harman-baweja-sasha-ramchandani-get-married.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/actor-harman-baweja-sasha-ramchandani-get-married.html Sun Mar 21 20:30:10 IST 2021 chehre-producer-on-omitting-rhea-chakraborty-from-promos-wanted-to-give-her-space-from-scrutiny <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/chehre-producer-on-omitting-rhea-chakraborty-from-promos-wanted-to-give-her-space-from-scrutiny.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/8/5/rhea-Chakraborty-pic-insta.jpg" /> <p>"Chehre" producer Anand Pandit says the team steered clear of mentioning Rhea Chakraborty's name in the upcoming film until its trailer launch as they wanted to give the actor some space from public scrutiny.<br> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;The omission of Chakraborty's name from the cast had raised some eyebrows when the film's release date was announced earlier this year, but Pandit said it was not because they were worried about any backlash.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;The 28-year-old actor found herself in the middle of a storm when she was arrested last September by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in connection with its probe into the drugs angle related to the case of death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, her boyfriend.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Chakraborty was subjected to a scathing social media trial -- from death threats to constant vilification of her family -- which many of her colleagues from the industry also criticised.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;She is set to return to screen with the upcoming thriller "Chehre", also starring Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;When the film's release date was revealed in February, the makers had avoided naming Chakraborty in the promotional materials, with the actor not even being tagged by any of the cast members during the announcement.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"I wasn't worried about backlash at all, I wanted to give space to her. The poor girl has gone through so much turmoil in her life. I didn't want to give it back to her, by adding her name," Pandit told PTI in an interview.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"But when she was comfortable, I told her during trailer (launch), we will start promoting your name and visuals," the producer said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;The trailer of "Chehre", directed by Rumy Jafry, featured Chakraborty in a fleeting appearance, thus quashing reports that her role in the film had been chopped off.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Subsequently, she was also tagged on social media by the cast and the makers when the trailer was released last week.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;When rumours were rife that the team had axed Chakraborty's role or have replaced her, Pandit said he was unaffected.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"My focus was on my film. There are eight artistes, starting from Mr Bachchan to Emraan. My focus was on my lead(s). I wasn't worried about any other controversy about other artistes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"My conscience was clear that Rhea is there in the film and will continue to remain, so there was no point answering to speculations," he added.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Annu Kapoor, Krystle D'Souza, Drithiman Chatterjee, Raghubir Yadav and Siddhanth Kapoor also star in the mystery-thriller, backed by Anand Pandit Motion Pictures and Saraswati Entertainment Private Limited.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;The film was earlier scheduled to be released in July 2020 but was pushed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Chehre" is now gearing up to open in theatres on April 9.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;April will be a packed month for Pandit, whose two other productions also release the same weekend.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;His Abhishek Bachchan-starrer "The Big Bull", is heading to Disney+ Hotstar VIP to release on April 8, while his Marathi film "Well Done Baby" will premiere on April 9 on Amazon Prime Video.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Pandit said he always wanted a theatrical release for "Chehre", but the situation was different with "The Big Bull", which is reportedly based on stockbroker Harshad Mehta's story.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"Ajay Devgn and I are jointly producing the film. Because Ajay has a contract with Disney, they wanted some content for their platform. They requested him to give two-three films.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"So he gave one of his other films to them and we thought we can give 'The Big Bull' too. As far as 'Chehre' was concerned, I was committed to bring it only on the big screen."</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Directed by Kookie Gulati, "The Big Bull" is part of the Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex slate, which was announced last year. It also includes Devgn-starrer "Bhuj: The Pride of India". PTI JUR RDS BK RDS RDS 03211708</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/chehre-producer-on-omitting-rhea-chakraborty-from-promos-wanted-to-give-her-space-from-scrutiny.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/chehre-producer-on-omitting-rhea-chakraborty-from-promos-wanted-to-give-her-space-from-scrutiny.html Sun Mar 21 19:11:50 IST 2021 fahadh-faasil-to-play-antagonist-in-multilingual-film-pushpa <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/fahadh-faasil-to-play-antagonist-in-multilingual-film-pushpa.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/5/12/fahadh-faasil-rijo-joseph.jpg" /> <p>Malayalam star Fahadh Faasil will play the villain opposite Telugu star Allu Arjun in <i>Pushpa</i>, the upcoming multilingual action thriller movie.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Written and directed by Sukumar, the film chronicles the red sanders heist in the hills of Andhra and depicts the convoluted nexus that unfurls in the course of the narrative of a man who is taken by avarice.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Producers Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar of Mythri Movie Makers praised Faasil for his versatility and welcomed the actor to the cast.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Fahadh Faasil has entertained viewers with varied films and earned tremendous acclaim along with it. It makes us very happy to welcome him into the world of ‘Pushpa’.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“We are confident that his portrayal of the villain will engage viewers in a way that's unique to his delivery of performance,” the producers said in a statement.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Faasil has featured in acclaimed films like <i>Bangalore Days</i>, <i>Kumbalangi Nights</i>, <i>Super Deluxe</i>, <i>Trance</i> and last year's lockdown project <i>C U Soon</i>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Pushpa</i> also stars Rashmika Mandanna, Dhananjay and Sunil.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Produced by Mythri Movie Makers in association with Muttamsetty Media, the film will have a theatrical release on August 13 in Telugu along with Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/fahadh-faasil-to-play-antagonist-in-multilingual-film-pushpa.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/fahadh-faasil-to-play-antagonist-in-multilingual-film-pushpa.html Sun Mar 21 17:21:35 IST 2021 hbo-max-sets-may-premiere-for-tenet <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/hbo-max-sets-may-premiere-for-tenet.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/12/20/tenet-trailer.jpg" /> <p>Sci-fi espionage thriller <i>Tenet</i>, directed by Christopher Nolan, is set to start streaming on HBO Max from May 1.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Warner Bros film, which was originally scheduled for a July 2020 release, opened in theatres of 70 countries last August in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It released in select US cities on September 3.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Good news for anyone experiencing time linearly: 'Tenet' is streaming May 1 on HBO via HBO Max!” HBO Max tweeted on its official page on Saturday.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Tenet</i> got a theatrical release months before the studio decided its 2021 titles would debut on the streaming service HBO Max, owned by their parent company WarnerMedia, at the same time as the movies released in cinema halls.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The slate includes highly anticipated movies, like <i>In the Heights</i>, <i>Dune</i> and the fourth ‘Matrix’ film.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The digital release of <i>Tenet</i> is an interesting turn of events following Nolan's sharp criticism of WarnerMedia when the company announced its decision to premiere its productions for the year 2021 in cinemas and on HBO Max.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Some of our industry's biggest filmmakers and most important movie stars went to bed the night before thinking they were working for the greatest movie studio and woke up to find out they were working for the worst streaming service,” Nolan said in a statement, following the announcement in December.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Tenet</i> grossed nearly USD 58 million in North America and over USD 363 million worldwide. It starred John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Martin Donovan, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh and Dimple Kapadia.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The film is also nominated for two Oscars―best achievement in visual effects and best achievement in production design―at the 93rd Academy Awards, to be held on April 25.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/hbo-max-sets-may-premiere-for-tenet.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/21/hbo-max-sets-may-premiere-for-tenet.html Sun Mar 21 14:11:26 IST 2021 kriti-sanon-why-she-kept-quiet-sushant-death <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/kriti-sanon-why-she-kept-quiet-sushant-death.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2019/march-17-2019/people/72-Kriti-Sanon.jpg" /> <p>Actress Kriti Sanon has opened up about the toxicity surrounding the discourse around the death of her friend and co-star Sushant Singh Rajput last year.</p> <p>In a recent interview with the <i>Times of India</i>, Kriti spoke about why she went quiet about Sushant after a while. Sushant was found dead in his Mumbai flat on June 14 last year. His untimely death shook the entertainment industry, and continued to make national headlines with central agencies probing his death and the drug angle surrounding it.</p> <p>Kriti, who starred alongside Sushant in 2017 romance<i> Raabta</i>, had shared a heart-warming post after his death. But she chose to maintain silence about her feelings after that.</p> <p>Speaking about why she went quiet, she said: “At one point, there was so much noise around that I didn’t want to be a part of it. It reached a point where people stopped being sensitive, and there was too much negativity around. I didn’t want to be a part of that negativity.”</p> <p>She added: “I knew what I felt about the situation and I wanted to keep that to myself. I didn’t feel the need to talk to anyone about anything that I was feeling. Also, what you want to say, you can always say it on social media. You can write and express yourself instead of talking out loud.”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/kriti-sanon-why-she-kept-quiet-sushant-death.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/kriti-sanon-why-she-kept-quiet-sushant-death.html Sat Mar 20 14:28:24 IST 2021 pooja-bedi-sahres-pics-controversial-condom-ad <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/pooja-bedi-sahres-pics-controversial-condom-ad.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/20/pooja-bedi-insta.jpg" /> <p>Actress-model Pooja Bedi took a trip down memory lane on Friday as she shared photos from a controversial condom advertisement from the 90s. Pooja featured opposite model Marc Robinson in the ad.