Entertainment http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment.rss en Thu Oct 01 13:33:41 IST 2020 https://www.theweek.in/privacy-an-settlement.html blessed-with-better-tomorrows-than-todays-vikarant-massey <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/blessed-with-better-tomorrows-than-todays-vikarant-massey.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/7/5/Vikrant-Massey.jpg" /> <p>Actor Vikrant Massey says he is a man with a plan and also without one as he welcomes his destiny and whatever life has in store for him with open arms.<br> </p> <p>Massey, who began his journey on the small screen with shows such as <i>Dharam Veer</i> and <i>Balika Vadhu</i>, is known for bringing a quiet intensity and sensitivity to his roles, making him one of the most versatile performers of his generation.<br> </p> <p>The actor started his journey in films with Vikramaditya Motwane's <i>Lootera</i> and has given critically-lauded performances in movies and shows such as <i>A Death in the Gunj,</i> <i>Lipstick Under My Burkha</i>, <i>Chhapaak,</i> <i>Mirzapur </i>and most recently <i>Cargo</i>.<br> </p> <p>In an interview, Massey said like many of his contemporaries, he has a plan for his career but he is not "chasing" it.</p> <p>&nbsp;"In bits and pieces, yes (I have a plan). Nobody survives without a plan, but I'm not chasing the plan now. Now, that's the thin line. If I want to break it down, my plan is to go out there and entertain people with good performances...<br> <br> </p> <p>"But I have been here without a plan and very early in my life, I realised this thing that how can my plans be better than his plans, whoever is up there," the actor said.<br> </p> <p>Massey said his journey in life and cinema has been beautiful so far.<br> </p> <p>"I have been blessed with better tomorrows than todays. In retrospect, there are days when I look back and I always believe that God has been kind. So, I haven't planned my life per se.<br> </p> <p>"The little things that are within my control, I try planning them but I'm someone who's very subservient towards the existence of something up there. So I would rather leave it at that because that journey has been beautiful," he said.<br> </p> <p>Massey choice of roles -- be it the kindhearted Rana in <i>Dil Dhadakne Do</i>; bullied Shutu in <i>A Death in the Gunj</i>; activist Amol in <i>Chhapaak </i>or the reluctant gangster Bublu Pandit in <i>Mirzapur </i>-- have always struck the right chord.<br> </p> <p>The actor said he makes an extra effort to get into the psyche of his characters to make them relatable for the audiences. He stresses that there is no defined process to do what he is able to do with his characters but Massey wants people to carry the story with them when they finish watching his performances.<br> </p> <p>"There is no one-size-fits-all method that I take it out of the box and apply. It depends from film to film but one of the reasons is for people to sit back and realise 'Oh, you know what? This guy and the characters that he plays are relatable, sincere and intense.'<br> </p> <p>"It's something that you want to take home with you and probably sit back and discuss with a few friends. That is the true success, according to me. I aspire to do that, not that I have already achieved it... It's a continuous process... You're failing, you're succeeding and getting to know yourself more with time," Massey added.<br> </p> <p>At 33, the actor said that he has a long road ahead of him and he doesn't want to overburden himself with expectations. "I want to commit mistakes and learn from my mistakes. I want to evolve as a person, and grow from strength to strength."<br> </p> <p>For the future, Massey, however, has one aspiration -- to play a role that explores the darker aspects of his personality. "I'm looking for the day when I get to play an antagonist as close to Langda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan's character from 'Omkara'). It will also sort of give me a chance to tap other areas of my being as an actor that I haven't come face to face yet. I would love to do that.<br> </p> <p>"And then, there are so many more there. Also simultaneously, without taking the credit away from whoever is writing my destiny, the other parts that I would like to play, I'm doing some of them too."<br> </p> <p>Massey most recently featured in two Netflix movies -- <i>Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare</i> and <i>Cargo</i>.<br> </p> <p>He completes the hat-trick with another feature for the streamer, "Ginny Weds Sunny" that is essentially his first romantic comedy as a male lead.<br> </p> <p>The actor, who stars opposite Yami Gautam in the movie, said the film was a "breather" from his intense roles.<br> </p> <p>"I was actually looking forward to doing something like this. Something as light as 'Ginny Weds Sunny' because after 'A Death in the Gunj' and 'Lipstick...' and all the other things that I was doing simultaneously, I was really looking for a breather at work space. "I had been doing pretty challenging, borderline morose and intense stuff. So I wanted to do something like this, and this felt like the right script at that time," Massey said.<br> </p> <p>The actor is happy that the film, written by Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora and directed by Puneet Khanna, has been received well by the viewers.<br> </p> <p>"I think it was destined to be this way. With this pandemic, the last seven months have been so difficult for most of the people out and so to have an out-and-out, easy breezy family entertainer is good for them.<br> </p> <p>"There have been so many messages appreciating the movie and video of people watching the film with their families. So, I'm glad you know that I took this call," Massey said</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/blessed-with-better-tomorrows-than-todays-vikarant-massey.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/blessed-with-better-tomorrows-than-todays-vikarant-massey.html Sat Oct 17 10:58:39 IST 2020 court-orders-fir-against-kangana-allegedly-spreading-communal-hatred <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/court-orders-fir-against-kangana-allegedly-spreading-communal-hatred.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/9/9/kangana-maha-cm.jpg" /> <p>A Mumbai court has ordered an FIR against actress Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel for allegedly creating religious disharmony. The court was responding to a private complaint that stated that Kangana was “creating divisions between communities and spreading communal hatred”.</p> <p>“On prima facie perusal of complaint and submissions… I found the cognizable offence has been committed by the accused. Total allegations are based upon comment on electronic media — Twitter and interviews. The accused used social media like Twitter. The thorough investigation is necessary by the expert… search and seizure is necessary in this case,” metropolitan magistrate Jaydeo Khule said in his order, the <i>Indian Express</i> reported.</p> <p>The court has directed the concerned police station to look into the complaint.</p> <p>The complaint was filed by Munawwar Ali Sayyed, a casting director and fitness trainer, who submitted to the court that offences under sections 153A, 295A, 124 read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code have been committed by Kangana and Rangoli through their interviews and social media accounts.</p> <p>Kangana has been active on Twitter and locked horns with Bollywood celebrities for her comments on nepotism and drug use in the industry.</p> <p>The complainant said that Kangana “is continuously defaming Bollywood film industry and is portraying people working in Bollywood films as a hub of nepotism, favouritism, drug addicts, communally-biased people, murderers”.</p> <p>The complaint referred to various tweets by Kangana over the past few months including a tweet where she referred to Mumbai as POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).&nbsp;</p> <p><i>More details awaited</i></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/court-orders-fir-against-kangana-allegedly-spreading-communal-hatred.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/court-orders-fir-against-kangana-allegedly-spreading-communal-hatred.html Sat Oct 17 14:59:46 IST 2020 have-never-supported-killings-innocent-people-muttiah-muralitharan <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/have-never-supported-killings-innocent-people-muttiah-muralitharan.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/17/sethupathi.jpg" /> <p>Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan on Friday said the proposed biopic <i>800</i> on him was only about his sports accomplishments despite the challenge of decades long conflict in his country and his humble beginnings.</p> <p>He expressed anguish over him being accused as against the Tamils and asserted that it was for "political reasons" and out of "ignorance." As opposition to Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi reprising his career in the biopic grew in Tamil Nadu and among the Tamil diaspora, the cricketer broke his silence.</p> <p>Seeking to counter the allegation that he was a betrayer of the Tamils and stood by the Lankan establishment during the 2009 civil war, he said he never supported killings of innocent people.</p> <p>The hill country Tamils in the island nation including him were the first victims of violence, serial bomb blasts and war that stretched for over 30 years in Sri Lanka, he said.</p> <p>Known as ''Malayaga Tamizhargal'' among Tamil people, hill country Tamils are of Indian origin in Lanka and they are plantation labourers as distinguished from indigenous Tamils of other regions.</p> <p>In a statement, the legendary spinner said he understood the pains of war and his family began its journey in Sri Lanka as "coolies" in tea estates.</p> <p>"We have been severely affected," he said referring to the waves of conflict.</p> <p>His father sustained a sickle attack when he was a seven-year old child and many of his relatives were killed, reducing his family to impoverishment several times.</p> <p>"Hence, I know the pain of war and the loss it causes. I have never supported the killings of innocent people and will never support that," he said.</p> <p>A remark made by him last year was "twisted" to portray as if he had referred to the day of killings of the Tamil people in 2009 as his happiest day, he asserted. Lanka faced war like situation for 30 plus years, and people including him lived amid such a challenge, he said.</p> <p>"The film 800 is about how I managed to find a place in the cricket team against such a background." On the accusation that he does not even know or spoke Tamil and used only Sinhalese and English he said it was wrong, adding he was educated in Tamil medium.</p> <p>On him saying that Tamil students had an inferiority complex, he said: "An inferiority complex is natural since we are a minority. I too had that complex since my parents had such a mindset.</p> <p>I made the remark with the intention of asking (students) to throw away their thought of inferiority and make efforts by reposing faith on their skills."</p> <p>Although he "viewed" the hill country Tamils, the Eelam Tamils and Sinhalese on the same footing, he had helped the Eelam Tamils more, he said.</p> <p>Also, he listed his welfare initiatives for Eelam people in fields of education, women empowerment, healthcare and nurturing harmony.</p> <p>Still, "some people out of ignorance and some for political reasons are portraying me as against the Tamil race and it is anguishing."</p> <p>Eelam means homeland and refers to Tamils living in north-eastern Lanka.</p> <p>MDMK general secretary Vaiko had alleged Muralitharan has been "identified as a betrayer of the Tamil race" by Tamils around the world, for supporting the then Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa during the 2009 civil war.</p> <p>Naam Tamizhar Katchi leader Seeman and PMK founder leader S Ramadoss were among those who condemned the Kandy born star cricketer as a "betrayer" and "stooge" of the Sinhalese and against theTamils.</p> <p>They wanted Vijay Sethupathi not to be a part of the movie <i>800</i>.</p> <p>Dar Motion Pictures, the producers of the film, had said the movie was only a sports biography and it shall not make any political statement.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/have-never-supported-killings-innocent-people-muttiah-muralitharan.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/17/have-never-supported-killings-innocent-people-muttiah-muralitharan.html Sat Oct 17 13:34:14 IST 2020 cultural-ministry-issues-sops-for-artistes-to-hold-events-online-claim-benefits <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/cultural-ministry-issues-sops-for-artistes-to-hold-events-online-claim-benefits.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/india/images/2018/11/17/mini-cult.jpg" /> <p>The Culture Ministry Friday issued guidelines for holding events in online mode, allowing artistes to take benefits of government schemes even if they are unable to hold such programmes in physical settings owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.<br> </p> <p>The ministry said the guidelines will ensure continued financial assistance to artistes and help them tide over the present crisis.<br> </p> <p>In a statement, the ministry said there has been a substantial impact on the performing arts and cultural sector with in-person exhibitions, events, and performances either cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.<br> </p> <p>However, there were intensive efforts by the artistes and the institutions of the Ministry of Culture to provide alternative or additional services through digital platforms with proper documentation of the events, it said.<br> </p> <p>The Ministry of Culture (Performing Arts Bureau) implements many schemes under its Kala Sanskriti Vikas Yojana (KSVY), where grants are sanctioned/approved for holding programmes/activities which involved large audience.<br> </p> <p>This (the guidelines) will enable them to avail benefits under these schemes even if they are not able to stage programs in the physical format as before and will ensure continued financial assistance to tide over the present crisis, the ministry said.<br> </p> <p>The guidelines will be applicable on artists/organisations who have already been sanctioned grants under KSVY schemes.<br> </p> <p>The ministry has urged them to conduct various components of the schemes such as virtual workshops on art and craft, lecture-cum-demonstrations, webinars, online programmes/festivals etc. through virtual mode on social media handles like Facebook, YouTube etc.<br> </p> <p>The ministry has said that instead of the usual hard copies of documents relating to activities covered under the scheme/scheme, artistes or organisers can submit soft copies of the same for the release of the grant.<br> </p> <p>The components will be dispensed with for the time-being and soft copies of the same will be admissible for release of grant.<br> </p> <p>The organisations who are conducting events on virtual mode may be given exemption from submission of proof of event such as Newspaper cutting but must submit link/recordings of the virtual events/activities with details of the event. The outreach of the program in terms of measure of the digital audience should also be indicated.<br> </p> <p>The expenditure incurred on activities as reflected in Utilization Certificate (UC) should be justified with reference to the program conducted via virtual platform, it said.<br> </p> <p>The Ministry of Culture is implementing Kala Sanskriti Vikas Yojana (KSVY) through which cultural organisations are given financial assistance for the promotion of art and culture.&nbsp;<br> </p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/cultural-ministry-issues-sops-for-artistes-to-hold-events-online-claim-benefits.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/cultural-ministry-issues-sops-for-artistes-to-hold-events-online-claim-benefits.html Fri Oct 16 21:52:15 IST 2020 ddlj25-still-glossy-still-romantic-but-out-of-sync-with-times <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/ddlj25-still-glossy-still-romantic-but-out-of-sync-with-times.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/10/24/ddlj.jpg" /> <p>Packaging soft-focus romance within a rigid frame of patriarchy, the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge love story unfolded in grassy Swiss meadows and Punjab's mustard fields 25 years ago and went on to become a cult classic that combined desi sensibilities with NRI sensitivities.<br> </p> <p>The film, one of India's most successful, put Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol right up there as among Bollywood's most popular onscreen pairs down the decades. It has withstood the test of time, with many viewers going back to rewatch it, and its love story is still fresh but also anachronistic and out of sync with contemporary realities, say some.<br> </p> <p>The Raj-Simran romance drama not about lovers who dare all but more about conformists who love each other desperately and will get married only with their parents' concurrence released on October 20, 1995.<br> </p> <p>And India woke up to romance DDLJ' style, where the boy and girl, both London bred but Indian' at heart, barely hold hands, quite unlike the bolder, franker portrayal of relationships in Hindi cinema today.<br> </p> <p>The film centres around Raj, the carefree, rich boy who falls in love with Simran, the dutiful daughter getting ready to marry a man she has never met, in Europe. They live out the teen dream of holidaying in the continent but Simran returns home to London and then to a village in Punjab where her father has arranged a match for her. Lovelorn Raj follows her there but resolves not to marry her till her strict father approves.<br> </p> <p>"DDLJ" is all about large-hearted non-resident Indian desis and their Indianness, shot in breathtaking locations with a soundtrack by Jatin-Lalit and Anand Bakshi to suit every mood and dialogues that went on to become even more popular in the digital age.<br> </p> <p>Twenty-five years later, audiences still watch the film at Mumbai's Maratha Mandir till COVID-19 struck in March this year but the views are as diverse as the first half of the film in London and Alpine locales from the second in a rambunctious family in a Punjab village.<br> </p> <p>According to senior film critic Saibal Chatterjee, the movie inaugurated "the era of the designer film made for NRIs".<br> </p> <p>"DDLJ" marked the directorial debut of Aditya Chopra, son of veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra, known as the 'King of Romance' in Hindi cinema. The 1995 film, also starring the late Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal and Anupam Kher, released at a time when India had opened up to liberalisation.<br> </p> <p>Chatterjee said the film looked fresh then but packaged old ways of living in a new sheen.<br> </p> <p>"It was about an NRI couple who live by their own rules, but at heart are completely Indian," he told PTI.<br> </p> <p>According to Chatterjee, DDLJ comes only after the 1975 hit "Sholay" for the influence it exercised on Hindi cinema.<br> </p> <p>"It is one of Hindi cinema's biggest commercial hits. So much has changed with the arrival of streamers, but Maratha Mandir theatre was still running it until COVID-19 happened."<br> </p> <p>An entire generation of viewers has grown up in the last two decades but for some, the relevance of the film is based on that one vivid memory of when they first watched the film.<br> </p> <p>Prema Maharish, 84, remembers going to see the film in a Mathura hall and remembers the dialogues verbatim. Her particular favourite is the stern father letting go off Simran's hand in the climax with these words, Ja Simran Ja. Jee le apni zindagi. (Go Simran, go live your life). And the young woman, having finally got her father's permission, runs towards the train picking up pace as it pulls out of the platform to hold Raj's extended hand.<br> </p> <p>"One thing that seemed off to me even then was why Shah Rukh didn't pull the chain to stop the train. What would have happened had the train left the station without Kajol? Kajol had to run too much," the Mathura-based former school principal said about the much-debated climax sequence.<br> </p> <p>The film is a perfect blend of fairy tale fantasy and real life, according to government officer Rohit Sagar<br> </p> <p>"I was a young cadet in the National Defence Academy when it released. My earliest memory of watching it in a Pune theatre on a Sunday out pass. I instantly fell in love with the movie," he said.<br> </p> <p>Kolkata-based Sagar said he related to "DDLJ" as a 20-year-old in 1995 and as a 45-year-old today.<br> </p> <p>"The new generation might find it a bit old-fashioned. However, a few ideas relate even to current times - to respect the one you love, to go all out to win your love without stooping low, to strike a balance between fun and commitment."<br> </p> <p>The film has projected both Western and Indian cultures in a positive way, Sagar noted.<br> </p> <p>"Even a Westernised man can display chivalry, respect for women and parents. Despite the mischief typical of the age, when the time comes, he is ready to shoulder responsibility with equal zest," he said.<br> </p> <p>Saipriya, a 17-year-old in Bengaluru, has little patience for the film and also finds the title problematic as she believes it objectifies women.<br> </p> <p>"Even at the end of the film Simran's father says 'Ja Simran. Jee le apni zindagi'. A woman doesn't need anyone else's permission to live her own life! This means she will be controlled by her father before marriage and by her husband after marriage. It's patriarchal and regressive," the young woman said.<br> </p> <p>Referring to a scene when Simran wakes up after a drunken evening in Raj's bed, Saipriya said the hero tries to trick her into believing they had sex.</p> <p>"When she starts crying, he says 'Main ek Hindustani hoon aur main jaanta hoon ki ek Hindustani ladki ki izzat kya hoti hai'. Is keeping your hymen intact till marriage the greatest virtue of an Indian woman? Sex, marriage and the honour of the woman are unrelated. Also Raj clearly slut-shamed other women who have premarital sex."</p> <p>Jaipur-based Zubin Mehta echoes Saipriya's sentiment about the movie's patriarchal gaze but argues that "DDLJ" is still an entertaining watch.<br> </p> <p>"It wasn't made to be a perfect romantic movie," the 30-year-old lawyer said.<br> </p> <p>Mehta added that the film put 1990s Hindi cinema on the world map in an era where the information technology sector was still in its initial stage in the country.<br> </p> <p>"DDLJ' was a stepping stone for Bollywood internationally. It was also then that we Indians peered into the lifestyle of 'gora log', which was fascinating. Their style of living, clothing and culture," he said.<br> </p> <p>What happened to Raj and Simran after the train left the station is unknown, but an ambiguous ending is what makes 'ever after' happy, Chatterjee noted.<br> </p> <p>"There is romance and hope in not knowing it. The woman has been set free and maybe she will have a brighter future. That's what Hindi cinema is about, it's about hope, not reality."<br> </p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/ddlj25-still-glossy-still-romantic-but-out-of-sync-with-times.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/ddlj25-still-glossy-still-romantic-but-out-of-sync-with-times.html Fri Oct 16 21:42:54 IST 2020 mumbai-police-arrests-delhi-man-sharing-fake-news-sushant-case <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/mumbai-police-arrests-delhi-man-sharing-fake-news-sushant-case.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/6/14/sushant-singh-rajput-pti.jpg" /> <p>The Mumbai Police has arrested a Delhi resident for allegedly spreading fake news on the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The Twitter account of the accused, Vibhor Anand, has been suspended for violating the social media platform's guidelines.</p> <p>He had made sensational and defamatory allegations on social media and concocted fake conspiracy theories in the death cases of Sushant and his former manager Disha Salian, police sources told NDTV.</p> <p>The accused has been brought to Mumbai.</p> <p>Sushant was found dead in his apartment on June 14. The case that was being probed by the Mumbai Police, was later handed over to the CBI. The Enforcement Directorate and Narcotics Control Bureau are also probing other aspects of the case.</p> <p>"A fake narrative started in the media that Mumbai police did a bad job- we faced a lot of abuse. We were always sure of our investigation," NDTV quoted Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh as saying.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/mumbai-police-arrests-delhi-man-sharing-fake-news-sushant-case.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/mumbai-police-arrests-delhi-man-sharing-fake-news-sushant-case.html Fri Oct 16 16:47:37 IST 2020 sanjay-dutt-gets-back-to-work-kgf2-shares-pic <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/sanjay-dutt-gets-back-to-work-kgf2-shares-pic.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2018/july-08-2018/people/137-sanjay-dutt.jpg" /> <p>Actor Sanjay Dutt returned to work on the sets of <i>KGF 2</i>, even as he undergoes treatment for cancer. Sanjay, who plays the antagonist Adheera, shared pictures as he geared up for the shoot. Fans showered it with love and appreciation and prayed for his health.</p> <p>Sanjay tweeted a few pictures of himself as he got ready for the shoot and wrote, “Gearing up for #Adheera! #KGFChapter2.”&nbsp;</p> <p>Commenting on his post, KGF star Yash called him a ‘true warrior’. Yash wrote: &quot;Nothing can stop a true warrior and his spirit. Ek dum kadak sir.. can't wait to have you back on sets (sic).&quot;</p> <p>In an Instagram video, posted on late Wednesday evening, Sanjay Dutt was seen getting a haircut at the salon of celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim.</p> <p>The actor pointed to a scar designed by Hakim as part of the haircut and said, &quot;This is a recent scar in my life, but I'll beat it. I'll be out of this cancer soon.&quot;</p> <p>In August, the 61-year-old actor had announced that he would be taking a break from his professional commitments to focus on medical treatment, amid reports that he was battling lung cancer.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/sanjay-dutt-gets-back-to-work-kgf2-shares-pic.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/sanjay-dutt-gets-back-to-work-kgf2-shares-pic.html Fri Oct 16 15:02:01 IST 2020 it-will-make-you-uncomfortable-priyanka-copra-the-white-tiger <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/it-will-make-you-uncomfortable-priyanka-copra-the-white-tiger.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/3/25/priyanka-chopra-reuters250320.jpg" /> <p>Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas says her upcoming project <i>The White Tiger</i> is a powerful film which will entertain the viewers and also make them uncomfortable at the same time.</p> <p>The Netflix film, directed by Ramin Bahrani of <i>Fahrenheit 451</i> and <i>99 Homes</i> fame, is an adaptation of the 2008 Aravind Adiga's novel of the same name.</p> <p>On Friday, the actor took to Twitter and shared the first look from the film, which also stars Rajkummar Rao and marks the debut of&nbsp;newcomer Adarsh Gourav.</p> <p>"This is a story about a family and the plight of one man - Balram Halwai played by Adarsh Gourav, one of the most talented newcomers I''ve ever worked with, and one of the most remarkable performances I’ve seen in a long time," Chopra Jonas tweeted.</p> <p>The 38-year-old said the film will chronicle Balram's rise from a poor villager to a successful entrepreneur in India, showcasing how hunger and lack of opportunity can build and drive a human being's "animal instinct of survival."</p> <p>"Rajkummar Rao, already one of the most prolific actors in India, will showcase depths very few can. The film is powerful. It will make you uncomfortable, and most importantly it will entertain you. Coming soon to Netflix globally," she added.</p> <p>In the movie, Chopra Jonas plays the role of Pinky madam, a first-generation immigrant in the US.</p> <p>"She is in India with her husband, who is travelling for business. And then... life changes! Pinky madam is such a specific character, to play her unravelling in the story was such a joy.</p> <p>"This is a story that needs to be told and it comes alive with its characters so compellingly in Ramin's hands," the 38-year-old actor added.</p> <p>The streaming giant has produced <i>The White Tiger</i> in association with Mukul Deora. Chopra Jonas and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ava&nbsp;DuVernay are serving as executive producers.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/it-will-make-you-uncomfortable-priyanka-copra-the-white-tiger.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/it-will-make-you-uncomfortable-priyanka-copra-the-white-tiger.html Fri Oct 16 13:25:24 IST 2020 soumitra-chatterjee-health-condition-improves <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/soumitra-chatterjee-health-condition-improves.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/10/soumitra-salil.jpg" /> <p>The health condition of legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee improved a lot on Friday morning following which doctors have removed him from the BiPAP and put on nasal mask.</p> <p>The 85-year-old thespians oxygen saturation has also improved while his sodium and potassium have been both corrected, doctors, treating him at the city-based private hospital, said.</p> <p>"Mr Chatterjee has slept well last night. His restlessness has also improved. He was on BiPAP in the night but now (in the morning) put on nasal mask. His oxygen saturation is normal and both Sodium and Potassium levels have been corrected. This is a very good sign," Dr Arindam Kar, leading the team of 15 doctors, treating the veteran actor, said.</p> <p>Talking about their planned treatment, he said that a few normal and regular tests will be conducted on Chatterjee on Friday.</p> <p>"Normal and regular tests will be repeated today. We are grateful to the Almighty," he said.</p> <p>The critically acclaimed actor, who has the rare distinction of having worked with maestros like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha and Tarun Mazumdar, was admitted to a private hospital here on October 6 after he tested positive for COVID-19.</p> <p>He had to be shifted to the ITU as his condition turned critical.</p> <p>Chatterjee tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday following which he was shifted to a non-COVID ITU for treatment.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/soumitra-chatterjee-health-condition-improves.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/soumitra-chatterjee-health-condition-improves.html Fri Oct 16 11:16:03 IST 2020 kumar-sanu-tests-positive-coronavirus <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/kumar-sanu-tests-positive-coronavirus.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/16/kumar-sanu-facebook.jpg" /> <p>Singer Kumar Sanu has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, his team confirmed on social media. A post on his Facebook page read, “Unfortunately Sanuda has tested Corona positive, please pray for his good health. Thank you.”</p> <p>According to reports, singer was to fly off to Los Angeles on October 14 to be with his family—wife Saloni and daughters, Shannon and Annabel.&nbsp;</p> <p>In an interview with Bombay Times, he had said that he has been working continuously through the lockdown and was looking forward to meeting his family after a gap of nine months. He said: “I have been eagerly waiting to be with my wife Saloni, daughter Shannon and Annabel for a long time and now finally, I will be spending my birthday, October 20, with them.”&nbsp;</p> <p>Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar Sanu is currently seen on Bigg Boss 14.&nbsp;Urging his fans to support his son, the singer said in a video: “Today I am very happy that my son Jaan is going to the Bigg Boss house. He has all my good wishes, blessings and luck with him. I request all of you to keep him in your blessings so that he achieves success and wins the game show. I want you all to send him good wishes too. Please support him.”