</p> <p>She captioned the pictures as, "GOSH! Some of the WOW stills taken during my shoot for the Kamasutra Condoms advert in 1991 by the late Prabuddha Dasgupta." The first-of-its-kind ad had become controversial, and was banned from being aired on Doordarshan. The advertisement was directed by Alyque Padamsee.</p> <p>Pooja had opened up about shooting for the ad, in an interview with Times Of India in 2011. She had said: "We shot the ad in Goa. When I signed the ad, I was told I'll have to be in shower and Marc Robinson will be on this boat. I was fine doing all that. However when I reached the studio, I spotted Marc Robinson there. I asked what he was doing in the studio! That is when I got to know that the ad will also be showing him getting into the shower with me. I was told to use the hand shower on Marc! I was surprised and apprehensive although I was okay with it."</p> <p>She added: "After some time, I got even bigger shock when I was told to squeeze Marc's back! That is when I said, 'I am so not doing that.' I refused to touch Marc Robinson. Finally the hand that squeezes Marc's back towards the end of the ad was not mine but my makeup artist's! The hand just had to look as if it was mine. I however touched him in other ads that we did together."</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/pooja-bedi-sahres-pics-controversial-condom-ad.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/pooja-bedi-sahres-pics-controversial-condom-ad.html Sat Mar 20 12:34:45 IST 2021 ayushmann-khurrana-wraps-up-shoot-anubhav-sinha-anek <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/ayushmann-khurrana-wraps-up-shoot-anubhav-sinha-anek.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2021/january-03-2021/people/ayushmann.jpg" /> <p>Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has concluded shooting for his next feature film <i>Anek.</i></p> <p>The action-thriller movie reunites Khurrana and filmmaker Anubhav Sinha after their 2019 critically-acclaimed feature <i>Article 15.</i></p> <p>The 36-year-old actor took to Instagram on Friday evening to share the news alongside a series of photos from the sets of the film, including his last shot, a picture with the director and his core team. "It’s a wrap! #Anek is very very special. It’s full of surprises. An untouched subject. A very important new age cinema," Khurrana captioned the post.</p> <p>"Why do I get emotional on the last day of shoot? Coz I will never get to play that character again. I will miss playing Joshua. I will miss North East,” he wrote.</p> <p>Backed by Sinha's Benaras Media Works and Bhushan Kumar's T-Series, the film is set to release on September 17.</p> <p>Khurrana has also a romantic drama, titled <i>Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui,</i> up for release in theatres on July 9. The Abhishek Kapoor-directed movie will also feature Vaani Kapoor.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/ayushmann-khurrana-wraps-up-shoot-anubhav-sinha-anek.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/ayushmann-khurrana-wraps-up-shoot-anubhav-sinha-anek.html Sat Mar 20 12:12:12 IST 2021 mohanlal-releases-motion-poster-tovino-thomas-minnal-murali <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/mohanlal-releases-motion-poster-tovino-thomas-minnal-murali.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/10/3/Actor_Tovino_Thomas.jpg" /> <p>Actor Mohanlal took to social media on Saturday to launch the motion poster of Tovino Thomas's upcoming flick <i>Minnal Murali. </i>The poster, for the first time, reveala Tovino's look in the superhero attire.&nbsp;</p> <p>Directed by Basil Joseph, <i>Minnal Murali</i>, is a big-budget multilingual 'superhero' film. Tovino teams up with Basil for the second time after the wrestling-based drama<i> Godha.</i></p> <p>The team had to halt production amid the pandemic. And later, when shoot resumed, the team faced another major roadblock when a massive church set erected for the film in Kerala was vandalised by right-wing extremists.</p> <p>The project is bankrolled by Sophia Paul of Weekend Blockbusters. While Sameer Thahir is the director of photography, Shaan Rahman is music composer for the film.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/mohanlal-releases-motion-poster-tovino-thomas-minnal-murali.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/mohanlal-releases-motion-poster-tovino-thomas-minnal-murali.html Sat Mar 20 11:35:57 IST 2021 martin-scorcese-christopher-nolan-hjep-praise-bachchan-film-preservation-efforts <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/martin-scorcese-christopher-nolan-hjep-praise-bachchan-film-preservation-efforts.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/slideshow/2018/november/kolkata-international-film-festival/kiff-2-salil.jpg" /> <p>Hollywood filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Christopher on Friday lauded veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution towards preservation of film heritage.</p> <p>During a virtual showcase, Bachchan was bestowed with with the FIAF Award for his dedication and contribution to the preservation of the world's film heritage by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). In a special video message, Scorsese said Bachchan's advocacy for preserving India's film heritage has been really exceptional.</p> <p>"In a career spanning over five decades, he is a celebrated actor, who has put his considerable weight and his reputation behind the cause of film preservation in India and the entire subcontinent," the 78-year-old director said. Scorsese, known for cult classic movies such as <i>Taxi Driver</i>, <i>Mean Streets,</i> <i>Goodfellas</i>, and <i>The Irishman</i> said film preservation has certainly been a long time passion for him.</p> <p>"Twenty years ago, I was proud to be the first recipient of this prestigious award. FIAF awards could not have chosen a more deserving individual to recognise this year," he added. Nolan, who is also a past recipient of the FIAF Award, hailed Bachchan as a "living legend".</p> <p>"Mr Bachchan, I hope you realise the importance of everything you have done for the vital work for development of proper infrastructure for the preservation of India's incredible film heritage," the <i>Tenet</i> director said. "This is unbelievably important work and your voice, reputation behind this cause adds so much and makes it so much more possible. For all these reasons, I express my gratitude to congratulate FIAF everybody involved with this award and everything you have done so far and you will do in future," he added.</p> <p>Bachchan is the first Indian film personality to be bestowed with the award and he said he is deeply honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of this year's award. "This is a great honour. Not just the film industry in India, but my own country will be proud. I am just a small element in the Indian film industry. When you honour me, you honour the Indian film industry, you honour my country and you honour this cause of film preservation," he added.</p> <p>Bachchan, who is the ambassador of Film Heritage Foundation, said as an artiste it is his duty to preserve what they have created. "Our work represents a lifetime of passion, devotion to our craft and we need to ensure we preserve this legacy in memory of all those who came before us and in recognition of moving image as an art form, a visual document of human kind," he said.</p> <p>The 78-year-old veteran said India is "the largest filmmaking nation" and it will be a great loss for the country if it "cannot preserve we have been creating for the past 100 years".</p> <p>"It is an indeed important element in our lives, we will be dead and gone, and we will have to do something for posterity," he added. The <i>Gulabo Sitabo </i>actor recalled his previous meetings with both Nolan and Scorsese.</p> <p>"I have had the great honour of meeting him (Nolan) and I had also met Mr Martin Scorsese some years ago at Cannes film festival, I don't think he remembers. Baz Luhrmann had brought his film 'The Great Gatsby' for the inaugural of Cannes Film Festival. And at a dinner that was hosted and that's where we met."</p> <p>The FIAF is a worldwide organisation, comprising of film archives and museums from across the world.</p> <p>Bachchan's name was nominated by the FIAF affiliate Film Heritage Foundation, founded by filmmaker and archivist Shivendra Singh Dungarpur.</p> <p>The not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, documentation, exhibition, and study of India's film heritage.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/martin-scorcese-christopher-nolan-hjep-praise-bachchan-film-preservation-efforts.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/20/martin-scorcese-christopher-nolan-hjep-praise-bachchan-film-preservation-efforts.html Sat Mar 20 10:54:12 IST 2021 rare-work-by-master-painter-of-the-wet-sari-up-for-auction <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/rare-work-by-master-painter-of-the-wet-sari-up-for-auction.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/2020/images/2021/1/13/painting-maz.jpg" /> <p>To trace the first popular representation of the "wet sari" in Indian art, one need look no further than Hemendranath Mazumdar.</p> <p>A hundred years ago, the Bengali artist painted <i>Palli Pran</i> (Soul of the Village) where his female subject is shown emerging from a dip in the village pond. Her back portrait is sensuously swathed in a dripping wet sari, covering her bare flesh in translucent folds from the head which is staring down in thought. This award-winning painting would go on to establish Mazumdar as one of the foremost Indian artists working in the western academic style of painting, specifically known for capturing the desirability of elite Bengali women of his time.</p> <p>In an online auction on Modern Indian Art to be held by AstaGuru on March 30, a rare masterpiece from the limited oeuvre of Mazumdar will be out in the public domain for the first time. An untitled oil-on-canvas, painted in 1940 and estimated at R 40 to 50 lakh, doesn't quite overplay erotic metaphors with a wet sari, but subtly arouses a deep curiosity and allurement.</p> <p>Rather than the backview—recurrent in Mazumdar's body of work—we have a sideways portrait of a slender female figure draped in a gold sari and decked in minimal jewelry. As she bends to tend to her feet propped on a raised platform, her eyes appear to be closed, almost in peaceful slumber. The thin, shimmering sari in antique gold, wrapped in gentle wrinkles, is set against a night-black backdrop, lending the painting its dark, palatial refinement.</p> <p>Mazumdar had gained a good deal of public recognition in the 1930s and the Indian royalty readily patronised him, including maharajas of Cooch Behar, Dholpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kashmir. In fact, the Maharaja of Patiala engaged him as a state artist for five years. This painting is most definitely inspired from his royal attachments. The suspended gold chain is painted with utmost precision.</p> <p>For most of his artistic career, Mazumdar fervently advocated a naturalist style of painting. He held out against the more popular Bengal School of Art movement which reacted against colonial aesthetics or a western style of realism and observational rigour. But Majumdar's realistic study of the female form does hold a special place in the long history of painting nudes in India. The book 'Hemen Mazumdar: The Last Romantic', edited by Caterina Corni and Nirmalya Kumar explains how Majumdar's paintings especially resonated with the Bengali middle class in 1920s and 30s.</p> <p>Art historian Partha Mitter writes in the book about "the vexed question of the wet sari effect" in Majumdar's paintings. "He created a genre of Bengali beauties that captured the imagination of the contemporary Bengali public because of the novelty of their intimacy and their immediacy. They were not impersonal figures learned from art schools but palpable, breathing, real women.....He thus invented a new genre of figure painting in India, suggesting sensuous flesh tones and soft quality of the skin, enhanced by the semi-transparent garment."</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/rare-work-by-master-painter-of-the-wet-sari-up-for-auction.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/rare-work-by-master-painter-of-the-wet-sari-up-for-auction.html Fri Mar 19 19:12:37 IST 2021 sharon-stone-comes-out-with-startling-revelations-about-controversial-basic-instinct-scene <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/sharon-stone-comes-out-with-startling-revelations-about-controversial-basic-instinct-scene.