</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/kumar-sanu-tests-positive-coronavirus.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/16/kumar-sanu-tests-positive-coronavirus.html Fri Oct 16 10:31:55 IST 2020 indias-first-oscar-winner-bhanu-athaiya-dies-in-mumbai-home <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/indias-first-oscar-winner-bhanu-athaiya-dies-in-mumbai-home.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/india/images/2020/10/15/bhanu-athaiya-insta.jpg" /> <p>Costume designer Bhanu Athaiya, India's first Oscar winner, died at her home on Thursday after prolonged illness, her daughter said. She was 91.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Athaiya, who won an Oscar for her work in the 1983 epic film Gandhi, passed away peacefully in her sleep, her daughter Radhika Gupta told PTI.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The last rites took place at the Chandanwadi crematorium in south Mumbai.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"She passed away early this morning. Eight years ago, she was diagnosed with&nbsp; a tumour in her brain. For the last three years, she was bedridden because one side (of her body) was paralysed, her daughter said.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Kolhapur-born Athaiya, who worked till just five years ago, began her career as a costume designer in Hindi cinema with Guru Dutt's 1956 superhit "C.I.D.". She went on to work in over 100 films.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>She won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi, with Ben Kingsley as the Mahatma, along with John Mollo. The lavish biopic of Mahatma Gandhi swept the Oscars with eight awards.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It'stoo good to believe. Thank you Academy and thank you Sir Richard Attenborough for focusing world attention on India, Athaiya had said in her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In 2012, Athaiya returned her Oscar to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for safe keeping. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In an interview to PTI, the veteran designer had said she doesn't have regrets about giving the award back.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"I have wanted this for some time. I want to thank the Academy for helping me. Many Oscar winners in the past have returned their Oscars for safe keeping. It is a tradition with the Academy," she had said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Athaiya was apparently worried for the safety of the trophy. She had previously donated "a huge collection of papers relating to "Gandhi" to the Academy.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Recalling the moment her name was announced, Athaiya had said fellow nominees told her she was a frontrunner for the best costume award.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"I was sitting in the audience with the other nominees in my category. They all told me that they did not stand a chance to win the Oscar. They told me my canvas was huge so I would definitely win the award. In my mind, I had told myself that I had done my best, that I had done justice to Gandhiji's name and the freedom movement.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"When they called my name, I did not allow myself to get carried away. I calmly went on the stage and thanked Sir Richard and the Academy. When I went backstage, I was surprised as there were so many photographers taking pictures. But it was a great feeling. I was happy," she recounted.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The veteran who defined the aesthetics of Hindi cinema through her prolific work, created some of Bollywood's best remembered looks, including Vyjayantihmala in "Aamrapaali", Waheeda Rehman in "Guide" and Zeenat Aman in "Satyam Shivam Sundaram".</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>One of the most respected names in the film industry, Athaiya also worked with noted filmmakers like Yash Chopra. And in a career of more than five decades won two National Awards -- for Gulzar's mystery drama "Lekin" (1990) and the period film "Lagaan" directed by Ashutosh Gowariker (2001).&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Things did not change much after the Oscar win, she said in 2010. The costume department continued to bea neglectedpart of the Indian film industry.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"Costumes have a huge role in making a film look real and believable, but Indian filmmakers have never given due importance to it and nowadays the trend is to just go shopping abroad and put things together. In my opinion that is not the correct thing to do," she said at the launch of her book "The Art of Costume Design" published by Harper Collins at the time.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/indias-first-oscar-winner-bhanu-athaiya-dies-in-mumbai-home.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/indias-first-oscar-winner-bhanu-athaiya-dies-in-mumbai-home.html Thu Oct 15 23:06:03 IST 2020 vivek-oberoi-home-searched-cops-look-for-aditya-alva-drugs-case <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/vivek-oberoi-home-searched-cops-look-for-aditya-alva-drugs-case.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/magazine/theweek/leisure/images/2019/5/25/68-Vivek-Oberoi.jpg" /> <p>The Karnataka Central Crime Branch (CCB) searched actor Vivek Oberoi's home in Mumbai on Thursday in connection with the Sandalwood drugs case allegedly involving his brother-in-law Aditya Alva.</p> <p>"Aditya Alva is absconding. Vivek Oberoi is his relative and we got some information that Alva is there. So we wanted to check. So a court warrant was obtained and Crime Branch team has gone to his house in Mumbai," said Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner, Bengaluru police.</p> <p>Aditya is the son of former Karnataka minister Jeevaraj Alva. The CCB had issued a lookout notice against Aditya.</p> <p>Recently, the Narcotics Control Bureau, which busted an international drug racket, confiscated a large cache of drugs and arrested three drug peddlers, had indicated that drugs were being supplied to some prominent musicians, Sandalwood actors, children of VIPs.</p> <p>Kannada actors Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani are among 15 arrested in the case.&nbsp;Judicial custody of Sanjjanaa and Ragini have been extended till October 23 by the special NDPS court in Bengaluru.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/vivek-oberoi-home-searched-cops-look-for-aditya-alva-drugs-case.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/vivek-oberoi-home-searched-cops-look-for-aditya-alva-drugs-case.html Thu Oct 15 17:03:22 IST 2020 kareena-kapoor-khan-wraps-up-laal-singh-chadha-shoot <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/kareena-kapoor-khan-wraps-up-laal-singh-chadha-shoot.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/april-12-2020/people/73-kareena.jpg" /> <p>Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan on Thursday said she finished her schedule for <i>Laal Singh Chaddha</i> and described the experience of working on the film amid the coronavirus pandemic as "intense but poignant".<br> </p> <p>The movie, also starring Aamir Khan, is an official remake of Tom Hanks' 1994 feature <i>Forrest Gump.</i> Advait Chandan is directing the Hindi adaptation. Kareena, who announced her second pregnancy in August, reportedly resumed shooting for the film last month.<br> </p> <p>The 40-year-old actor took to Instagram and shared a picture of herself sitting in a field with Aamir. "And all journeys must come to an end. Today, I wrapped my film 'Laal Singh Chaddha.' Tough times, the pandemic, my pregnancy, nervousness but absolutely nothing could stop the passion with which we shot, with all safety measures of course," she captioned.<br> </p> <p>Kareena also thanked the cast and crew for the wonderful experience. "Thank you @_aamirkhan and @advaitchandan for an intense yet poignant journey. Thank you to my most wonderful team... Till we cross paths again."<br> </p> <p>&nbsp;In August, Aamir met First Lady of Turkey Emine Erdogan while he was in the country to shoot the <i>Laal Singh Chaddha, </i>which was stalled due to the coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown in March.<br> </p> <p>The release of the movie was then subsequently postponed to Christmas 2021. It also features Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi and Mona Singh.<br> </p> <p>Adapted by actor-writer Atul Kulkarni, <i>Laal Singh Chaddha</i> is backed by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan Productions. The film has music by Pritam with Amitabh Bhattacharya credited for lyrics.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/kareena-kapoor-khan-wraps-up-laal-singh-chadha-shoot.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/kareena-kapoor-khan-wraps-up-laal-singh-chadha-shoot.html Thu Oct 15 16:39:20 IST 2020 salman-khan-pays-faraaz-khan-medical-bills <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/salman-khan-pays-faraaz-khan-medical-bills.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/4/26/Salman-Khan-Dabangg-3.jpg" /> <p>Salman Khan has come to the aid of actor Faraaz Khan who is battling for his life at a hospital in Bengaluru. The actor who has been admitted in the ICU had suffered multiple seizures. His family was struggling to raise money for his treatment.</p> <p>Actress Kashmera Shah took to Instagram to thank Salman for the help and called him the ‘most genuine person in the film industry’. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “You are truly a great Human Being. Thank you for taking care of Faraaz Khan and his medical bills. Actor Faraaz Khan of Fareb game is in critical condition and Salman has stood by his side and helped him like he helps so many others. I am and will always remain a true admirer. If people don’t like this post I don’t care. You have a choice to unfollow me. This is what I think and fee. I think he is the most genuine person I have ever met in this film industry @beingsalmankhan.”</p> <p>Faraaz Khan, who starred in films like <i>Fareb</i> and <i>Mehndi</i> in the 1990s, is the son of late Bollywood actor Yusuf Khan.</p> <p>he details about the actor's health were shared on a fundraising platform by his family members -- Farhad Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon. They said that Khan had been suffering from a cough and an infection in his chest for nearly a year and it aggravated recently.<br> </p> <p>"The doctor saw his condition and recommended that he gets himself admitted to a hospital as his cough was quite intense and to prevent any further infection, hospitalisation was the best thing to do," Abousher and Shamoon wrote in a statement posted on the fundraising platform Impactguru.com.&nbsp; However, Khan suffered seizures thrice when he was being taken to the hospital. It was later diagnosed that he suffered the seizures due to a "herpes infection in his brain that had spread from his chest".<br> <br> </p> <p>"He was put in the ICU care where after a series of complicated procedures and heavy antibiotics he was brought to stability," the family said.</p> <p>On Twitter, actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt requested people to donate for the actor's treatment. "Please share and contribute if possible. I am. Would be grateful if any of you can as well," she tweeted.</p> <p>-with PTI inputs</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/salman-khan-pays-faraaz-khan-medical-bills.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/salman-khan-pays-faraaz-khan-medical-bills.html Thu Oct 15 14:43:43 IST 2020 i-will-be-out-of-cancer-soon-sanjay-dutt <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/i-will-be-out-of-cancer-soon-sanjay-dutt.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2018/july-08-2018/people/137-sanjay-dutt.jpg" /> <p>Opening up for the first time about his battle with cancer, actor Sanjay Dutt says he is optimistic he will "beat" the disease soon.</p> <p>In August, the 61-year-old actor had announced that he would be taking a break from his professional commitments to focus on medical treatment, amid reports that he was battling lung cancer.</p> <p>In an Instagram video, posted on late Wednesday evening, Sanjay Dutt was seen getting a haircut at the salon of celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim.</p> <p>The actor pointed to a scar designed by Hakim as part of the haircut and said, "This is a recent scar in my life, but I'll beat it. I'll be out of this cancer soon."</p> <p>Sanjay Dutt, along with producer-wife Maanayata Dutt, had flown to Dubai last month to be with their children, nine-year-old fraternal twins Shaahran and Iqra.</p> <p>The actor, who recently featured in <i>Sadak 2</i>, will be next seen in KGF: Chapter 2 and Ranbir Kapoor-starrer <i>Shamshera.</i></p> <p>Sanjay Dutt said he is growing his beard for the sequel of the 2018 action-drama<i> KGF</i> as he is scheduled to start shooting for the film next month. The period action film, starring Yash, marks the Bollywood star’s Kannada debut.</p> <p>"I need the look for the film as we are starting in November. I am happy to be on the sets again. There’s <i>Shamshera</i>'s dubbing lined up too, so that will be fun. It''s good to be back," he added.</p> <p>Towards the end of the video, when Hakim said he was happy that the actor appears in good spirits, Dutt replied he has started working out again, after an apparent weight loss due to the treatment.</p> <p>"I’m getting my muscles back, they’re coming back slowly. I''ll get out of this," he said.</p> <p>Sanjay Dutt is the eldest child of late Bollywood stars Nargis and Sunil Dutt. He has two sisters -- Priya Dutt and Namrata Dutt.</p> <p>The actor also has a daughter Trishala Dutt (32) from his first marriage to Richa Sharma.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/i-will-be-out-of-cancer-soon-sanjay-dutt.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/i-will-be-out-of-cancer-soon-sanjay-dutt.html Thu Oct 15 11:45:15 IST 2020 soumitra-chatterjee-tests-negative-for-coronavirus <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/soumitra-chatterjee-tests-negative-for-coronavirus.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/10/soumitra-salil.jpg" /> <p>Celebrated actor Soumitra Chatterjee has tested negative for coronavirus and his condition improved Wednesday evening, doctors treating him at a private hospital in Kolkata said.</p> <p>The 85-year-old thespian had no fever since Tuesday evening but is still in an "acute confusional state". He is, however, responding to verbal commands and is opening his eyes at times, the doctors said.</p> <p>Today the health condition of Mr Chatterjee has improved compared to what it was in the last 48 hours. He is now responding to verbal commands and opening eyes at times spontaneously, a senior doctor treating him said.</p> <p>His involuntary movements and jittery condition is persisting. His kidney, liver function, ammonia level in the blood, the infective mucus are nomalising or are almost normal. The cardiac function, blood pressure, respiration and urine output are also improving, they said.</p> <p>"We have given him a little oxygen support and at times intermittent BiPAB support on precautionary circumstances. He is doing fine on that part too, the doctors said.</p> <p>The critically acclaimed actor, who has the rare distinction of having worked with maestros like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha and Tarun Mazumdar, was admitted to a private hospital on October 6 after he tested positive for COVID-19.</p> <p>He had to be shifted to the ITU as his condition turned critical. A team of 15 doctors is overseeing him at the hospital.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/soumitra-chatterjee-tests-negative-for-coronavirus.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/15/soumitra-chatterjee-tests-negative-for-coronavirus.html Thu Oct 15 10:28:05 IST 2020 sushant-singh-rajputs-sister-shweta-singh-kirti-twitter-instagram-profiles-deactivated <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/sushant-singh-rajputs-sister-shweta-singh-kirti-twitter-instagram-profiles-deactivated.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/6/15/sushant-singh-pti.jpg" /> <p>Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Shweta Singh Kirti's social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram pages, have been deactivated, four months after the actor's death.</p> <p>Kirti was at the forefront of #JusticeForSSR campaign since the demise of Rajput on June 14.</p> <p>It is, however, uncertain whether Kirti herself deactivated her accounts as she did not announce quitting social media before her profiles disappeared.</p> <p>The deactivation has left many Rajput fans puzzled, who took to Twitter sharing screenshots of the same.</p> <p>Rajput's death ignited discussions on the nepotistic nature of the industry and its gate-keeping attitude, but took an entirely different angle after the actor's family filed an FIR against his girlfriend, actor Rhea Chakraborty.</p> <p>The family of the late actor, known for films like <i>Kai Po Che!</i>, <i>MS Dhoni: The Untold Story</i>, and <i>Chhichhore</i>, accused Chakraborty of abetting Rajput's death, laundering his money and isolating him from his family.</p> <p>The case, which was initially investigated by the Mumbai Police, was later handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) while the Enforcement Directorate and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) also got involved.</p> <p>Chakraborty, who was arrested by the NCB in connection with the drug trail in Rajput's death, was released on October 7 after 28 days in jail. Her brother Showik Chakraborty is still in the prison.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/sushant-singh-rajputs-sister-shweta-singh-kirti-twitter-instagram-profiles-deactivated.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/sushant-singh-rajputs-sister-shweta-singh-kirti-twitter-instagram-profiles-deactivated.html Wed Oct 14 19:50:17 IST 2020 actor-faraaz-khan-diagnosed-with-brain-infection-battles-for-life-in-icu <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/actor-faraaz-khan-diagnosed-with-brain-infection-battles-for-life-in-icu.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/14/Faraaz-Khan.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Faraaz Khan has been diagnosed with brain infection and is fighting for his life in ICU in a hospital in Bengaluru.</p> <p>According to media reports, Khan has been on ventilator support for t he past five days and doctors have said there is a 50 per cent chance of his survival.</p> <p>Family members of the actor said Khan had been suffering from a cough and a chest infection for nearly an year. These aggravated recently, and they consulted a doctor over the video call. When the doctor saw the condition, it was recommended that Khan gets admitted to a hospital. In a fundraising platform, Fahed Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon, relatives of the actor wrote: <i>Faraaz had been suffering from a cough and an infection in his chest for nearly a year. Recently, the coughing had aggravated so due to the prevailing pandemic, he decided to consult the doctor over a video call. Over the video consultation on 8th October 2020, the doctor saw his condition and recommended that he gets himself admitted to a hospital as his cough was quite intense and to prevent any further infection, hospitalization was the best thing to do. So, immediately we called for an ambulance. However what happened after that has shaken us up to the core.</i></p> <p>The family members called an ambulance, but Khan suffered a seizure when the ambulance was on its way. He suffered two more seizures even before reaching the hospital.</p> <p><i>While the ambulance was on its way, Faraaz suddenly suffered a seizure. He suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t control his movements either. As soon as the ambulance arrived, Faraaz was out on a stretcher and was being lowered into the ambulance when he suffered another seizure. As the ambulance was rushing to Vikram Hospital, Banglore, he suffered a third seizure in the ambulance in such a short time span.</i></p> <p>The diagnosis revealed that he suffered the seizures because of a herpes infection in his brain that spread from the chest. As he also developed pneumonia and his blood pressure and heart beat increased rapidly, he was unable to breathe and was admitted to the ICU.</p> <p><i>Faraaz was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram hospital where we found out that he suffered three consecutive seizures due to a herpes infection in his brain that had spread from his chest. Besides, while he suffered from these seizures, he swallowed the mucous and saliva of his cough which entered his lungs and caused pneumonia in there. Because of this his blood pressure and heartbeat increased massively and he wasn’t able to breathe. He was put in the ICU care where after a series of complicated procedures and heavy antibiotics he was brought to stability.</i></p> <p>Khan requires ₹ 25 lakh for treatment, and a fundraising platform has been set up to raise donations.</p> <p><i>However, his vitals have been fluctuating and he is still unconscious in the ICU. The doctors are trying their best to get him out of danger but that will require another 7-10 days of critical care. This will cost us around Rs 25 lakhs. It has been years since Faraaz has worked in films. And 25 lakhs is a huge amount to be arranged. We have a simple life and earn our living with our job and enjoy spending the weekends with our family.</i></p> <p>Actor Pooja Bhatt, in a tweet, said she is making a contribution and urged others to do the same. "Please share and contribute if possible. I am. Would be grateful if any of you can as well," she tweeted.</p> <p>So far, according to the <a href="https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/donate-to-faraaz-khan">fundraising platform</a>, 5,46,739 has been raised from 330 donors.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/actor-faraaz-khan-diagnosed-with-brain-infection-battles-for-life-in-icu.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/actor-faraaz-khan-diagnosed-with-brain-infection-battles-for-life-in-icu.html Wed Oct 14 19:15:07 IST 2020 kedranath-shubh-mangal-saavdhan-among-films-re-releasing <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/kedranath-shubh-mangal-saavdhan-among-films-re-releasing.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2018/10/30/kedarnath-poster.jpg" /> <p>With theatres reopening on October 15 with 50 per cent capacity, a few Bollywood films will be re-releasing in theatres. It was announced earlier that<i> PM Narendra Modi</i> will re-release.</p> <p>And now a few other films are set to be back on the big screen. These include Sushant Singh and Sara Ali Khan's <i>Kedarnath</i>, period drama&nbsp;<i>Tanhaji</i>, starring Ajay Devgn, Kajol and Saif Ali Khan,&nbsp;<i>Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan</i>&nbsp;featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Jitendra Kumar, and Taapsee Pannu's&nbsp;<i>Thappad</i>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh announced that more films will be scheduled in the coming days.</p> <p>He later added that Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s War is also on the list.</p> <p>Films like <i>Dil Bechara, Sadak 2, Shakuntala Devi, Khuda Haafiz, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl</i>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<i>Gulabo Sitabo</i>, which premiered on OTT platforms will not be releasing in theatres.</p> <p>&nbsp;Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar had announced the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that cinema halls must put in place before they open on October 15 after seven months of being closed.</p> <p>The SOPs include one seat distance in theatres, 50 per cent capacity, masks at all time, proper ventilation and air conditioner temperature settings at above 23 degrees Celsius.</p> <p>It is unlikely there will be any fresh releases immediately.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/kedranath-shubh-mangal-saavdhan-among-films-re-releasing.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/kedranath-shubh-mangal-saavdhan-among-films-re-releasing.html Wed Oct 14 16:49:03 IST 2020 rajinikanth-withdraws-case-against-property-tax-after-hsc-warns-imposing-cost <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/rajinikanth-withdraws-case-against-property-tax-after-hsc-warns-imposing-cost.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/india/images/2020/3/12/rajinikanth-pti.jpg" /> <p>Superstar Rajinikanth on Wednesday suffered an embarrassment after the Madras High Court warned him of imposing costs for rushing to the court seeking waiver of property tax of Rs.6.5 lakh levied by the Greater Chennai Corporation for a marriage hall owned by him.</p> <p>The actor, in a writ petition, argued in the Madras High Court that he was entitled to vacancy remission as he did not rent out the marriage hall for the past six months due to Corona Virus pandemic.</p> <p>Hearing the petition, Justice Anitha Sumanth of the Madras High Court warned the <i>Annaththe</i> hero of imposing costs for rushing to the court. “The court informed that we should have sent a reminder to the Greater Chennai Corporation before filing the writ. Hence the writ petition is withdrawn,” Advocate Vijayan Subramanian, told THE WEEK. The writ petition stands withdrawn now.</p> <p>According to the petition filed by his advocate Vijayan Subramanian, Rajinikanth has been a regular tax payer and has paid the property tax for his Raghavendra marriage hall at Kodambakkam in Chennai without any due. He finally paid the tax dues for the period 2019-2020 on February 14, 2020. As the government declared a 21-day lockdown in March, the marriage hall was closed for marriage functions and other events. As a result, the hall remained vacant and was not rented since March 24. He had also repaid the money collected from those who had done advance booking, as per the government instructions, the actor said in the petition.</p> <p>Rajinikanth received the property tax notice from the Greater Chennai Corporation on September 10, asking him to pay Rs.6.50 lakh property tax for the months from April through September.</p> <p>The actor, stating that he had cancelled all the bookings and the marriage functions which were supposed to be held in the marriage hall due to lockdown, said he had refunded all the advance money taken from the customers as per the government instructions. In the petition, he said he is entitled for vacancy remission on property tax as per section 105 of the Chennai city Municipal Corporation Act 1919. On September 23, the actor had sent a notice in this regard to the Chennai corporation, but there was no reply, he said in the writ petition.</p> <p>“The corporation, being a statutory authority is duty bound to consider and dispose petitioners notice dated 23/09/2020. In the meantime, the corporation has announced penalty would be collected with interest from property owners who fail to pay property tax between October 1 to October 15,” the petition added.</p> <p>Earlier in January this year, the Income Tx department withdrew an appeal against the actor imposing Rs 66.22 lakh penalty imposed in connection with the assessment of his income for three consecutive years from 2002-2005. The appeal was then withdrawn in view of a circular issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) dated September 8, 2019 which directed the income tax department not to go on appeal in cases valued before Rs 1 crore. Again in 2017, in yet another case, the Madras High Court, in December 2017 had fixed an ultimatum of one month for his wife Latha Rajinikanth to give consent for enhancement of monthly rent from Rs 3,702 to Rs 21,160 for a shop taken on lease by her from the Chennai corporation for an overseas travel agency.</p> <p>Meanwhile, hours after the judgment, the Chennai corporation has announced a gratitude of Rs 4.56 crores for the 5,18,286 property holders in Chennai who had paid their property dues on time, till October 10.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/rajinikanth-withdraws-case-against-property-tax-after-hsc-warns-imposing-cost.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/rajinikanth-withdraws-case-against-property-tax-after-hsc-warns-imposing-cost.html Wed Oct 14 16:31:15 IST 2020 two-and-a-half-men-actor-conchata-ferrell-dies-at-77 <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/two-and-a-half-men-actor-conchata-ferrell-dies-at-77.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/14/Conchata-Ferrell.jpg" /> <p>Veteran stage and film actor Conchata Ferrell, best known for starring as the no-nonsense housekeeper Berta in the sitcom <i>Two and a Half Men</i>, has passed away. She was 77.</p> <p>Ferrell, a three-time Emmy nominee, died Monday at Sherman Oaks Hospital of complications following a cardiac arrest, reported <i>Entertainment Weekly</i>.</p> <p>Besides the two nominations for <i>Two and a Half Men</i>, in which she appeared in over 200 episodes, the actor also earned a nod for playing Susan Bloom on the legal drama <i>LA Law</i>.</p> <p>Some of her other notable credits on the small screen include <i>ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Grace and Frankie</i>.</p> <p>In films, Ferrell got her first starring role in 1979 drama <i>Heartland</i>, and followed it with titles like <i>Network</i>, <i>Mystic Pizza, Erin Brockovich</i>, and <i>Edward Scissorhands</i>.</p> <p>She was a known name in theatre and gained success off-Broadway as an original member of the Circle Repertory Theatre.</p> <p>Her role as April Green in Lanford Wilson's off-Broadway play <i>Hot L Baltimore</i> led her to Los Angeles and a starring role in the 1975 Norman Lear series of the same name.</p> <p>She also starred in notable productions like <i>Battle of Angels</i> in 1974 by Tennessee Williams (later known as Orpheus Descending), and <i>Picnic</i> by William Inge at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles.</p> <p>Ferrell's <i>Two and a Half Men</i> co-stars Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen paid tributes to the late actor on Twitter.</p> <p>Cryer remembered her as a "beautiful human". "I'm crying for the woman I'll miss, and the joy she brought so many," he added.</p> <p>Sheen said Ferrell was an absolute sweetheart, a consummate pro, and a genuine friend.</p> <p>"Berta, your housekeeping was a tad suspect, your 'people' keeping was perfect," he said.</p> <p>Lear called Ferrell "one of the dearest people and most amazing talents I have ever worked with".</p> <p>Born Conchata Galen Ferrell on March 28, 1943, in Charleston, West Virginia, she attended West Virginia University and Marshall University. She graduated from Marshall with a degree in history education, and later taught acting for television at University of California, Los Angeles for several years.</p> <p>Her most recent credits included TV movie <i>A Very Nutty Christmas</i> and the upcoming feature <i>Deported</i>.</p> <p>Ferrell is survived by her husband, Arnie Anderson, and her daughter, Samantha.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/two-and-a-half-men-actor-conchata-ferrell-dies-at-77.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/two-and-a-half-men-actor-conchata-ferrell-dies-at-77.html Wed Oct 14 17:21:10 IST 2020 taapsee-strikes-pose-rumoured-boyfriend-mathias-boe-maldives <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/taapsee-strikes-pose-rumoured-boyfriend-mathias-boe-maldives.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/14/taapsee-maldives.jpg" /> <p>Taapsee Pannu has been sharing adorable pictures from her Maldives vacation, and now one of these photos has become the internet’s favourite for a different reason.