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/19/sharone-stone.jpg" /> <p>Hollywood actor Sharon Stone has made some startling revelations in her memoir, 'The Beauty of Living Twice'. The actor revealed that she was tricked into the controversial leg-crossing scene in the movie <i>Basic Instinct</i>, by director Paul Verhoeven.</p> <p>In the 1992 neo-noir thriller, Stone had played crime novelist Catherine Tramell, suspected of murder.</p> <p>An extract from the memoir, published in <a href="https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2021/03/sharon-stone-on-how-basic-instinct-nearly-broke-her">Vanity Fair</a> reads: "<i>After we shot Basic Instinct, I got called in to see it. Not on my own with the director, as one would anticipate, given the situation that has given us all pause, so to speak, but with a room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the project. That was how I saw my vagina-shot for the first time, long after I’d been told, “We can’t see anything—I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on.” Yes, there have been many points of view on this topic, but since I’m the one with the vagina in question, let me say: The other points of view are bullshit</i>."</p> <p>The actor said the first time she went to meet the director Verhoeven, he kept calling her Karen, and told her, "<i>You were not our first choice, Karen. No, you were not even the second or the third. You were the thirteenth choice for this film</i>.”</p> <p>"<i>He continued to call me Karen all through the making and postproduction of the movie</i>," she writes.</p> <p>She writes that she was once asked to sleep with a co-star to have better chemistry, by a producer. "<i>I had a producer bring me to his office, where he had malted milk balls in a little milk-carton-type container under his arm with the spout open. He walked back and forth in his office with the balls falling out of the spout and rolling all over the wood floor as he explained to me why I should fuck my costar so that we could have onscreen chemistry</i>."</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/sharon-stone-comes-out-with-startling-revelations-about-controversial-basic-instinct-scene.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/sharon-stone-comes-out-with-startling-revelations-about-controversial-basic-instinct-scene.html Fri Mar 19 21:42:23 IST 2021 us-actor-armie-hammer-accused-of-rape <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/us-actor-armie-hammer-accused-of-rape.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/19/armie-hammer-ap.jpg" /> <p>US actor Armie Hammer has been accused of raping a woman in Los Angeles in 2017. A 24-year-old woman named Effie, made the allegations during a virtual news conference on Thursday.</p> <p>She spoke alongside high-profile women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred, alleging she first met Hammer on Facebook in 2016, when she was 20. She said the alleged rape happened on 24 April, 2017, the BBC reported. She said that Armie raped her for over four hours in Los Angeles, during which he repeatedly slapped her head against a wall, bruising her face.</p> <p>Armie's lawyer Andrew Brettler dismissed the allegations and said that all of the actor's relations with the woman had been &quot;completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory&quot;.</p> <p>Armie first gained fame through playing twins in <i>The Social Network.</i> He is best known for his role in 2017s <i>Call Me By Your Name</i>. He has faced allegations of sexual violence in recent months after an Instagram account began posting screenshots of text messages allegedly from Hammer as far back as 2016. “I’m not responding to these bullshit claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me,” he said at that time. Armie and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, announced their divorce in July 2020.</p> <p>In January, the actor had stepped away from starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy <i>Shotgun Wedding</i>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/us-actor-armie-hammer-accused-of-rape.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/us-actor-armie-hammer-accused-of-rape.html Fri Mar 19 12:02:45 IST 2021 twitter-stunned-archie-comic-predicted-online-schooling-2021 <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/twitter-stunned-archie-comic-predicted-online-schooling-2021.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/19/archie-twitter.jpg" /> <p><i>The Simpsons</i> has regularly been in the news in recent times for its near-accurate prediction of future events. This time, however, it is the turn of popular comic strip, <i>Archie. T</i>he internet is spooked by an Archie Comics strip from 1997 that correctly predicted what schooling would look like in the the year 2021.</p> <p>The strip, shared by the official Twitter handle of Archie Comics on Tuesday, is going viral. It shows Betty Cooper's schooling life imagined in 2021 AD. In the comic strip, Betty attends classes while sitting in front of a computer. Her father say that the kids of Betty's generation were lucky as they did not have to carry books or worry about the weather as could attend classes from their homes. Adding to the spookiness, the strip even has a sign which says: &quot;Video monitor must remain uncovered at all times.”</p> <p>In 2020, as the pandemic gripped the world, traditional schooling faced a massive overhaul and classrooms turned virtual. Students have been attending classes from their homes, and even writing exams from homes. With the virus threat still on, in 2021, too, most classes have continued to take the online path.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/twitter-stunned-archie-comic-predicted-online-schooling-2021.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/twitter-stunned-archie-comic-predicted-online-schooling-2021.html Fri Mar 19 11:00:56 IST 2021 have-always-gravitated-towards-edgy-characters-emraan-hashmi <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/have-always-gravitated-towards-edgy-characters-emraan-hashmi.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2019/march-31-2019/people/73-Emraan-Hashmi.jpg" /> <p>The era of glorifying heroes in cinema is over, believes actor Emraan Hashmi, who says audiences today relate more to flawed and imperfect characters on the screen.</p> <p>In his close to two decade-long career, Hashmi started out in the industry with movies such as <i>Footpath,</i> <i>Murder, Jannat,</i> <i>Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai</i> and <i>Shanghai</i>, and in the process, stood apart from the conventional Bollywood stars.</p> <p>He has often played the roles that were neither black nor white and tapped into the grittier side of his characters. In an interview, the 41-year-old actor said the definition of a hero has changed over the years and for him anti-hero roles are more fascinating.</p> <p>"I have always gravitated towards characters that have certain edge, that break status quo and are gritty. Heroes that have left an impact in cinema are characters that are closer to home and relatable.</p> <p>"The only way you can make characters more relatable are if they are flawed or have more shades. None of our lives are that easy, especially in today's time. We all in our lives have a moral compass and that doesn't necessarily make us bad people," Hashmi said. What the actor is striving for in his professional life, he said, is to break the status quo and play characters that have a "certain edge".</p> <p>At the same time, Hashmi said he can't be a part of a film where characters are presented as dark just for the sake of it. "There are some filmmakers who make films like that but I won't be part of them. I want to bring something aspirational to the characters I play so that even though it is a little dark or grey, there is a reason behind their actions.</p> <p>"It is justified, although it is wrong. You are rooting for it because they have some core values that they connect with, maybe human aspect, ambition, family values, etc," he added. It was this sensibility that led the actor to collaborate with Sanjay Gupta for the upcoming<i> Mumbai Saga.</i> He plays the role of a police officer, named Vijay Savarkar, in the crime-thriller slated to be released Friday in theatres.</p> <p>Hashmi, who often refers to Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese's movies for his performances, said he wanted to explore his character's ambition in the film. "We all have that drive, ambition in various degrees and the goal is to achieve. I connected to that. Savarkar was so driven to get to that point and achieve the almost unattainable. There is a certain drive and ambition the character has and it reflects with my drive and ambition in my career to do best," he said.</p> <p>In the movie, Hashmi is up against John Abraham's Amartya Rao, a gangster.</p> <p><i>Mumbai Saga</i> is an attempt to return to cinema halls, one of the most affected sectors amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, said the actor.</p> <p>"With <i>Mumbai Saga,</i> we have taken the step to come back to cinema halls. We would want as many people as possible to see the film but the core thing is to give that shot in the arm to theatre owners and release our films out there so at least people start venturing to cinema halls."</p> <p>The actor said there was a lot of back and forth happening over how to showcase the film -- via OTT or in theatres. "The film was coming on OTT and suddenly it came in theatres. I am happy about it as you can't gauge or predict the audience. I don't know what will happen with 'Mumbai Saga' but I am hoping that it gets a good opening and has good collections. We have rolled the</p> <p><i>Mumbai Saga </i>also stars Kajal Agarwal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Suniel Shetty, Prateik Babbar, Rohit Roy, Gulshan Grover, and Amole Gupte. The film is produced by T-Series, White Feather Films and Sangeeta Ahir.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/have-always-gravitated-towards-edgy-characters-emraan-hashmi.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/have-always-gravitated-towards-edgy-characters-emraan-hashmi.html Fri Mar 19 10:27:32 IST 2021 chehre-trailer-rhea-chakraborty-makes-an-appearance <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/chehre-trailer-rhea-chakraborty-makes-an-appearance.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/8/5/rhea-Chakraborty-new-insta.jpg" /> <p>The trailer of Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi-starrer <i>Chehre</i> is out. Rhea Chakraborty, who has been missing from the poster and teaser, makes a fleeting appearance in the trailer.</p> <p>Directed by Rumy Jafry, the film also stars Annu Kapoor, Krystle D’Souza, Drithiman Chakroborthy, Raghubir Yadav and Siddhanth Kapoor. The trailer promises an intriguing thriller.</p> <p>&nbsp;Rhea was announced as a cast member in July 2019, but did not feature in the promotions of the film recently, and this had left fans wondering.</p> <p>Addressing this confusion, producer Anand Pandit said that he did not wish to talk about at this time. &quot;We did not react because we have decided not to talk about Rhea at this moment. We will answer questions regarding her at the right time. At this juncture, there is nothing more I can say,&quot; Anand told Mid-Day.</p> <p><i>Chehre</i>&nbsp;is scheduled to release in theatres on April 9.</p> <p>Rhea has been caught up in a legal mess after the death of her boyfriend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year. Rhea, who was arrested by the NCB in the drugs probe related to Sushant’s death, is currently out on bail. The NCB recently named Rhea and her brother Showik in the charge-sheet that was filed recently.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h1>&nbsp;</h1> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/chehre-trailer-rhea-chakraborty-makes-an-appearance.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/chehre-trailer-rhea-chakraborty-makes-an-appearance.html Thu Mar 18 16:48:05 IST 2021 bombay-hc-allows-release-of-mumbai-saga-rejects-plea-for-stay <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/bombay-hc-allows-release-of-mumbai-saga-rejects-plea-for-stay.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/18/mumbai-saga.jpg" /> <p>The Bombay High Court, on Thursday, permitted the release of the Hindi film 'Mumbai Saga' on March 19, after refusing to allow a plea seeking a stay on the scheduled release.</p> <p>A bench of Justices Amjad Sayed and Nitin Jamdar refused to allow a plea filed by Ravi Mallesh Bohra known as gangster D.K. Rao in Mumbai's underworld, and the family of late gangster Amar Naik.