</p> <p>A picture of the actress along with her rumoured boyfriend and badminton player Mathias Boe has gone viral. The picture was shared by Mathias on his official Instagram. &nbsp;In the picture, the rumoured couple can be seen happily posing together, with a stunning location in the backdrop. "Holiday got me like," Mathias Boe captioned his post.</p> <p>Fans were quick to spot that Taapsee was spotted in the same background in one of her photos. She had captioned her post: "When the nature seems to have the best filter... best background.... best lighting .... best props... all you can do is not spoil it."</p> <p>Earlier, Taapsee had shared a video of ‘Biggini Shoot’ in which she was seen dancing with her sisters who have also accompanied her on the Maldives vacation. Mathias makes an appearance in this video too.</p> <p>Taapsee and Mathias have been dating for quite some time now.</p> <p>The actress was last seen in Anubhav Sinha’s critically acclaimed <i>Thappad</i>.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/taapsee-strikes-pose-rumoured-boyfriend-mathias-boe-maldives.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/taapsee-strikes-pose-rumoured-boyfriend-mathias-boe-maldives.html Wed Oct 14 15:23:47 IST 2020 richa-chadha-payal-ghosh-settle-dispute-file-consent-terms <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/richa-chadha-payal-ghosh-settle-dispute-file-consent-terms.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/april-19-2020/people/72-richa.jpg" /> <p>Actors Richa Chadha and Payal Ghosh told the Bombay High Court on Wednesday that they have amicably settled their dispute and filed consent terms, under which Ghosh withdrew her statement made against Chadha and tendered an apology.</p> <p>Chadha last week filed a defamation suit against Ghosh for making a "false, baseless, indecent and derogatory statement" against her and also sought monetary compensation as damages.</p> <p>Ghosh, while levelling allegations of rape against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, had also dragged Chadha and two other female actors into the controversy.</p> <p>On Wednesday, advocate Nitin Satpute, appearing for Ghosh, told Justice A K Menon that both the parties (Chadha and Ghosh) have settled the matter amicably and submitted a statement of undertaking.</p> <p>Ghosh, in the undertaking, said she was withdrawing the statement she made against Chadha and tendered an apology.</p> <p>"The parties have agreed they would not file any cases against each other with regard to this matter and there would not be any demand for monetary compensation, Satpute told the high court.</p> <p>Chadha's advocates Veerendra Tulzapurkar and Saveena Bedi Sachar also said the matter has been worked out.</p> <p>Justice Menon accepted the same and disposed of the suit against Ghosh.</p> <p>Chadha in her suit had also arraigned a Telugu news channel and actor Kamaal R Khan as defendants for uploading Ghoshs video and making further statements against Chadha.</p> <p>On Wednesday, Khans advocate Manoj Gadkari told the HC that his client will not make any further statements, but he intends to contest the present suit.</p> <p>The bench then directed him to file an affidavit and posted the suit for further hearing after six weeks.</p> <p>On September 23, Ghosh lodged an FIR at Mumbai's Versova police station accusing Kashyap of raping her in 2013.</p> <p>During his questioning by the police October 1, Kashyap denied the allegations and provided documentary evidence to show that he was shooting in Sri Lanka at the time when the alleged incident was said to have taken place.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/richa-chadha-payal-ghosh-settle-dispute-file-consent-terms.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/richa-chadha-payal-ghosh-settle-dispute-file-consent-terms.html Wed Oct 14 13:20:55 IST 2020 vijay-sethupathi-fasces-backlash-over-muttiah-muralitharan-biopic-800 <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/vijay-sethupathi-fasces-backlash-over-muttiah-muralitharan-biopic-800.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/8/12/Vijay-Sethupathi-article-370.jpg" /> <p>Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi is facing backlash online after he announced the biopic on Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan. The motion poster of the biopic <i>800</i> was out on Tuesday.</p> <p>The video gives a glimpse about how Muralitharan rose to prominence in the backdrop of civil war in Sri Lanka. The film will look at Muralitharan’s struggles and his passion for cricket.</p> <p>Though Sethupathi received lot of praise for his convincing look as Muralitharan, he has been getting criticism from Tamils who argue that it is wrong on Sethupathi’s part to represent a country that has a history of ‘oppressing Tamils’.</p> <p>“I am delighted that Murali himself will be closely involved with the project and guiding me on the cricketing aspects. I am thankful to both Murali and the producers for the faith bestowed on me,” Sethupathi had said.</p> <p>After 800 motion poster launch, #ShameOnVijaySethupathi started trending on Twitter.&nbsp;Tamil users also slammed Sethupathi was not being ‘ethical’ and ‘not thankful to Tamil people who praised him as Makkal Chelvan’. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Some even called him a ‘traitor’.</p> <p>A look at the tweets:</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/vijay-sethupathi-fasces-backlash-over-muttiah-muralitharan-biopic-800.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/vijay-sethupathi-fasces-backlash-over-muttiah-muralitharan-biopic-800.html Wed Oct 14 11:43:08 IST 2020 korean-boy-band-bts-faces-anger-and-protests-china <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/korean-boy-band-bts-faces-anger-and-protests-china.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/10/12/bts-facebook.jpg" /> <p>Chinese nationalists erupted in anger at South Korean boy band BTS after its leader thanked Korean War veterans for their sacrifices. The singer, who goes by RM, made the remark in a recorded acceptance speech for an award from the Korea Society for promoting US-Korean relations.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of countless men and women," RM said in the speech, which included no mention of China. "After 70 years, the world we are living in is much closer than before. Boundaries in many aspects are getting more blurred," RM said, adding that, as members of the global community, we should build a deeper understanding and solidarity to be happier together.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Chinese internet users and state media took RM's comments as a slap at China, whose soldiers fought alongside North Korean forces during their failed attempt to annex South Korea in the 1950-53 war. They accused RM of ignoring the role played by China in the war, which Chinese Communist Party propaganda blames on the United States, instead of North Korean leader Kim Il Sung's attack on South Korea.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"Before, I thought some BTS songs were pretty good. Now, they seem to be covered in excrement," said a commenter on the microblog service Sina Weibo. Insulting China is absolutely not allowed. An account titled BTS Insults China had been viewed more than 4.5 million times, according to Sina Weibo.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Many Chinese netizens pointed out that the speech plays up to US netizens, but the country played the role of aggressor in the war, said an article in the <i>Global Times</i> newspaper, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The attacks reflect Beijing's assertiveness abroad and enduring Chinese sensitivity about the Korean Peninsula.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Asked about the controversy, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, said, "What I want to say is that it should be our common pursuit to take history as a mirror, face the future, cherish peace and promote friendship. "</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Last year, Chinese state TV suspended broadcasts of National Basketball Association games after the general manager of the Houston Rockets expressed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Broadcasts resumed this week.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In 2017, Beijing destroyed South Korean retailer Lotte's business in China after the company sold land to South Korea's government to install an anti-missile system opposed by Chinese leaders.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Since the war, Beijing has helped prop up isolated North Korea with gifts of oil and other aid to maintain a buffer between China and US-allied South Korea. Online Chinese fan groups demanded an apology from BTS and called for boycotts of an upcoming album and promotional events.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/korean-boy-band-bts-faces-anger-and-protests-china.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/14/korean-boy-band-bts-faces-anger-and-protests-china.html Wed Oct 14 09:12:29 IST 2020 dont-we-all-promote-brotherhood-asks-divya-dutta-after-tanishq-ad-taken-off-air <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/dont-we-all-promote-brotherhood-asks-divya-dutta-after-tanishq-ad-taken-off-air.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/13/divya-dutta-insta.jpg" /> <p>Actor Divya Dutta, who had given the voice over to the latest Tanishq ad on interfaith family, on Tuesday said it was disheartening that the jewellery brand withdrew the commercial following a backlash as unity in diversity forms the core of the country' value system.</p> <p>The 43-second commercial, which led to the hashtag #BoycottTanishq trending on Twitter, shows a pregnant woman being led to her bridal shower, a Hindu custom called 'godh bharai', by a woman who viewers later realise is her mother-in-law.</p> <p>The young woman, in a sari and bindi, addresses the older one, in a salwar kurta and a dupatta covering her head, as 'Ma' and asks, “But you don't celebrate this custom?” The mother responds with a gentle reply, “The tradition of keeping daughters happy is there in every home."</p> <p>When a Twitter user asked Dutta if it was her voice in the commercial, the actor replied, "Yes it's my voice. It is sad it's taken off air. I loved it."</p> <p>Commenting on Dutta's post, another user said, "Nothing against you but what's wrong is wrong."</p> <p>To this, Dutta responded, "But sir don't we all promote brotherhood?? We as India are all about that. That's our soul sir. Unity in diversity bachpan mein sunte the. Aise to kitne ads hote the. Koi kuch nai kehta tha... par chalein sabke apne vichar (We were taught about unity in diversity during our childhood. There were so many ads like this. Nobody ever said anything against them. But everyone has their own views)."</p> <p>The company's move prompted intense debate on social media and elsewhere, just as the ad to promote its jewellery collection Ekatvam (oneness) had deepened faultlines since its release last week.</p> <p>Some accused Tanishq of promoting "love jihad" and "fake secularism", with the commercial inviting flurry of tweets demanding a ban on the advertisement and a boycott of the brand, a Tata product.</p> <p>Tanishq first disabled comments and likes/dislikes on its ad on YouTube, and on Tuesday withdrew the video altogether.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/dont-we-all-promote-brotherhood-asks-divya-dutta-after-tanishq-ad-taken-off-air.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/dont-we-all-promote-brotherhood-asks-divya-dutta-after-tanishq-ad-taken-off-air.html Tue Oct 13 20:32:08 IST 2020 thalapathy-vijays-father-chandrasekhar-reacts-to-reports-of-him-joining-bjp <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/thalapathy-vijays-father-chandrasekhar-reacts-to-reports-of-him-joining-bjp.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/13/vijay-and-father.jpg" /> <p>Putting an end to rumours of him joining the BJP, S.A. Chandrasekhar, father of popular Kollywood actor Vijay, clarified that he has no intention to join the saffron party.</p> <p>Chandrasekhar said he has been receiving calls from people asking about such a move. He told <i>The News Minute</i> that there is no truth in the reports that say that he is planning to join the BJP.</p> <p>The rumours had strengthened in the wake of actor-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar joining the BJP in Delhi on Monday.</p> <p>It is to be noted that Vijay has, through his films, especially the 2017 action thriller <i>Mersal</i>, taken on the BJP-ruled Centre over the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the healthcare system in the country, among other issues. The move hadn't gone down well with a few BJP leaders, with some of them bringing up his religion. BJP’s senior leader H. Raja called Vijay by his full name saying, “Joseph Vijay’s hate campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” and in tweet, dubbed <i>Mersal</i> a 'movie made with Christian plot'.</p> <p>Vijay had also hinted at a possible political entry while promoting his film <i>Sarkar</i> in 2018. "I am not a CM in this film. If I become a CM, i will not act. I will set a precedent on how a CM should function by routing out corruption first," he had then said.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/thalapathy-vijays-father-chandrasekhar-reacts-to-reports-of-him-joining-bjp.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/thalapathy-vijays-father-chandrasekhar-reacts-to-reports-of-him-joining-bjp.html Tue Oct 13 19:57:39 IST 2020 kangana-ranaut-booked-by-karnataka-police-over-tweet-on-farmers <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-booked-by-karnataka-police-over-tweet-on-farmers.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/9/15/kangana-bmc-demolition.jpg" /> <p>A case has been registered against Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut in Karnataka over her tweet allegedly targeting farmers protesting against contentious Central farm laws, police said on Tuesday.</p> <p>The case was registered by police in Tumakuru district on Monday based on the recent order of a local court.</p> <p>It has been registered under Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections, including 108 (abetment), wanton vilification upon a community (153A) and intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace (504), police said.</p> <p>The Tumakuru Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) court had, on October 9, directed police to register an FIR on a complaint by lawyer L. Ramesh Naik who contended that the September 21 tweet on the actor's Twitter handle @KanganaTeam had hurt him.</p> <p>“People who spread misinformation and rumours about CAA that caused riots are the same people who are now spreading misinformation about farmers bill and causing terror in the nation, they are terrorists. You very well know what I said but simply like to spread misinformation,” Ranaut had tweeted.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-booked-by-karnataka-police-over-tweet-on-farmers.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-booked-by-karnataka-police-over-tweet-on-farmers.html Tue Oct 13 16:50:16 IST 2020 50th-kerala-state-film-awards-kani-kusruthi-suraj-lijo-win-big <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/50th-kerala-state-film-awards-kani-kusruthi-suraj-lijo-win-big.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/13/film-awards-2020.jpg" /> <p>The 50 Kerala State Film Awards were announced on Tuesday. Suraj Venjaramoodu won the award for best actor for his performance in <i>Android Kunjappan Version 5.25</i> and <i>Vikruthi </i>while Kani Kusruthi won the best actress award for <i>Biriyaani</i>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Lijo Jose Pellissery bagged the award for best director for <i>Jallikattu</i>, while <i>Vasanthi</i>, directed by Rahman Brothers, was declared the best film.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Veteran cinematographer Madhu Ambat headed the jury for the latest edition of the state awards. This time, 119 films were reportedly in the reckoning.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The second best film award went to <i>Kenjira</i> directed by Manoj Kana.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Here is the list of winners of the 50th Kerala State Film Awards:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Film – Vasanthi</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Second Best Film – Kenjira</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Actor – Suraj Venjaramoodu, <i>Android Kunjappan Version 5.25</i> and <i>Vikruthi</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Actress – Kani Kusruti, <i>Biriyaani</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Director – Lijo Jose Pellissery, <i>Jallikattu</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Character Actor – Fahad Faasil, <i>Kumbalangi Nights</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Character Actress – Swasika, <i>Vasanthi</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value – <i>Kumbalangi Nights</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Children’s Film – <i>Nani</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Screenplay (Original) – Rahman Brothers, <i>Vasanthi</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Screenplay (Adapted): PS Rafeeque, <i>Thottappan</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Child Artist (Male) – Vasudev Sajeesh Mara, <i>Sullu</i> and <i>Kallanottam</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Child Artist (Female) – Catherine Viji, <i>Nani</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Debut Director – Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval, <i>Android Kunjappan Version 5.25</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Music Director – Sushin Shyam, <i>Kumbalangi Nights</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Male Singer – Najim Arshad</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Female Singer – Madhusree Narayanan</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Editor – Kiran Das, <i>Ishq</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Cinematography – Prathap V Nair, <i>Kenjira</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best Dubbing Artist – Male – Vineeth, <i>Lucifer</i> and <i>Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham</i></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Special Jury mention – Anna Ben for <i>Helen</i>, Nivin Pauly for <i>Moothon</i> and Priyamvadha Krishna for <i>Thottapan</i></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/50th-kerala-state-film-awards-kani-kusruthi-suraj-lijo-win-big.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/50th-kerala-state-film-awards-kani-kusruthi-suraj-lijo-win-big.html Tue Oct 13 15:59:58 IST 2020 kangana-ranaut-says-new-tanishq-ad-promotes-love-jihad-sexism <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-says-new-tanishq-ad-promotes-love-jihad-sexism.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/9/13/kangana-simran-promo-pti.jpg" /> <p>Kangana Ranaut is at it again. The Bollywood actor has been vocal about a range of topics, including the “Bollywood mafia”, Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and mental health issues, and posting her thoughts—many of them quite damaging—on social media.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This time, Kangana trained her guns on the new Tanishq ad for ‘Ekatvam’, meaning oneness, and claimed that it promotes “love jihad” and “sexism”.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“The concept wasn’t as much a problem as the execution was,the fearful Hindu girl apologetically expressing her gratitude to her in-laws for the acceptance of her faith, Isn’t she the woman of the house? Why is she at their mercy? Why so meek and timid in her own house? Shameful,” she tweeted on Monday night.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>However, more than 12 hours later, Kangana was on Twitter again to reply to her original tweet, and took a harsher view of things.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“This advert is wrong on many levels, Hindu bahu is living with the family for significant amount of time but acceptance happens only when she is carrying their heir. So what is she just a set of ovaries?This advert does not only promote love-jihad but also sexism,” she wrote.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“As Hindus we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting in to our subconscious, we must scrutinise, debate and evaluate what is the outcome of any perception that is fed to us, this is the only way to save our civilisation,” she said in another tweet.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The ad was reportedly withdrawn after Tanishq faced a barrage of trolling from right-wing social media accounts for the concept behind it and soon after it was aired, #BoycottTanishq was trending.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The 45-second ad showed a Muslim family celebrating a baby shower for their Hindu daughter-in-law who is expecting. While the young mother-to-be is seen wowed by the effort put into the baby shower and tells her mother-in-law that such occasions are not even observed in their faith, the woman tells her daughter-in-law that such customs can be followed to keep the daughters of the family happy.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Several other celebrities and popular personalities on social media appreciated the ad which called for unity and oneness, the concept that Tanishq was going for to promote its ‘Oneness’ collection. However, right-wing bhakts and trolls have targeted the ad, accusing it of glorifying “love jihad”, making it into a ‘Hindus vs Muslims’ debate.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-says-new-tanishq-ad-promotes-love-jihad-sexism.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/kangana-ranaut-says-new-tanishq-ad-promotes-love-jihad-sexism.html Tue Oct 13 17:23:23 IST 2020 tovino-gets-discharged-from-hospital-shares-adorable-homecoming-post <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/tovino-gets-discharged-from-hospital-shares-adorable-homecoming-post.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/6/22/tovino-facebook.jpg" /> <p>Mollywood actor Tovino Thomas, who was injured on the sets of his upcoming Malayalam movie <i>Kala</i> last week, was discharged on Monday and he shared an adorable post on social media to mark his homecoming.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Tovino took to Instagram to inform his fans and followers that he was discharged from the hospital and was at home resting. He shared a picture of a ‘get-well-soon’ card made by his daughter Izza from both her and her younger brother Tahaan. Tovino and his wife Lidiya welcomed baby Tahaan in June this year.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The <i>Guppy</i> actor had sustained serious injuries while shooting for an action sequence for <i>Kala</i> last week. He was admitted to the Renai Medicity hospital in Kochi after complaining of severe abdominal pain. He was shifted to the ICU and remained there for 48 hours.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Tovino was later said to be stable.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>After being discharged, he thanked everyone, including the medical staff and his supporters, for their efforts and wishes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“A big HELLO from home!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“I got discharged and is fine at home now. Thanks and love for all your wishes and concern in the last few days. The doctors and hospital staff took great care of me. A big thanks to them.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Also thanks to everyone who supported me - colleagues, family, friends, cinema lovers and everyone who showed their care.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“I really felt positive seeing your messages and calls. The incident hopefully makes me take better care of my self (sic). Hoping to get back to work soon and keep entertaining you with good movies.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Till then I’ll rest and enjoy your love.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Big thanks and lots of love. It was a bigger realisation of how much love I was being given. Duly noted!” the <i>Mayanadhi</i> actor wrote on Instagram.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Kala</i> is directed by Rohith V.S. and bankrolled by Juvis Productions. The shooting for the movie will resume once Tovino recovers from his injuries.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/tovino-gets-discharged-from-hospital-shares-adorable-homecoming-post.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/tovino-gets-discharged-from-hospital-shares-adorable-homecoming-post.html Tue Oct 13 13:23:43 IST 2020 rhea-chakraborty-urges-cbi-to-take-action-against-neighbour-for-false-statements <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/rhea-chakraborty-urges-cbi-to-take-action-against-neighbour-for-false-statements.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/9/8/rhea-arrest.jpg" /> <p>Actress Rhea Chakraborty, accused of abetting the suicide of her actor boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput, on Monday urged the CBI to take action against her neighbour for giving “false”&nbsp;statements to the media to mislead the investigation in the case.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In a letter addressed to Nupur Sharma, heading the CBI’s special team, Chakraborty said her neighbour Dimple Thawani had falsely claimed that Rajput had dropped her (Chakraborty) to her house in suburban Mumbai in his car on June 13, a day before he was found hanging at his residence in Bandra.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Dimple Thawani made false and bogus allegations against me knowing them to be false and misled the investigation. The allegation was that Sushant Singh Rajput had dropped me to my house in his car on June 13, which is false,” Chakraborty said in the letter issued through her lawyer Satish Maneshinde.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Thawani did not respond when contacted.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“I say that such a conduct makes out a prima facie case punishable under sections 203 (giving false information about an alleged offence) and 211 (false charge of offence) of the Indian Penal Code which is punishable with seven years’ imprisonment,” the letter said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Chakraborty and her family members had been booked by Bihar Police for allegedly driving Rajput to suicide before the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>She was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in September in connection with a drugs case arising out of the investigation into Rajput death case.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Chakraborty was granted bail by the Bombay High Court last week.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/rhea-chakraborty-urges-cbi-to-take-action-against-neighbour-for-false-statements.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/13/rhea-chakraborty-urges-cbi-to-take-action-against-neighbour-for-false-statements.html Tue Oct 13 12:44:24 IST 2020 parvathy-thiruvoth-quits-amma-over-idavela-babus-comment-on-bhavana <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/parvathy-thiruvoth-quits-amma-over-idavela-babus-comment-on-bhavana.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/12/parvathy-thiruvoth.jpg" /> <p>Actor Parvathy Thiruvothu on Monday resigned from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), expressing her strong protest against the alleged derogatory remark made by its secretary Edavela Babu against actor Bhavana. Parvathy also demanded the resignation of Babu from the artists' body.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Earlier, while replying to a question on whether Bhavana will be given a role in the the upcoming film being produced by the AMMA, Babu had said: “Bhavana is not in AMMA, we can’t bring back the dead.”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Mr Babu may believe he just used a metaphor, but it shows his nauseating attitude and I pity him,” Parvathy said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The <i>Take Off</i> actor said when her friends resigned from AMMA in 2018, she stayed back thinking at least a few should continue to work within a broken system and help repair it. However, Parvathy said, she has abandoned all hope that anything will ever change within this association, after watching Babu's interview to a TV channel.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“His utterly disgusting and mortifying remark comparing a woman member who had been badly let down by this organisation and consequently left it, to a dead person is beyond correction,” she said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Mr. Babu may believe he just used a metaphor, but it shows his nauseating attitude and I pity him. I am sure that when the media starts discussing this remark, many of his peers will support him. I’m certain about this because of the way they have always dealt with issues pertaining to women,” Parvathy wrote on Facebook.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/parvathy-thiruvoth-quits-amma-over-idavela-babus-comment-on-bhavana.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/parvathy-thiruvoth-quits-amma-over-idavela-babus-comment-on-bhavana.html Mon Oct 12 19:49:16 IST 2020 top-production-houses-file-suit-against-2-news-channels-for-defa <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/top-production-houses-file-suit-against-2-news-channels-for-defa.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/12/arnab-rahul-navika.jpg" /> <p>After a slew of coverage about an alleged “Bollywood drugs mafia” in the aftermath of the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, 38 Bollywood producers have filed suit against Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami and Pradeep Bhandari and Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar for “conducting media trials of Bollywood personalities and interfering with the right of privacy of persons associated with Bollywood”.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The suit, filed by DSK Legal in the Delhi High Court, has as its plaintiffs several prominent production houses including The Film &amp; Television Producers Guild of India (PGI), The Cine &amp; TV Artists’ Association (CINTAA), the Indian Film and TV Proucers Council (IFTPC), the Screenwriters Association (SWA), Aamir Khan Productions, Ad-Labs Films, Ajay Devgn Films, Andolans Films, Anil Kapoor Film and Communication Network, Arbaaz Khan Productions, Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, BSK Network and Entertainment, Cape of Good Films, Clean Slate Filmz, Dharma Productions, Emmay Entertainment &amp; Motion Picture, Excel Entertainment, Filmkraft Productions, Hope Production, Kabir Khan Films, Luv Films, Macguffin Pictures, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, One India Stories, Ramesh Sippy Entertainment, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures, Red Chilies Entertainment, Reel Life Productions, Reliance Big Entertainment, Rohit Shetty Picturez, Roy Kapur Films, Salman Khan Films, Sikhya Entertainment, Sohail Khan Productions, Tiger Baby Digital, Vinod Chopra Films m Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures, and Yashraj Films.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>These are the production houses of actors including Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Kabir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, and Salman Khan.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>As reported by Bar &amp; Bench, the suit says the producers take exception to the phrases used by these reporters to describe allegations of a drug cartel operating within the film industry, with terms such as “dirt,” “Filth”, “Scum” “Druggies” used to describe the industry, as well as expressions like "it is Bollywood where the dirt needs to be cleaned", "all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood", "this is the dirtiest industry in the country", and "cocaine and LSD-drenched Bollywood".