</p> <p>The bench said it could not grant relief to the petitioners, who had approached the court at the "11th hour".</p> <p>The petitioners claimed that as per newspaper reports, the film was inspired by true events and was based on the lives of Bohra, Naik and his brother Ashwin Naik.</p> <p>The petitioners contended that the movie violated their right to privacy and a fair trial.</p> <p>A legal notice had been sent to the film's producer and director, asking them to stop the release, since Bohra and Ashwin Naik were undertrial prisoners and the film would prejudice their pending trials and the sanctity of the judicial process, the petition stated.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/bombay-hc-allows-release-of-mumbai-saga-rejects-plea-for-stay.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/bombay-hc-allows-release-of-mumbai-saga-rejects-plea-for-stay.html Thu Mar 18 16:32:43 IST 2021 anupam-kher-dedicates-song-to-fellow-bald-men-hilarous-video <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/anupam-kher-dedicates-song-to-fellow-bald-men-hilarous-video.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/review/books/images/2019/9/12/84-Anupam-Kher.jpg" /> <p>&nbsp;Actor Anupam Kher is quite active on social media and constantly comes up with posts to entertain fans. This time, the veteran actor shared a hilarious video of him singing a song and dedicating it to fellow bald men.</p> <p>In a note, he revealed that he wrote the song 40 years back when he came to Mumbai for the first time to try his luck in films. He wrote in Hindi: "Dedicated to all bald people around the world. 40 years ago, when I came to Mumbai to try my luck in movies, my hair were falling and were a mess. People used to call it my destiny and I used to call it my specialty. So I wrote this song on bald people to make myself and the world laugh."</p> <p>Fans were quick to comment on the post. While some commented that his baldness has brought him fame, some said that many famous actors are bald but opt for hair transplant.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/anupam-kher-dedicates-song-to-fellow-bald-men-hilarous-video.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/19/anupam-kher-dedicates-song-to-fellow-bald-men-hilarous-video.html Fri Mar 19 16:47:14 IST 2021 fahadh-faasil-irul-to-release-netflix <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/fahadh-faasil-irul-to-release-netflix.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/18/fahadh-irul.jpg" /> <p>Fahadh Faasil on Thursday unveiled the trailer of his upcoming film<i>, Irul,</i> which will premiere on Netflix on April 2.</p> <p>The murder mystery is Fahadh’s second film to have a direct OTT release after last year’s <i>C U Soon</i>, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat and promises a gripping thriller.</p> <p>"Dramatic music, Fahadh Faasil and a whole lot of mystery: Irul has everything we love… and more! Arriving on April 2<sup>nd</sup>,” Netflix tweeted.</p> <p>Soubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran also play pivotal roles in the film. From the trailer, one gets the impression that Soubin is a writer, and Fahadh could be a murderer. Soubin reveals that his book is based on a criminal who killed five people and the motive was to seek vengeance against women.</p> <p>The film is directed by Naseef Yusuf Izuddin.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h1>&nbsp;</h1> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/fahadh-faasil-irul-to-release-netflix.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/fahadh-faasil-irul-to-release-netflix.html Thu Mar 18 15:23:45 IST 2021 angelina-jolie-claims-she-has-proof-alleged-domestic-violence-brad-pitt <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/angelina-jolie-claims-she-has-proof-alleged-domestic-violence-brad-pitt.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/6/13/brad-angelina.jpg" /> <p>Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce proceedings have taken a new turn with the actress filing new documents in court alleging domestic abuse. According to reports, the actress has claimed in court that she has proof of alleged domestic abuse against Pitt.</p> <p>Jolie and Pitt, who tied the knot in 2014 and split just two years later, have been embroiled in a bitter separation.</p> <p>Jolie has agreed to provide testimony herself, along with the “testimony of minor children,” according to the court documents, US Weekly reported. "This is just another case of Angelina changing the narrative when it suits her," a source told &nbsp;ETonline.</p> <p>Jolie and Pitt have six children—Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, twins Knox and Vivienne, 12.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h1>&nbsp;</h1> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/angelina-jolie-claims-she-has-proof-alleged-domestic-violence-brad-pitt.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/angelina-jolie-claims-she-has-proof-alleged-domestic-violence-brad-pitt.html Thu Mar 18 11:45:39 IST 2021 ram-setu-team-off-ayodhya-start-shoot-akshay-says-need-special-wishes <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/ram-setu-team-off-ayodhya-start-shoot-akshay-says-need-special-wishes.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/september-13-2020/people/73-Akshay-Kumar.jpg" /> <p>Actors Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandes and Nushrratt Bharuccha on Thursday left for Ayodhya to kickstart their upcoming action-adventure drama <i>Ram Setu</i>.</p> <p>The film, directed by Abhishek Sharma of <i>Parmanu </i>and <i>Tere Bin Laden</i> fame, stars Kumar in the role of an archaeologist. The 53-year-old actor took to Instagram and posted a picture with his co-stars.</p> <p>"A special film, a special start. Team #RamSetu off to Ayodhya for the mahurat shot. And so the journey begins. Need special wishes from all you guys," Kumar wrote.</p> <p><i>Ram Setu</i> is produced by Kumar's Cape of Good Films, Abundantia Entertainment, Lyca Productions and Amazon Prime Video.</p> <p>Filmmaker Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who has helmed Kumar starrer upcoming period film <i>Prithviraj,</i> is attached as a creative producer.</p> <p>The film's shoot is spread across multiple schedules over the next few months, with 80 per cent of the filming planned in Mumbai</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/ram-setu-team-off-ayodhya-start-shoot-akshay-says-need-special-wishes.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/18/ram-setu-team-off-ayodhya-start-shoot-akshay-says-need-special-wishes.html Thu Mar 18 10:42:28 IST 2021 dont-come-up-with-your-theories-aamir-khan-on-quitting-social-media <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/dont-come-up-with-your-theories-aamir-khan-on-quitting-social-media.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/india/2018/December/aamir-khan-file-reuters.jpg" /> <p>Superstar Aamir Khan says people should not come up with their theories about why he quit social media as he was anyway not active on digital platforms.</p> <p>The 56-year-old superstar had on Monday announced that he has decided to leave social media.</p> <p>Khan said all the updates about his future projects will now be available on his production banner's official account.</p> <p>At a promotional event on late Tuesday evening, when Khan was asked about his decision to quit social media, the actor told reporters, "Do not put your theories about that. Main apni dhunki mein rehta hoon (I live in my own world). I am anyway not active on social media, I don't post anything."</p> <p>The actor said in the absence of his personal social media profile, he would communicate with his fans directly through the media.</p> <p>"We used to communicate before this (social media) as well. Now that I have quit social media, I will be able to talk to my audience only through the media. So you guys should be happy, I have full faith in you," Khan said.</p> <p>The actor was speaking post the screening of 'Koi Jaane Na', directed by close friend Amin Hajee.</p> <p>The film, which stars Kunal Kapoor and Amyra Dastur, also features Khan in a special dance number. It will release on April 2.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/dont-come-up-with-your-theories-aamir-khan-on-quitting-social-media.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/dont-come-up-with-your-theories-aamir-khan-on-quitting-social-media.html Wed Mar 17 21:19:13 IST 2021 maharashtras-rising-covid-19-graph-worries-bollywood <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/maharashtras-rising-covid-19-graph-worries-bollywood.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/1/1/cinema-hall-theatre.jpg" /> <p>They took the lockdown in their stride and then the cap on theatre occupancy, but the rising COVID-19 graph in Maharashtra, a prime market, is cause for serious worry for filmmakers hoping their upcoming big ticket releases will spell resurgence for the embattled Hindi film industry.</p> <p>The vaccination drive is a silver lining but the clouds of uncertainty have darkened with the Maharashtra government announcing earlier this week that cinema halls will have to continue to function with 50 per cent occupancy at least till March 31.</p> <p>The Central government had allowed theatres to run at full capacity from February after a gap of nine months.</p> <p>Director Sanjay Gupta, whose John Abraham starrer 'Mumbai Saga' is slated for release on March 19, admitted the COVID-19 situation in the state, home to the Hindi film industry and accounting for almost 60 per cent of the total number of new, daily cases in the country, is worrying.</p> <p>"When we announced (the release) we knew that theatres were open with only 50 per cent occupancy so the same is not really alarming. What is worrisome is the COVID-19 numbers rising," Gupta told PTI.</p> <p>Besides 'Mumbai Saga', other films getting ready to release are Parineeti Chopra- Arjun Kapoor starrer 'Sandeep and Pinky Faraar', Rana Daggupati's 'Haathi Mere Saathi' and the Saina Nehwal biopic 'Saina'. Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor’s horror comedy 'Roohi', among the first major films to release theatrically after the Centre allowed theatres to run at full occupancy, is being screened in cinemas.</p> <p>The coming months will also see the release of tentpole films such as Akshay Kumar's 'Sooryavanshi', Ranveer Singh's sports drama '83' and Salman Khan's 'Radhe'.</p> <p>Shibasish Sarkar, group CEO of Reliance Entertainment, the banner behind the highly anticipated 'Sooryavanshi' and '83', expressed the hope that the vaccination drive, which began this month, will help ease the situation in the state.</p> <p>"I am hopeful that very soon the surge in the COVID-19 numbers will come under control, and the restrictions of 50 per cent in cinema halls also will be removed," Sarkar told PTI.</p> <p>He added that the team is not alarmed by the guidelines as the safety of people is priority.</p> <p>"Health and people's safety are more important than entertainment. If the government has felt that certain restrictions need to be maintained, that's fine. Vaccinations are happening pretty aggressively."</p> <p>'Sooryavanshi', directed by Rohit Shetty, is set to be released on April 30, more than a year after its scheduled release date.</p> <p>In an Instagram post, Shetty described the ongoing vaccination drive as a "silver lining" for the team.</p> <p>"As you all must be aware that theatres in Maharashtra have been currently permitted to run at 50 per cent auditorium capacity as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we support the government of Maharashtra's decision in doing so.</p> <p>"However, the silver lining is that the vaccination drive is being conducted in full swing too. More than 2.5 crore people across India and more than 22 lakh people in Maharashtra have been vaccinated so far," Shetty wrote on Instagram.</p> <p>The COVID-19 situation in the country will be better by the time his film releases, he hoped. "We, therefore, believe that by the time our film comes out, it will be safe for you and your family to walk into a cinema hall and we also hope that the restrictions on the auditorium capacity are lifted by then," he wrote.</p> <p>The continued occupancy cap has only made matters worse for local exhibitors.</p> <p>Manoj Desai, executive director of Mumbai's G7 Multiplex and Maratha Mandir, said the occupancy cap, which has been in place since the state opened cinema halls in November, has damaged business.