</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The suit states, "The livelihood of persons associated with Bollywood is being severely impacted by the smear campaign being run by the Defendants. This is in addition to the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in extreme revenues and work opportunity loss. The privacy of the members of Bollywood is being invaded, and their reputations are being irreparably damaged by painting the entire Bollywood as criminals, seeped in drug culture, and making being part of Bollywood as synonymous with criminal acts in the public imagination.”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It adds that these reports had been penalized and reprimanded in the past for “irresponsible reportage” and defamatory content, and alleges that their channels have “openly flouting” the Programme Code under Section 5 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulations) Act, 1995 in Rule 6 of the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"These Defendants are conducting and publishing parallel private ‘investigations’ and effectively acting as ‘courts’ to condemn persons connected with Bollywood as guilty based on what they claim is ‘evidence’ found by them, thereby trying to make a mockery of the criminal justice system,” it states.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The plaintiffs say they seek permanent injunctions against Goswami, Shivshankar &amp; co&nbsp;"from carrying on reportage and publication of material that violates applicable laws". It asks the channels to “withdraw, recall and take down all the defamatory content published by them against Bollywood".</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The suits comes after an <a href="https://www.theweek.in/wire-updates/national/2020/10/03/bom22-mh-sushant-aiims-police.html">AIIMS report</a> confirms that the actor’s death was by suicide and was not a murder—vindicating actress Rhea Chakraborty who had been the subject of a prolonged media trial alleging her role in Rajput’s death. <a href="https://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/07/grugs-case-rhea-chakraborty-gets-bail-hc-rejects-showik-plea.html">Further, Chakraborty recently received bail</a> after the Narcotics Control Bureau accused her and her brother of being “active members of a drug syndicate that was connected with high society personalities and drug suppliers”.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/top-production-houses-file-suit-against-2-news-channels-for-defa.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/top-production-houses-file-suit-against-2-news-channels-for-defa.html Mon Oct 12 18:00:36 IST 2020 disha-salian-death-sc-adjourns-pil-seeking-court-monitored-probe <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/disha-salian-death-sc-adjourns-pil-seeking-court-monitored-probe.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/2020/March/disha-salian.jpg" /> <p>The Supreme Court Monday adjourned hearing for a week on a PIL seeking court-monitored CBI enquiry into the death of Disha Salian, former manager of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A bench headed by Chief Justice S.A. Bobde deferred the matter as no advocate appeared for the petitioner in the case.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“Nobody appearing in this matter? Last time also no one appeared. What should we do? We said last time that you should consider going to the Bombay HC,” the bench, also comprising Justices A.S. Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian, observed and adjourned the matter for a week.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The plea filed by advocate Puneet Dhanda claimed that both the deaths are interconnected as they occurred under suspicious circumstances.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“It is after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, various rumours and conspiracy theories have been linked between the deaths of Disha and Sushant, because both died in suspicious circumstances and at the peak of their successful professional career,” the plea said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Disha, 28, died on June 8 after falling off the 14th floor of a residential building in Malad (west) Mumbai.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Rajput, aged 34, was found hanging from the ceiling of his apartment in suburban Bandra in Mumbai on June 14 and since then the Mumbai police has been probing the case keeping in mind various angles.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The PIL said that if the top court, after perusal of the investigation report by the Mumbai police, finds it unsatisfactorily then the matter be referred to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The plea also sought directions to Maharashtra police to cooperate in the investigation being carried out by Bihar police in Sushant’s death case.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/disha-salian-death-sc-adjourns-pil-seeking-court-monitored-probe.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/disha-salian-death-sc-adjourns-pil-seeking-court-monitored-probe.html Mon Oct 12 15:40:20 IST 2020 aditya-narayan-to-tie-the-knot-with-actor-shweta-agarwal <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/aditya-narayan-to-tie-the-knot-with-actor-shweta-agarwal.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/12/aditya-narayan-insta.jpg" /> <p>Singer and <i>Indian Idol</i> host Aditya Narayan is all set to get married to his long-time girlfriend and actor Shweta Agarwal.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Aditya was rumoured to have been in a relationship with singer Neha Kakkar. However, he has refuted the rumours and expressed his happiness for Kakkar who is reportedly getting married to singer Rohanpreet Singh.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“There was no truth to those rumours. Neha is a dear friend and I am happy for her,” Aditya said. “I have known Rohan since he was the second runner-up of <i>Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs</i> way back in 2008 that I hosted. I am thrilled that two of my good friends are getting married.”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In a recent Instagram post, Neha made her relationship to Rohanpreet official—she posted an image with a caption, “You’re Mine @rohanpreetsingh #NehuPreet.” The couple received several congratulatory messages in the comments.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Aditya, who is the son of playback singer Udit Narayan, met actor Shweta on the sets of their film <i>Shaapit</i> 10 years ago. He is said to have fallen for her instantly.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“I met Shweta on the sets of <i>Shaapit</i> and we hit it off instantly. Slowly and gradually, I realised I was head-over-heels in love and started pursuing her. Initially, she wanted to be ‘just friends’, because we were both very young and needed to focus on our careers,” Aditya told the <i>Times of India</i>.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“I remember a few years ago, how people had assumed that Shweta and I had a big spat on the street and had broken up. After that, it was so difficult for me to even go out with her. I accept that there can be issues in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Marriages break easily these days, so we were both taking our time to know each other. Now, after a decade, I feel it is the right time to take the plunge,” he said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Shweta has acted in movies such as <i>Tandoori Love </i>(2008) and <i>Miras</i> (2008) and the Telegu film <i>Raghavendra</i> (2003) with actor Prabhas.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/aditya-narayan-to-tie-the-knot-with-actor-shweta-agarwal.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/aditya-narayan-to-tie-the-knot-with-actor-shweta-agarwal.html Mon Oct 12 14:45:27 IST 2020 kangana-criticises-aarey-metro-car-shed-scrapping-for-a-few-fancy-activists <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/kangana-criticises-aarey-metro-car-shed-scrapping-for-a-few-fancy-activists.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/9/10/Kangana-Ranaut-politics.jpg" /> <p>Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has slammed the scrapping of the Aarey metro car shed, saying that “stopping urbanisation” to suit the agendas of the powerful is not the solution.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday announced that 800 acres of Aarey has been declared a reserve forest and the construction of the metro car shed project here will be stopped following protests by environmental groups and citizens over the felling of trees in Aarey Milk Colony. He said that the project will be shifted to Kanjurmarg.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Following the CM’s announcement, Kangana took to Twitter to react to a news article which stated that other actors in the film industry, including Shraddha Kapoor and Dia Mirza, called the scrapping of the metro car shed a “huge win”.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“First world problems of a few fancy activists are not #Mumbaikars problems, last year I planted more than one Lakh saplings, not cutting trees is good but stopping urbanisation only to suit powerful and wealthy’s agendas is not the solution but part of the problem,” Kangana tweeted.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The National Award winning actor and the Maharashtra government have been involved in an unpleasant standoff since the last few months. Kangana and the Shiv Sena have been engaged in a war of words after the actor compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The Shiv Sena-controlled Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had also demolished alleged alteration to her property in the city.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Aarey is one of the last remaining green spaces in Mumbai, with around five lakh trees in the area, which houses a variety of fauna and flora. Several environmental activists and citizens, including Bollywood actors and other celebrities, had protested the then BJP government’s decision to raze the land and cut down over 2,000 trees to build the shed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>After the Bombay High Court refused to declare Aarey a forest and quash the decision to cut down the trees, several trees were cut in the middle of the night with bulldozers leading to widespread protest from activists.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>While announcing the shifting of the metro car shed, the chief minister said that the police cases filed against protesters then would be withdrawn. He added that the project would be shifted to the new location without additional costs.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray, who had also protested against the felling of trees in Aarey, tweeted, “Aarey Saved!”</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/kangana-criticises-aarey-metro-car-shed-scrapping-for-a-few-fancy-activists.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/kangana-criticises-aarey-metro-car-shed-scrapping-for-a-few-fancy-activists.html Mon Oct 12 14:16:23 IST 2020 actor-soumitra-chatterjees-health-improves-marginally <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/actor-soumitra-chatterjees-health-improves-marginally.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/10/soumitra-salil.jpg" /> <p>The health condition of iconic Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who is being treated for COVID-19 at a private hospital in the metropolis, marginally improved on Sunday and he no longer needs oxygen support, a senior official of the medical facility said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Chatterjee was given plasma therapy twice on Saturday and the octogenarian also underwent a CT scan, he said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>“He is better than what his condition was yesterday, but the actor is still in ITU. Chatterjee is not on oxygen support. He continues to be drowsy and in a confused, restless state, and is in acute confusional stage which is progressive in nature,” the official said.<br> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The thespian also had slight fever in the evening, he said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>He was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after he tested positive for COVID-19.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/actor-soumitra-chatterjees-health-improves-marginally.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/12/actor-soumitra-chatterjees-health-improves-marginally.html Mon Oct 12 13:06:10 IST 2020 your-generosity-my-greatest-gift-amitabh-bachchan-on-his-78th-birthday <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/your-generosity-my-greatest-gift-amitabh-bachchan-on-his-78th-birthday.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/slideshow/2018/november/kolkata-international-film-festival/kiff-2-salil.jpg" /> <p>Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, on Sunday, celebrated his 78th birthday and thanked his well-wishers for their continued love, describing it as his "greatest gift."</p> <p>Bachchan has been a force to reckon with in the Hindi film industry, starting out as the 'Angry Young Man' of Indian cinema and adapting to changing times and mediums in his career of over five decades.</p> <p>On his birthday, the actor took to Twitter and shared images of himself, bowing down with folded hands as a gesture of gratitude towards his fans.</p> <p>"Your generosity and love be the greatest gift for me for the 11th. I cannot possibly ask for more," Bachchan tweeted.</p> <p>The icon was showered with praise by fraternity members, including legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, actors Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt, among others.</p> <p>"Your personality is a role model for all of us. May you always remain healthy and happy, that's my prayer for you," Mangeshkar tweeted.</p> <p>Dutt, who has worked with Bachchan in films like <i>Kaante</i> and <i>Eklavya: The Royal Guard</i>, took to Twitter and shared images with the icon across two different eras.</p> <p>"Thank you for all the love, learning and guidance over all these years. Wishing you a happy, healthy and blessed birthday @SrBachchan Sir," Dutt wrote.</p> <p>"Many happy returns of the day dear Amitji. Prayers and best wishes for a great year ahead sir," Devgn, who has worked with him in films like <i>Satyagraha</i>, <i>Khakhee</i> and <i>Major Saab</i>, tweeted.</p> <p>Bachchan was last seen on-screen in G<i>ulabo Sitabo</i>, which marked his first digital release.</p> <p>His co-star from the <i>Shoojit Sircar</i> directorial, Ayushmann Khurrana said Bachchan's contribution to the industry has been immense.</p> <p>"When my childhood dream of working with you came true, I felt my life was blessed. What you've done for the industry is unmatched. We will forever be grateful to you," Khurrana tweeted.</p> <p>A recipient of four National Awards and nearly 15 Filmfare trophies, Bachchan completed five decades in Hindi cinema in 2019.</p> <p>Last year, he also received the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Indian cinema's highest honour, in a special ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.</p> <p>Having made his debut with the Khwaja Ahmad Abbas-directed <i>Saat Hindustani</i> in 1969, the actor has given countless critically-acclaimed performances in films, including <i>Zanjeer</i>, <i>Deewar</i>, <i>Sholay</i>, <i>Agneepath</i>, <i>Black</i>, <i>Paa</i>, and <i>Piku</i>.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/your-generosity-my-greatest-gift-amitabh-bachchan-on-his-78th-birthday.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/your-generosity-my-greatest-gift-amitabh-bachchan-on-his-78th-birthday.html Sun Oct 11 22:59:01 IST 2020 superhero-movies-have-blighted-cinema-says-v-for-vendetta-writer-alan-moore <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/superhero-movies-have-blighted-cinema-says-v-for-vendetta-writer-alan-moore.