</p> <p>'Roohi', for instance, netted more than Rs 8 crore within three days of its release last Friday but Desai said business was half of what it should have been.</p> <p>He screened the horror comedy at his Bandra-based Gemini cinemas with packed shows and alternate seating arrangement.</p> <p>"We would have done better business if the cinema halls were operating at full capacity. We thought this cap would be lifted soon but that still hasn't happened, which is definitely causing us losses. Even if 'Roohi' did well, our business was half because of the limitation," the veteran exhibitor told PTI.</p> <p>The rising number of COVID-19 cases in Mumbai will discourage people to step inside cinema halls.</p> <p>"People are visiting cafes and restaurants, some normalcy seems to have been restored. But that should now translate to cinema halls. There are big films lined up, there's a strong buzz for new releases and the vaccination drive is also encouraging.</p> <p>"If theatres don't open at full capacity and if more guidelines come in place, it won't be good for us," Desai said.</p> <p>Looking at a pan India picture, Bihar-based exhibitor Vishek Chauhan said the Maharashtra government’s decision on occupancy will neither affect Bollywood's release calendar nor dent potential box office collection of upcoming films.</p> <p>In January, Tamil actioner 'Master' surprised the trade when the Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi starrer grossed more than Rs 150 crore domestically, at 50 per cent occupancy.</p> <p>Chauhan said the fact that 'Master' broke box office records—with limited occupancy and merely 16 days before it started streaming on Amazon Prime Video—proved that no amount of restrictions can halt a film's business.</p> <p>"If it's a movie which carries tremendous excitement, people will turn up even at 25 per cent. So the guidelines don't really matter to the audience," Chauhan said.</p> <p>The exhibitor also expressed the fear that there could be a huge setback if Maharashtra goes under complete lockdown.</p> <p>"If you derail Maharashtra again, you're looking at a bigger financial crisis. No one wants that. But the current occupancy changes nothing. There are film announcements everyday, makers are excited and no one is deferring their releases," he added.</p> <p>On Tuesday, Maharashtra recorded 17,864 new cases, its highest one-day rise this year, and 87 deaths. The count includes 1,954 fresh cases in Pune, followed by 1,951 in Nagpur and 1,922 in Mumbai city.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/maharashtras-rising-covid-19-graph-worries-bollywood.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/maharashtras-rising-covid-19-graph-worries-bollywood.html Wed Mar 17 17:41:04 IST 2021 elliot-page-becomes-first-trans-man-to-feature-on-cover-of-time-magazine <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/elliot-page-becomes-first-trans-man-to-feature-on-cover-of-time-magazine.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/17/elliot-page-time-cover-twitter.jpg" /> <p>Elliot Page, known most-prominently for his role in the 2007 Oscar-winning film Juno, has become the first transgender man to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. Formerly known as Ellen Page, the actor identified himself as a trans-man in December. Page plays a leading role in the Netflix series, ‘The Umbrella Academy follows Laverne Cox, the first trans woman to make it to the cover of the Time magazine. Cox was featured on the magazine’s cover in 2014 under the headline, ‘The Transgender Tipping Point’.&nbsp;<br> </p> <p>While announcing his gender identity on Instagram, Page had written, he could not “begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self”.<br> </p> <p>Page, who has appeared in movies like X-Men and Inception, has been vocal about trans rights and has opposed numerous state bills that aimed at trans kids' ability to transition and play sports with cisgender children.<br> </p> <p>In his interview with Time magazine, Page said, “What I was anticipating was a lot of support and love and a massive amount of hatred and transphobia," Page is quoted as saying. "That's essentially what happened." Page, who came out as gay in 2014, married Canadian dancer Emma Partner in 2017. The couple got divorced in 2020. Page in his interview also talked about undergoing surgery to complete his transformation and the struggle for trans equality.&nbsp;<br> </p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/elliot-page-becomes-first-trans-man-to-feature-on-cover-of-time-magazine.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/elliot-page-becomes-first-trans-man-to-feature-on-cover-of-time-magazine.html Wed Mar 17 17:15:05 IST 2021 amazon-prime-video-to-coproduce-akshay-kumar-ram-setu <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/amazon-prime-video-to-coproduce-akshay-kumar-ram-setu.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/11/14/akshay-ram-setu.jpg" /> <p>Streaming platform Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday announced that it will be co-producing Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar's upcoming feature <i>Ram Setu.&nbsp;</i></p> <p>Directed by Abhishek Sharma of <i>Parmanu </i>and <i>Tere Bin Laden</i> fame, <i>Ram Setu</i> will be&nbsp;produced by Kumar's Cape of Good Films, Abundantia Entertainment, Lyca Productions and Prime Video.&nbsp;The action-adventure drama has filmmaker Chandraprakash Dwivedi attached as the Creative Producer. The movie will also features actors Jacqueline Fernandes and Nushrratt Bharuccha in pivotal roles.<br> <br> </p> <p>Vijay Subramanium, Director and Head, Content, Amazon Prime Video India said the team is excited to get into production with a film like <i>Ram Setu </i>which puts India's heritage under spotlight.&nbsp; "Stories that are entrenched in Indian soil have often found an audience not only in India but across the world, and we are delighted to further take a step into co-producing by collaborating with a film that highlights our Indian heritage.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;"Our collaboration with Vikram Malhotra and Abundantia Entertainment as well as with Akshay Kumar till date has been unique and highly successful; and with this step, we move into the direction of further deepening and strengthening our association," Subramanium said in a statement.&nbsp;<br> <br> </p> <p>Kumar said the story of <i>Ram Setu</i> represents strength, bravery, love, and Indian values that have "formed the moral and social fabric of our great country".&nbsp;&nbsp;"<i>Ram Setu</i> is a bridge between generations past, present and future. I look forward to telling the story of a significant part of Indian heritage, especially for the youth and I am happy that, with Amazon Prime Video, the story will cut across geographies and strike a chord with viewers across the world," the actor said.&nbsp;<br> </p> <p>Kumar is set to fly to Ayodhya on March 18 to give the mahurat shot of the film. Following its theatrical release, <i>Ram Setu</i> will be available for Prime members for streaming.&nbsp;Vikram Malhotra, Founder and CEO of Abundantia Entertainment, said <i>Ram Setu</i> is a story formed on "facts, science and historical heritage and is anchored in the deep belief of Indians since centuries".<br> The producer has previously teamed up with Amazon Prime Video for the <i>Breathe</i> series and the feature <i>Shakuntala Devi.</i> The banner is also collaborating with the streamer on upcoming tentpole series <i>The End,</i> which will feature Kumar in the lead.<br> </p> <p>"I am thrilled to collaborate with Amazon once again for the opportunity to share this amazing story with a global audience," Malhotra added.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/amazon-prime-video-to-coproduce-akshay-kumar-ram-setu.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/amazon-prime-video-to-coproduce-akshay-kumar-ram-setu.html Wed Mar 17 16:47:11 IST 2021 rhea-chakraborty-missing-chehre-poster-teaser <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/rhea-chakraborty-missing-chehre-poster-teaser.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/8/3/Rhea-Chakraborty-insta.jpg" /> <p>Actress Rhea Chakraborty has been missing from the poster and teaser of the upcoming movie <i>Chehre</i>. Rhea was announced as a cast member in July 2019, but did not feature in the promotions of the film recently, and this has left fans wondering. Directed by Rumy Jafry, the film also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi.</p> <p>Addressing this confusion, producer Anand Pandit said that he did not wish to talk about at this time. "We did not react because we have decided not to talk about Rhea at this moment. We will answer questions regarding her at the right time. At this juncture, there is nothing more I can say," Anand told Mid-Day.</p> <p><i>Chehre</i> is scheduled to release in theatres on April 9.</p> <p>Rhea has been caught up in a legal mess after the death of her boyfriend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year. Rhea, who was arrested by the NCB in the drugs probe related to Sushant’s death, is currently out on bail. The NCB recently named Rhea and her brother Showik in the charge-sheet that was filed recently.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/rhea-chakraborty-missing-chehre-poster-teaser.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/rhea-chakraborty-missing-chehre-poster-teaser.html Wed Mar 17 16:23:02 IST 2021 enjoy-enjaami-tamil-song-dhee-arivu-goes-viral <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/enjoy-enjaami-tamil-song-dhee-arivu-goes-viral.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/17/enjaami-insta.jpg" /> <p>Tamil song <i>Enjoy Enjaami</i>, which released last week, has gone viral and has also triggered conversations about co-existence with nature. The fast-paced and vibrant song featuring singer Dhee and Tamil rapper Arivu was released on AR Rahman’s music platform Maajja. Maajjaa was launched to support indie musicians and bring forth their talent to the global stage.</p> <p>The song has been produced by composer Santhosh Narayanan. The song has been great reviews from celebs and singers including Chinmaya Sripada, Siddharth, Pa Ranjit and Dulquer Salmaan.</p> <p>Arivu, who wrote the lyrics of the song that celebrates ancestors who toiled in the forests, said he drew inspiration from conversations with his grandmother who was taken from Tamil Nadu to work in tea plantations of Sri Lanka. “My grandmother was taken to Sri Lanka as a bonded labourer, and when she returned, nothing had changed. We continued to live landless,” he told the News Minute.</p> <p>The song video, which premiered on YouTube on March 7, has crossed 25 million views and counting.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/enjoy-enjaami-tamil-song-dhee-arivu-goes-viral.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/enjoy-enjaami-tamil-song-dhee-arivu-goes-viral.html Wed Mar 17 15:26:57 IST 2021 john-abraham-satyameva-jayate-2-clash-radhe-may-13 <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/john-abraham-satyameva-jayate-2-clash-radhe-may-13.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/opinion/columns/Shobhaa-De/images/2018/9/14/72-john-abraham-new.jpg" /> <p>Action drama <i>Satyameva Jayate 2,</i> starring John Abraham, will now arrive on Eid, a day early on May 13, in cinema halls.</p> <p>The Milap Zaveri-directed film, a sequel to Abraham's 2018 hit, will now clash with Salman Khan's <i>Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai,</i> also scheduled to be released on the same date.</p> <p>Abraham, who features in the movie in a double role, took to Twitter and shared the film's new poster.</p> <p>"This Eid, it's Satya vs Jay, as ladenge iss saal, dono Bharat maa ke laaal (this year, the fight is between two beloved sons of India). #SatyamevaJayate2 releasing on 13th May 2021," the 48-year-old actor tweeted.</p> <p>Produced by Bhushan Kumar's T-Series and Emmay Entertainment, <i>Satyameva Jayate 2</i> also stars Divya Khosla Kumar.</p> <p>The sequel, a departure from the original's Mumbai setting, will see Abraham's character fighting corruption in Lucknow.</p> <p>Recently, Khan also confirmed the release date of <i>Radhe </i>and announced that he will honour his commitment to release the film on Eid, synonymous with a release featuring the Bollywood superstar.</p> <div style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; width: 9000px; top: 0px;"><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">Action drama <i>Satyameva Jayate 2,</i> starring John Abraham, will now arrive on Eid, a day early on May 13, in cinema halls.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">The Milap Zaveri-directed film, a sequel to Abraham's 2018 hit, will now clash with Salman Khan's <i>Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai,</i> also scheduled to be released on the same date.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">Abraham, who features in the movie in a double role, took to Twitter and shared the film's new poster.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">"This Eid, it's Satya vs Jay, as ladenge iss saal, dono Bharat maa ke laaal (this year, the fight is between two beloved sons of India). #SatyamevaJayate2 releasing on 13th May 2021," the 48-year-old actor tweeted.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">Produced by Bhushan Kumar's T-Series and Emmay Entertainment, <i>Satyameva Jayate 2</i> also stars Divya Khosla Kumar.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 14.0pt; line-height: 107%; font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,serif;">The sequel, a departure from the original's Mumbai setting, will see Abraham's character fighting corruption in Lucknow.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Recently, Khan also confirmed the release date of <i>Radhe </i>and announced that he will honour his commitment to release the film on Eid, synonymous with a release featuring the Bollywood superstar.</p> </div> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/john-abraham-satyameva-jayate-2-clash-radhe-may-13.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/john-abraham-satyameva-jayate-2-clash-radhe-may-13.html Wed Mar 17 11:38:55 IST 2021 priyanka-claps-back-journalist-who-asked-if-she-nick-jonas-qualified-to-announce-oscar-nominations <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/priyanka-claps-back-journalist-who-asked-if-she-nick-jonas-qualified-to-announce-oscar-nominations.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2021/march-21-2021/people/73-Priyanka-Chopra-Jonas.jpg" /> <p>Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas made fans all over the world happy as they announced the nominations for Oscar 2021 on Monday. However, not everyone seemed to be happy about the couple announcing nominations for the coveted awards. An Australian journalist named Peter Ford took to Twitter to questioned whether she and Nick were ‘qualified enough’ to announce Oscar nominations.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Ford tweeted, "No disrespect to these two but I'm not sure their contribution to movies qualifies them to be announcing Oscar nominees." While fans jumped in to slam the journalist, it was Priyanka clapped back at him with a fiery reply. Priyanka shared a video of her illustrious career and filmography. “Would love your thoughts on what qualifies someone. Here are my 60+ film credentials for your adept consideration,” she wrote.</p> <p>Priyanka was also excited to announce <i>The White Tiger</i>, which she produced and acted in, was also nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay. The Academy Awards, which were postponed from their usual February date due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be held in-person from multiple locations, including the Dolby Theatre, on April 25.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/priyanka-claps-back-journalist-who-asked-if-she-nick-jonas-qualified-to-announce-oscar-nominations.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/17/priyanka-claps-back-journalist-who-asked-if-she-nick-jonas-qualified-to-announce-oscar-nominations.html Wed Mar 17 11:19:09 IST 2021 i-got-covid-19-because-someone-else-didnt-follow-protocols-manoj-bajpayee <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/i-got-covid-19-because-someone-else-didnt-follow-protocols-manoj-bajpayee.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/7/6/manoj-bajpayee-docu.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee, on Tuesday, opened up about his COVID-19 diagnosis, saying he got infected with the virus because someone from his latest film's crew was careless regarding protocols.</p> <p>The 51-year-old actor tested positive for COVID-19 last week after Kanu Behl, the director of his film 'Despatch', for which he was shooting, contracted the virus.</p> <p>Bajpayee said filming amid COVID-19 times is seamless if people take necessary precautions.</p> <p>"You don't face any problem (while shooting) if COVID-19 protocols by the production are followed. Problem arises when you flout those protocols. I got infected with COVID because someone else didn't follow the rule and the entire shoot had to be cancelled," the actor told reporters.</p> <p>The shoot of 'Despatch' has currently been put on hold and will resume in a couple of months.</p> <p>The actor was speaking at the virtual trailer launch of his upcoming feature 'Silence... Can You Hear It'.</p> <p>Bajpayee, who is under home quarantine, credited the production of 'Silence... Can You Hear It', for putting in place strict COVID-19 protocols which the entire crew followed diligently.</p> <p>The actor said the guidelines can feel limiting, especially while working, but one has to accept the current times as "our new truth."</p> <p>"We could complete the film only because we followed the protocol, wore masks, kept sanitisers. It takes a few days to get used to it but then it doesn't even strike you that you're wearing a mask.</p> <p>"Today, sanitisers and masks have become a part of our life. This is our truth and we have to follow this if we want to keep working," he added.</p> <p>During the event, when co-star actor Arjun Mathur joined the press meet and asked Bajpayee about his health, 'The Family Man' star said he was "recovering slowly."</p> <p>Produced by ZEE Studios and directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans, 'Silence... Can You Hear It?' will premiere on March 26 on streaming platform ZEE5.</p> <p>Bajpayee said the film, which follows a woman's mysterious disappearance, is a faithful whodunnit.</p> <p>"This has all the elements which will intrigue the audience. It has a non-compromising whodunnit script. Aban was the right person for this. She's a friend and I always knew she was completely into this genre. People are really going to enjoy the film," he added.</p> <p>'Silence... Can You Hear It?' also stars Prachi Desai, Sahil Vaid, Vaquar, Barkha Singh, Shirish Sharma, Sohaila Kapoor, Amit Thakkar and Garima Yagnik.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/i-got-covid-19-because-someone-else-didnt-follow-protocols-manoj-bajpayee.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/i-got-covid-19-because-someone-else-didnt-follow-protocols-manoj-bajpayee.html Tue Mar 16 22:02:59 IST 2021 release-date-of-abhishek-bachchan-the-big-bull-revealed <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/release-date-of-abhishek-bachchan-the-big-bull-revealed.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/opinion/columns/Shobhaa-De/images/2020/7/16/abhishek-bachchan-new.jpg" /> <p>Actor Ajay Devgn, on Tuesday, announced that his upcoming production 'The Big Bull', featuring Abhishek Bachchan, is set to release on Disney+ Hotstar VIP on April 8.</p> <p>The film, directed by Kookie Gulati, is part of the Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex slate, which was announced last year.</p> <p>Devgn took to Twitter and shared the teaser of the film, which reportedly chronicles the story of stockbroker Harshad Mehta, to be played by Bachchan.</p> <p>"Introducing 'The Big Bull'. The mother of all scams! Trailer out on 19th March. #TheBigBull releasing on 8th April only on @DisneyplusHSVIP, stay tuned!#DisneyPlusHostarMultiplex," the actor-producer wrote.</p> <p>'The Big Bull' also features Ileana D''Cruz, Nikita Dutta, Soham Shah, Ram Kapoor, Supriya Pathak and Saurabh Shukla.</p> <p>The movie is produced by Devgn and Anand Pandit with Kumar Mangat Pathak and Vikrant Sharma attached as co-producers.</p> <p>The story of Harshad Mehta—from single-handedly taking the stock market to dizzying heights before his catastrophic downfall—was recently put to screen by filmmaker Hansal Mehta in last year's acclaimed series, 'Scam 1992'.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/release-date-of-abhishek-bachchan-the-big-bull-revealed.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/release-date-of-abhishek-bachchan-the-big-bull-revealed.html Tue Mar 16 20:40:30 IST 2021 idris-elba-to-pen-childrens-books-inspired-by-daughter-isan-signs-deal-with-harpercollins <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/idris-elba-to-pen-childrens-books-inspired-by-daughter-isan-signs-deal-with-harpercollins.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/3/7/Idris-Elba-suicide-squad.jpg" /> <p>Hollywood star Idris Elba has signed a deal with publisher HarperCollins to come out with a range of children's books inspired by his daughter Isan Elba.</p> <p>As part of the multi-book deal, the actor will be publishing picture books and fiction that he developed in collaboration with his writing partner Robyn Charteris.</p> <p>According to <i>The Hollywood Reporter</i>, the books are set to launch in 2022.</p> <p>"I feel privileged to have the opportunity to bring stories inspired by my daughter to life with my incredible partner Robyn Charteris, and the powerhouse team at HarperCollins," Elba said in a statement.</p> <p>Charteris has previously penned drama, pre-school and animation TV shows, including the soap "Crossroads".</p> <p>Ann-Janine Murtagh, executive publisher at HarperCollins Children's Books, hailed Elba as one of the most iconic and multi-talented creatives of his generation.</p> <p>"I am delighted that he is joining the HarperCollins Children's Books list. From the outset, Idris had a very clear vision of the characters and stories he has imagined, and is passionate about creating books that will appeal to all children," she added.</p> <p>On the film front, Elba will next be seen in James Gunn's <i>The Suicide Squad</i> and Netflix movie <i>Concrete Cowboy</i>.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/idris-elba-to-pen-childrens-books-inspired-by-daughter-isan-signs-deal-with-harpercollins.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/idris-elba-to-pen-childrens-books-inspired-by-daughter-isan-signs-deal-with-harpercollins.html Tue Mar 16 19:10:23 IST 2021 after-complaint-against-gauahar-khan-over-covid-norms-violation-she-says-complying-with-guidelines <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/after-complaint-against-gauahar-khan-over-covid-norms-violation-she-says-complying-with-guidelines.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/16/Gauahar-Khan.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood star Gauhar Khan's team has clarified that the actor has tested negative for COVID-19 and is complying with all the norms issued by the BMC.</p> <p>The statement from Khan comes after the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday filed a police case against a Bollywood actor for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines.</p> <p>Though the BMC release did not disclose the name the actor, reports said the case was related to the "Tandav" actor.</p> <p>A statement from Khan's team read that the 37-year-old actor is cooperating with BMC. The team also attached her COVID-19 report, dated March 15.</p> <p>"For everyone sending their best wishes and concern for Gauahar Khan, here is the latest report. She has tested negative in multiple reports. She is a law abiding citizen and complying with all the norms of BMC," the statement read.</p> <p>"This is to appeal for all the speculation to be put to an end. Gauahar Khan is cooperating with everything that the BMC requires," it further said.</p> <p>The team also requested media to not "indulge in speculation" as the actor is emotionally at her lowest following the death of her father on March 5.</p> <p>"She is going through everything that is expected from her by the BMC. So with folded hands we want Gauahar's time to her self, respectfully and let her heart heal in this mourning time," the statement read.</p> <p>The civic body in a release on Monday said despite being infected by the virus, the actor moved out in public places and took part in shootings, which led the BMC to file a case against the artiste.</p> <p>"No Compromise On City's Safety! BMC has filed an FIR against a Bollywood actor for non-compliance to COVID-19 guidelines on testing positive. The rules apply to all alike and we urge citizens to follow all guidelines and help the city beat the virus," the civic body had tweeted along with a copy of the FIR.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/after-complaint-against-gauahar-khan-over-covid-norms-violation-she-says-complying-with-guidelines.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/after-complaint-against-gauahar-khan-over-covid-norms-violation-she-says-complying-with-guidelines.html Tue Mar 16 17:03:33 IST 2021 their-opinions-arent-your-problem-sushmita-sen-daughter-renee-on-dealing-with-online-hate <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/their-opinions-arent-your-problem-sushmita-sen-daughter-renee-on-dealing-with-online-hate.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/16/Reene.jpg" /> <p>Online bullying is a reality that celebrities are forced to live with everyday. Every celebrity or social media influencer encounters online hate and bullying on a regular basis.&nbsp;</p> <p>Nonetheless, some are adept at handling the online bullying, as Sushmita Sen’s daughter Renee Sen just showed.&nbsp;</p> <p>In an Instagram story that appears to be intended at social media bullies, the youngster, who made her acting debut with a short film titled <i>Suttabaazi</i>, shared a quote by Scott Stabile. ""Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren't your problem. You stay kind, committed to love and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say, don't you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of truth. Just keep on shining like you do,” the post read.</p> <p>Renee was adopted by Sushmita Sen in 2000. Earlier, during an 'Ask Me Anything' session, when asked if she knew who her real mother was, the youngster had answered: "I am born to my mother’s heart. This is as real as it gets."</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/their-opinions-arent-your-problem-sushmita-sen-daughter-renee-on-dealing-with-online-hate.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/16/their-opinions-arent-your-problem-sushmita-sen-daughter-renee-on-dealing-with-online-hate.html Tue Mar 16 17:31:24 IST 2021 pak-singer-meesha-shafi-faces-3-years-in-prison-for-false-harassment-claim-against-ali-zafar <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/pak-singer-meesha-shafi-faces-3-years-in-prison-for-false-harassment-claim-against-ali-zafar.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/4/23/meesha-ali-zafar.jpg" /> <p>Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi, who falsely accused fellow singer-actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018, faces prison term upto three years.</p> <p>Following the allegation that was made against him in the wake of #MeToo movement, both parties had issued legal notices to each other. Zafar had also filed a defamation case.&nbsp;</p> <p>"I have been subjected, on more than one occasion, to sexual harassment of a physical nature at the hands of a colleague from my industry: Ali Zafar. These incidences did not happen when I was young, or just entering the industry. This happened to me even though I am an empowered, accomplished woman who is known for speaking her mind! This happened to me as a mother of two children," Shafi had then claimed.</p> <p>In November 2018, Zafar had also filed a complaint with Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) alleging many social media accounts were posting threats and defamatory material against him in the wake of the allegation of sexual harassment made against him.</p> <p>After Shafi made the allegation against him, more women had come forward with similar allegations.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/pak-singer-meesha-shafi-faces-3-years-in-prison-for-false-harassment-claim-against-ali-zafar.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/pak-singer-meesha-shafi-faces-3-years-in-prison-for-false-harassment-claim-against-ali-zafar.html Mon Mar 15 22:37:23 IST 2021 mank-leads-oscars-nominations-with-10-nods-minari-nomadland-follow-close <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/mank-leads-oscars-nominations-with-10-nods-minari-nomadland-follow-close.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/15/mank-oldman.jpg" /> <p>David Fincher's black-and-white biographical drama &quot;Mank&quot; bagged the most Academy Awards nominations for its upcoming 93rd edition, scoring a perfect 10, also in categories such as best picture, actor for Gary Oldman and director.</p> <p>The film was followed by &quot;Minari&quot;, &quot;Nomadland&quot;, &quot;The Trial of the Chicago 7&quot;, &quot;Judas and the Black Messiah&quot;, &quot;Sound of Metal&quot; and &quot;The Father&quot;, which landed six nods each.</p> <p>Celebrity couple actor-producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas and singer-actor Nick Jonas announced the nominations on Monday from London in a livestream event via the Oscar's official YouTube page.</p> <p>Emerald Fennel's directorial debut &quot;Promising Young Woman&quot; and &quot;Ma Rainey's Black Bottom&quot; scooped five nods each.</p> <p>Lee Isaac Chung's &quot;Minari&quot;, predominantly in the Korean language, scored six nods including the top honours— best film, best leading actor for Steven Yeun and best supporting actress for Yuh-Jung Youn. The film's exclusion in main categories at the Golden Globes had sparked a huge controversy.</p> <p>The best picture category also boasts of titles like &quot;The Father&quot;, &quot;Judas and the Black Messiah&quot;, &quot;Nomadland&quot;, &quot;Promising Young Woman&quot;, &quot;Sound of Metal&quot; and &quot;The Trial of the Chicago 7&quot;.</p> <p>Yeun will compete with award season favourites Riz Ahmed for &quot;The Sound of Metal&quot;, late Chadwick Boseman for &quot;Ma Rainey's Black Bottom&quot;, and previously Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins (&quot;The Father&quot;) and Gary Oldman (&quot;Mank&quot;).</p> <p>Ahmed, who played the role of a drummer who begins to lose his hearing, charted history by becoming the first Muslim to be nominated in the leading actor category at the Academy Awards. This is a first Oscar nod for Boseman and Yeun. This is also for the first time that two Asian actors have been nominated in the best actor category.</p> <p>In the best actress category, the top five names are Frances McDormand (&quot;Nomadland&quot;), Viola Davis (&quot;Ma Rainey's Black Bottom&quot;), Vanessa Kirby (&quot;Pieces of a Woman&quot;), Andra Day (&quot;The Unites States Vs Billie Holiday&quot;), and Carey Mulligan (&quot;Promising Young Woman&quot;).</p> <p>This is the first nomination for &quot;The Crown&quot; star Kirby and Grammy-nominated Day.</p> <p>Veteran Korean actor Youn's fellow nominees are Maria Bakalova (&quot;Borat Subsequent Moviefilm&quot;), Glenn Close (&quot;Hillbilly Elegy&quot;), Olivia Colman (&quot;The Father&quot;), and Amanda Seyfried (&quot;Mank&quot;).</p> <p>Nominations for &quot;Minari&quot; were reminiscent of the triumph that South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho had with &quot;Parasite&quot; at the Oscars last year.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Judas and the Black Messiah&quot; co-stars Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield have both been nominated in the best supporting actor segment. Sasha Baron Cohen (&quot;Borat 2&quot;), Paul Raci (&quot;The Sound of Metal&quot;) and Leslie Odom Jr (&quot;One Night in Miami&quot;) are also part of the category.</p> <p>The awards, given away by the members of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, also tried to level the playing field by acknowledging the work of a more people of colour and women.</p> <p>For her road movie &quot;Nomadland&quot;, Chloe Zhao became the&nbsp; first woman of Asian descent and sixth woman ever to be nominated in the best director category.</p> <p>She is joined by Chung, Fennell (&quot;Promising Young Woman&quot;), David Fincher (&quot;Mank), and Thomas Vinterberg for the Danish film &quot;Another Round&quot;. For the first time, two women have been nominated in the best director category.</p> <p>Mads Mikkelsen-starrer &quot;Another Round&quot; scored another nomination in the best international feature category alongside Hong Kong's &quot;Better Days&quot;, Romania's &quot;Collective&quot;, Tunisia's &quot;The Man Who Sold His Skin&quot; and &quot;Quo Vadis, Aida?&quot; from Bosnia and Herzegovina.</p> <p>&quot;The White Tiger&quot;, starring Chopra Jonas, &quot;Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm&quot;, &quot;The Father&quot;, &quot;Nomadland&quot;, and &quot;One Night in Miami&quot; are the final nominees in the best adapted screenplay list.</p> <p>Indian director Karishma Dev Dube-directed &quot;Bittu&quot; failed to make the cut in the best live action short film category.</p> <p>&quot;Feeling Through&quot;, &quot;The Letter Room&quot;, &quot;The Present&quot;, &quot;Two Distant Strangers&quot;, and &quot;White Eye&quot; reached the final five in the segment.</p> <p>However, India remains in the challenge with &quot;My Octopus Teacher&quot; nominated in the best documentary feature category. India's Swati Thiyagarajan has served as a production manager on the documentary by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed.</p> <p>The nominees for best original screenplay are: &quot;Judas and the Black Messiah&quot;, &quot;Minari&quot;, &quot;Promising Young Woman&quot;, &quot;Sound of Metal&quot;, and &quot;Trial of the Chicago 7&quot;.</p> <p>&quot;Onward&quot;, &quot;Over the Moon&quot;, &quot;Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon&quot;, &quot;Soul&quot; and &quot;Wolfwalkers&quot; are nominated in the best animated feature film category. &quot;Da 5 Bloods&quot;, &quot;Mank&quot;, &quot;Minari&quot;, &quot;News of the World&quot; and &quot;Soul&quot; made it to the best original song shortlist.</p> <p>The Academy Awards, which were postponed from their usual February date due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be held in-person from multiple locations, including the Dolby Theatre, on April 25.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/mank-leads-oscars-nominations-with-10-nods-minari-nomadland-follow-close.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/mank-leads-oscars-nominations-with-10-nods-minari-nomadland-follow-close.html Mon Mar 15 20:52:59 IST 2021 ncb-challenges-bail-granted-by-mumbai-hc-to-rhea-chakraborty-in-supreme-court <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/ncb-challenges-bail-granted-by-mumbai-hc-to-rhea-chakraborty-in-supreme-court.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/8/5/rhea-Chakraborty-pic-insta.jpg" /> <p>The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) challenged the bail granted to Bollywood actor Rhea Chakraborty by Bombay High Court, arrested in connection with drugs-related charges in Sushant Singh Rajput's death case, in Supreme Court.</p> <p>According to <a href="https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/rhea-chakrabortys-bail-challenged-in-supreme-court-by-anti-drugs-agency-hearing-on-thursday-2391274?pfrom=home-ndtv_bigstory">NDTV</a>, the matter will come up for hearing on Thursday. She was granted bail in October.</p> <p>Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik Chakraborty, who is also an accused in the case, were arrested in September by the NCB&nbsp; in connection with its drugs probe related to the case of Rajput's death.</p> <p>Rajput was found hanging at his apartment in suburban Bandra on June 14 last year.</p> <p>The NCB, on March 5, filed a chargesheet before a special court in Mumbai in the drugs case, naming 33 accused, including Rhea Chakraborty. The chargesheet accuses the actor of being part of a "drug syndicate" and claims she was part of a conspiracy to procure and supply drugs. Of the 33 accused, eight are still in judicial custody while the rest, including Rhea and her brother, are out on bail.</p> <p>According to the NCB sources, the chargesheet claims that in the last week of November 2019, delivery of drugs was made at Rhea's residence with her consent. She allowed Rajput to use her house for drugs consumption, and also provided money for purchase of drugs, thus "financing an activity'' related to illicit drug dealings, the agency alleged. She had also facilitated "a channel of supply" of drugs with the help of her brother and it was clear from her statement that she was an "active member of the drug syndicate", and conspired to "procure, possess, sell and transport, import interstate, export interstate and deal with ganja, marijuana, bud", the chargesheet said, as per the sources.</p> <p>The NCB has invoked various sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in the case.</p> <p><b>—With PTI inputs</b></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/ncb-challenges-bail-granted-by-mumbai-hc-to-rhea-chakraborty-in-supreme-court.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/ncb-challenges-bail-granted-by-mumbai-hc-to-rhea-chakraborty-in-supreme-court.html Mon Mar 15 18:59:33 IST 2021 aamir-khan-quits-social-media-says-my-last-post-decided-to-drop-pretense-as-he-thanks-fans <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/aamir-khan-quits-social-media-says-my-last-post-decided-to-drop-pretense-as-he-thanks-fans.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/2/22/aamir-khan-emotional.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, who turned 56 on Sunday, took to social media to thank his fans and others who wished him on his birthday, and to announce that this is going to be his last post on social media.</p> <p>In an Instagram post on Monday, the actor said considering that he isn't exactly active on social media, he decided to "drop the pretense."</p> <p><i>"Hey guys, thank you so much for all the love and warmth on my birthday. My heart is full.</i></p> <p><i>In other news, this is going to be my last post on social media.</i></p> <p><i>Considering that I am SO active anyway, I have decided to drop the pretense.</i></p> <p><i>We will continue to communicate as we did before.</i></p> <p><i>In addition, AKP has created its official channel! So future updates on me and my films can be found there,</i>" the actor said in the post.</p> <p>On the work front, the actor is gearing up for the release of <i>Laal Singh Chaddha</i>, also starring Kareena Kapoor. Directed by Advait Chandan, the movie is a remake of Hollywood comedy-drama <i>Forrest Gump</i>, starring Tom Hanks.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/aamir-khan-quits-social-media-says-my-last-post-decided-to-drop-pretense-as-he-thanks-fans.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/aamir-khan-quits-social-media-says-my-last-post-decided-to-drop-pretense-as-he-thanks-fans.html Mon Mar 15 17:41:30 IST 2021 lilly-singh-wears-i-stand-with-farmers-mask-at-grammys-red-carpet <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/lilly-singh-wears-i-stand-with-farmers-mask-at-grammys-red-carpet.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/15/lilly-singh-farmers-mask.jpg" /> <p>Indo-Canadian YouTube star and late-night talk show host Lilly Singh sported a "I stand with farmers" mask at the red carpet of 2021 Grammy Awards to reiterate her support to the ongoing farmers agitation in India.</p> <p>The 32-year-old social media personality took to Twitter and posted a picture of herself from the 63rd edition of the Grammy Awards.</p> <p>Singh wrote that since there's intense media spotlight on the red carpet, this was the perfect opportunity to show her solidarity with farmers. "I know red carpet/award show pictures always get the most coverage, so here you go media. Feel free to run with it. #IStandWithFarmers #GRAMMYs," she captioned the photograph.</p> <p>Singh had previously thanked pop star Rihanna for supporting Indian farmers who have been protesting for over three months against the three contentious agri laws.</p> <p>Rihanna's tweet in February had triggered a wave of support for the protesting farmers by a number of global personalities, activists and politicians.</p> <p>"Thank you so much @rihanna. This is a humanity issue! #IStandWithFarmers and this narrative is tired," Singh had written.</p> <p>Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, Hollywood actor Susan Sarandon, Meena Harris, an American lawyer and niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, actor Amanda Cerni, singers Jay Sean, Dr Zeus and former adult star Mia Khalifa have also supported the protesting farmers.</p> <p>Thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, have been camping at the Delhi border points— Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur—for over three months, demanding the repeal of farm laws and a legal guarantee on the minimum support price (MSP) for their crops.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/lilly-singh-wears-i-stand-with-farmers-mask-at-grammys-red-carpet.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/lilly-singh-wears-i-stand-with-farmers-mask-at-grammys-red-carpet.html Mon Mar 15 22:01:05 IST 2021 alia-bhatt-birthday-treat-first-look-of-sita-from-rajamouli-rrr <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/alia-bhatt-birthday-treat-first-look-of-sita-from-rajamouli-rrr.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/15/rrr-alia-bhatt-poster-crop.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt on Monday took to social media to reveal her first look from the movie <i>RRR</i> directed by ‘Baahubali’ franchise director S.S. Rajamouli.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Alia, who turned 28 on Monday, shared the film poster, in which she looked stunning, clad in a green saree with a forlorn expression. The caption simply read, ‘Sita’—the name of her character.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A day before, Alia had shared another picture of a silhouette, giving a glimpse of her character without revealing much about it. “Coming tomorrow,” she had written.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Director S.S. Rajamouli also shared the poster on social media, presenting Alia as Sita, describing the film to be “legendary”.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Strong-willed and resolvent SITA's wait for Ramaraju will be legendary! Presenting @aliaa08 as #Sita to you all,” he wrote.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This is Rajamouli’s first project since his blockbuster movie <i>Baahubali 2: The Conclusion</i> came out in 2017. <i>Rise Roar Revolt</i> (RRR) was expected to release last year, but its shooting was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Apart from Alia, the period action-drama also features Ajay Devgn, Ram Charan and Jr NTR. As per reports, the film is set in the 1920s. It is a fictional story of two legendary freedom fighters—Alluri Seetharamaraju and Komaram Bheem.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>RRR</i> will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam simultaneously on October 13 this year.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/alia-bhatt-birthday-treat-first-look-of-sita-from-rajamouli-rrr.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/alia-bhatt-birthday-treat-first-look-of-sita-from-rajamouli-rrr.html Mon Mar 15 15:36:58 IST 2021 grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-taylor-swift-win-big <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-taylor-swift-win-big.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2021/3/15/beyonce-swift-grammys-2021-ap.jpg" /> <p>Pop diva Beyoncé, with four wins at the 2021 Grammys, became the most awarded female artiste in the history of the ceremony.</p> <p>At the 63rd edition of Grammys, organised by the Recording Academy, Beyonce was nominated in nine categories and won an award with Megan Thee Stallion for Savage for best rap song as well as one for Black Parade for best R&amp;B performance.</p> <p>In the pre-telecast premiere ceremony, Beyoncé won the best music video award for ‘Brown Skin Girl’ and another trophy for ‘Savage’.</p> <p>With 28 Grammy wins in all, Beyoncé broke a mark set by veteran singer Alison Krauss. She trails only classical conductor Sir George Solti, who still holds the all-time record with 31 Grammys.</p> <p>“As an artist, I believe it's my job and all of our jobs to reflect the times. And it's been such a difficult time. And so, I want to uplift, encourage, and celebrate all the beautiful Black queens and kings that continue to inspire me and inspire the whole world,” the pop singer said after winning the R&amp;B performance award for ‘Black Parade’.</p> <p>She also congratulated her and music producer Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy Carter, credited as a collaborator on the song, for the win.</p> <p>“I know my daughter is watching. Blue, congratulations, she won a Grammy tonight. I'm so proud of you. And I'm so honored to be your Mommy,” she added.</p> <p>Blue Ivy, nine, became the second youngest act to win a Grammy in show's history.</p> <p>Singer Taylor Swift's album of the year win for <i>Folklore</i> at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards has made her the first female artiste to win the top honour three times in her career.</p> <p>She also won it in 2010 for her album <i>Fearless</i> and again in 2015 for 1989.</p> <p>Prior to the pop singer, celebrated musicians Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and Paul Simon have won the top prize thrice.</p> <p>Swift's <i>Folklore</i> defeated nominated albums by Jhene Aiko, Black Pumas, Coldplay, Jacob Collier, HAIM, Dua Lipa and Post Malone to win the highest prize of the ceremony.</p> <p>In her acceptance speech, the 31-year-old Taylor thanked her collaborators, Laura Sisk, Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner, and her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, for helping her write the songs during the coronavirus pandemic.</p> <p>The singer also performed at the Grammys for the first time in five years, singing a medley of songs from her albums <i>Evermore</i> and <i>Folklore</i>.</p> <p>The audience-free performance scene was set up on a stage inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, where most of the performances were pre-recorded because of pandemic precautions.</p> <p>Other notable wins include Billie Eilish winning Record of the Year for her track ‘Everything I Wanted’ and Dua Lipa winning best pop vocal album for <i>Future Nostalgia</i>.</p> <p>H.E.R., Dernst Emile II and Tiara Thomas won the songwriter's Song of the Year award for the track ‘I Can't Breathe’. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles won the best pop solo performance award and the best country album award was won by Miranda Lambert for Wildcard.</p> <p>Indo-Canadian YouTube star and late-night talk show host Lilly Singh sported a 'I stand with farmers' mask at the red carpet of 2021 Grammy Awards to reiterate her support to the ongoing farmers agitation in India.</p> <p>“I know red carpet/award show pictures always get the most coverage, so here you go media. Feel free to run with it. #IStandWithFarmers #GRAMMYs,” she captioned the photograph she shared on Twitter.</p> <p>“Thank you so much @rihanna. This is a humanity issue! #IStandWithFarmers and this narrative is tired,” Singh had written.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-taylor-swift-win-big.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-taylor-swift-win-big.html Mon Mar 15 19:00:32 IST 2021 grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-megan-thee-stallion-among-early-winners <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-megan-thee-stallion-among-early-winners.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/2/22/beyonce.jpg" /> <p>The Grammys 2021 kicked off with two early awards for music sensations Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Megan Thee Stallion won two trophies—Best New Artist Award and Best Rap Performance for 'Savage'. Beyonce captured her first trophy of the day for Best Music Video, an award she shared with her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, who was in the clip for ‘Brown Skin Girl’. Beyonce took home her second award for her collaboration with Megan.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards were delayed owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The annual show shifted from its original January 31 broadcast to March 14. The ceremony honours musical artistes, compositions and albums across 84 categories. Comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah is hosting this year’s Grammys. It marks Noah’s first time hosting the award ceremony.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Trevor Noah opened music's biggest night from Los Angeles, joking that it would be the largest outdoor event of 2021 since the storming of the&nbsp;US Capitol in January. John Prine, who died at the age of 73 last year, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy. Chick Corea also received a&nbsp;posthumous award for Best Improvised Jazz Solo.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-megan-thee-stallion-among-early-winners.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2021/03/15/grammy-awards-2021-beyonce-megan-thee-stallion-among-early-winners.html Mon Mar 15 08:26:43 IST 2021