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/7/22/avengers%2520endame%2520poster.jpg" /> <p>Alan Moore, the man behind critically-acclaimed graphic novels 'The Watchmen' and 'V For Vendetta', says it is infuriating that most people believe comics books and superhero movies are the same thing.</p> <p>In an interview with <i>Deadline</i> for his film <i>The Show</i>, Moore said he hasn't watched a superhero movie for a long while now.</p> <p>"I haven't seen a superhero movie since the first Tim Burton Batman film. They have blighted cinema, and also blighted culture to a degree. Several years ago I said I thought it was a really worrying sign, that hundreds of thousands of adults were queuing up to see characters that were created 50 years ago to entertain 12-year-old boys.</p> <p>"That seemed to speak to some kind of longing to escape from the complexities of the modern world, and go back to a nostalgic, remembered childhood. That seemed dangerous, it was infantilising the population," Moore said.</p> <p>The 66-year-old writer also believes that there is a parallel between the popularity of superhero movies and current political events happening all over the world.</p> <p>"This may be entirely coincidence but in 2016 when the American people elected a (President Donald Trump) and the UK voted to leave the European Union, six of the top 12 highest grossing films were superhero movies.</p> <p>"Not to say that one causes the other but I think they're both symptoms of the same thing a denial of reality and an urge for simplistic and sensational solutions," Moore added.</p> <p><i>The Show</i>, directed by Mitch Jenkins, features <i>The Souvenir</i> star Tom Burke in the lead. The film is expected to release this year.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/superhero-movies-have-blighted-cinema-says-v-for-vendetta-writer-alan-moore.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/superhero-movies-have-blighted-cinema-says-v-for-vendetta-writer-alan-moore.html Sun Oct 11 18:46:10 IST 2020 aamir-khan-daughter-says-she-is-suffering-from-depression <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/aamir-khan-daughter-says-she-is-suffering-from-depression.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/1/16/ira-khan-instagram.jpg" /> <p>Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan confessed on social media that she was suffering from depression. Ira, who is Aamir's daughter with his first wife Reena Dutta, said in a video: &quot;I have been clinically depressed for many years now, but I am doing much better.&quot; She spoke about taking the viewers on a journey to understand &quot;ourselves and mental illness better&quot;.&quot;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In the Instagram caption, she had written: &quot;A lot has been going on, a lot of people have a lot to say. Things are really confusing and stressful and simple and okay but not okay and... life all together. There is no way to say it all in one go. But I'd like to think I've figured some stuff out, or at least figured out how to make it slightly more understandable. About mental health and mental ill-health. So come with me on this journey... in my awkward, quirky, sometimes-baby-voice-y, as-honest-as-I-can-be... way. Let's start a conversation.&quot;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>On the World Mental Health day, a lot of people had come out with their stories of coping with depression. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on psychosocial wellbeing of people, the Centre said, stressing on promoting community sensitisation, family counselling and support, and teachers' counselling to tackle complex mental health issues. Addressing a virtual International Conference on Mental Health: Looking Beyond COVID-19', Secretary, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Shakuntala D. Gamlin, highlighted the need for addressing increasing incidence of mental health issues.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on psychosocial wellbeing and is likely to add the disease burden across the globe,&quot; she said. &quot;There is a need to promote community sensitization, family counselling and support, teachers' counselling, awareness at all levels and develop appropriate policy and programme intervention to tackle the complex issues of mental health rehabilitation,&quot; Gamlin said.<br> </p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/aamir-khan-daughter-says-she-is-suffering-from-depression.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/11/aamir-khan-daughter-says-she-is-suffering-from-depression.html Sun Oct 11 11:00:56 IST 2020 vijay-deverakonda-feels-dictatorship-the-right-way <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/vijay-deverakonda-feels-dictatorship-the-right-way.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2019/august-11-2019/people/97-Vijay-Deverakonda.jpg" /> <p>Telugu film star Vijay Deverakonda recently shared his opinion about the concept of democracy and some of his comments have not gone down well with many social media users.</p> <p>In an interview with&nbsp;<i>Film Companion</i>, he said that every person should not have the right to vote while electing leaders. The original interview was published on September 1, but a deleted snippet was posted on Film Companion South's YouTube page on October 8. Baradwaj Rangan asked Vijay if he was interested in politics and would join a party a few years down the line, to which Vijay said he does not have the patience for politics.</p> <p>“I don’t have the patience for politics. The political system itself in some way is not making sense. As in, how we go about the elections is not making sense in some way. I don’t even think everyone should be allowed to vote,” he said.</p> <p>He explained his concept with an example. He said, “So there’s this concept when you get on a plane and you’re flying to Bombay, would we all decide who will fly the plane? Should we let the 300 people on the plane decide to vote who is going to go on that plane? No. We let an efficient agency like the airlines decide who is most competent… who understands this business to put the best person possible to fly the plane.”</p> <p>He also argued that he thinks the middle class people who have the ‘most at stake’ should be allowed to vote. &quot;Why we're having money and cheap liquor swing a vote, is ridiculous. I'm not saying that rich people should vote. I don't even think rich people should vote. I think the middle class, who have the most at stake, people who are educated and won't get swung by little money...I don't even think everyone should be allowed to vote because they don't know who they're voting for and why they're voting for,&quot; he said.</p> <p>He then went on to say he feels dictatorship is the way to go. &quot;I would like to be a dictator if at all. I think that's the way to go. That's the way you can make change. ‘Just shut up...I’m having good intentions’. You don't know what's good for you maybe, but just stick to this and 5-10 years down the line, it's going to pay off. I think somewhere, dictatorship is the right way, but you need to have a good guy (sic),&quot; he added.</p> <p>Some Twitter users have slammed the <i>Arjun Reddy</i> actor for his comments.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/vijay-deverakonda-feels-dictatorship-the-right-way.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/vijay-deverakonda-feels-dictatorship-the-right-way.html Sat Oct 10 16:19:20 IST 2020 pm-modi-biopic-rerelease-oct-15-first-film-theatres-post-lockdown <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/pm-modi-biopic-rerelease-oct-15-first-film-theatres-post-lockdown.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2019/1/29/modi-biopic.jpg" /> <p>The movie traces the journey of Narendra Modi from his humble beginnings to becoming the Prime Minister of India. &nbsp;The film first released on May 24, 2019.&nbsp;</p> <p>Directed by Omung Kumar, the film stars Vivek Anand Oberoi in the title role along with Boman Irani, Darshan Kumaar, Manoj Joshi, Prashant Narayanan, Zarina Wahab, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Anjan Shrivastav, Yatin Karyekar, Rajendra Gupta, and Akshat R Saluja in pivotal roles.</p> <p>“PM Narendra Modi has been the best Prime Minister of the country, which was proven in the 2019 elections. What can be better than watching the inspiring story of the most inspiring leader of today’s times, as theatres re-open,” producer Ssandip Singh told the <i>Indian Express</i> about the film’s re-release.</p> <p>Earlier this week, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar announced the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that cinema halls must put in place before they open on October 15 after seven months of being closed.</p> <p>The SOPs include one seat distance in theatres, 50 per cent capacity, masks at all time, proper ventilation and air conditioner temperature settings at above 23 degrees Celsius.</p> <p>It is unlikely there will be any fresh releases immediately. <i>PM Narendra Modi</i> will be the first film to release as theatres reopen.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><b>&nbsp;</b></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/pm-modi-biopic-rerelease-oct-15-first-film-theatres-post-lockdown.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/pm-modi-biopic-rerelease-oct-15-first-film-theatres-post-lockdown.html Sat Oct 10 11:28:08 IST 2020 veteran-actor-soumitra-chatterjee-shifted-intensice-care-covid-symptoms <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/veteran-actor-soumitra-chatterjee-shifted-intensice-care-covid-symptoms.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/10/soumitra-salil.jpg" /> <p>Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee has been shifted to intensive care in a private hospital where he is undergoing treatment for COVID-19 after his health condition worsened, a senior doctor at the facility said on late Friday night.</p> <p>The 85-year-old actor was at an "acute confusional stage" following which the neurologist advised him to be shifted to the ITU, he said.</p> <p>"Mr Chatterjee has been shifted to the ITU after he has been experiencing restlessness and reached an acute confusional stage. We have shifted him to the ITU for close monitoring. He is having several co-morbidities, that’s why we need to be more careful," the doctor said.</p> <p>Chatterjee was hospitalised on Tuesday after he tested positive for COVID-19.</p> <p><b>&nbsp;</b></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/veteran-actor-soumitra-chatterjee-shifted-intensice-care-covid-symptoms.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/10/veteran-actor-soumitra-chatterjee-shifted-intensice-care-covid-symptoms.html Sat Oct 10 10:48:46 IST 2020 karnataka-court-directs-police-to-register-fir-against-kangana-ranaut-for-anti-farmer-tweet <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/karnataka-court-directs-police-to-register-fir-against-kangana-ranaut-for-anti-farmer-tweet.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/images/2020/8/24/Bollywood-actor-Kangana-Ranaut-before-leaving-for-Mumbai-from-Manali-Sept.-8%252c-2020-pti.jpg" /> <p>A court in Tumakuru district of Karnataka on Friday directed the police to register an FIR against controversial actor Kangana Ranaut on her recent tweet allegedly targeting farmers protesting the farm laws.</p> <p>Based on a complaint by a lawyer L Ramesh Naik, the Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) court directed the inspector of Kyathasandra police station to register an FIR against the actor.</p> <p>The court said the complainant had filed an application under section 156(3) of the CrPC for investigation.</p> <p>"The office is hereby directed to issue intimation to the circle police inspector of Kyathasandra police station along with (a) photostat copy of the complaint for report," it added.</p> <p>Naik, who hails from Kyathasandra,told PTI that in connection with his criminal case against the actress,the court had directed the jurisdictional police station to register an FIR and inquire.</p> <p>The actor had tweeted on September 21 from her Twitter handle @KanganaTeam: "People who spread misinformation and rumours about CAA that caused riots are the same people who are now spreading misinformation about Farmers bill and causing terror in the nation, they are terrorists.</p> <p>You very well know what I said but simply like to spread misinformation."</p> <p>Naik said this tweet had hurt him and prompted him to file a case against Ranaut.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/karnataka-court-directs-police-to-register-fir-against-kangana-ranaut-for-anti-farmer-tweet.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/karnataka-court-directs-police-to-register-fir-against-kangana-ranaut-for-anti-farmer-tweet.html Fri Oct 09 21:38:54 IST 2020 mira-nair-a-suitable-boy-premiere-netflix-october <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/mira-nair-a-suitable-boy-premiere-netflix-october.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/magazine/theweek/leisure/images/2020/8/6/69-Ishaan-Khatter-and-Tabu.jpg" /> <p>Streaming platform Netflix on Friday announced that the much-awaited series adaptation of <i>A Suitable Boy</i> from filmmaker Mira Nair will premiere on October 23.</p> <p>An official adaptation of acclaimed author Vikram Seth's classic novel of the same name, the six-part drama has already aired on BBC in the UK and Ireland.</p> <p>Seth's novel charts the fortunes of four large families in North India of 1951, a time when the country was carving its own identity as an independent nation by planning to go to the polls for its first democratic general election.</p> <p>The story focuses on 19-year-old university student Lata, portrayed by newcomer Tanya Maniktala, who struggles with her life being mapped out thanks to old traditions and an overbearing mother who wants to find her a suitable husband.</p> <p>In the series, Khatter plays Maan Kapoor, the wayward son of a politician, Tabu as his love interest Saeeda Bai, a courtesan.</p> <p>Apart from Maniktala, Khatter and Tabu, the show also features Rasika Dugal as Lata’s sister, Ram Kapoor as minister Mahesh Kapoor and Maan's father, Mahira Kakkar as Rupa Mehra, Vivaan Shah as Varun Mehra, Shahana Goswami as Meenakshi Chatterji Mehra, Namit Das as Haresh Khanna and Danesh Razvi as Kabir Durrani.</p> <p>Nair, who is known for critically-acclaimed films such as <i>Salaam Bombay</i>, <i>Monsoon Wedding</i> and <i>The Namesake</i>, has also made her television debut with the drama.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/mira-nair-a-suitable-boy-premiere-netflix-october.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/mira-nair-a-suitable-boy-premiere-netflix-october.html Fri Oct 09 17:01:38 IST 2020 richa-chadha-shares-copy-court-order-after-payal-ghosh-refuses-apologise <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/richa-chadha-shares-copy-court-order-after-payal-ghosh-refuses-apologise.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2020/april-19-2020/people/72-richa.jpg" /> <p>Richa Chadha ha shared a copy of the court order to disprove claims made by actress Payal Ghosh, who said she would not apologise to Richa for allegedly making statements against her.</p> <p>Sharing the copy, she wrote: “WE WON! Satyamev Jayate! Grateful to the Hon. Bombay High Court for justice ! The order is now in public record, freely available for all on the High Court website. Thank you for your support, next hearing (for settlement) is on the 12th as is mentioned in the order.”</p> <p>Payal Ghosh&nbsp;had taken to Twitter to reveal that&nbsp;she would not apologise. She had written: “I am not apologizing to anyone. I have not wronged nor have I given a wrong statement about anyone. I just said what @anuragkashyap72 told me. #SorryNotSorry.”</p> <p>Recently, Payal Ghosh had accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual assault. She had also mentioned Richa’s name. Richa filed a defamation suit before the high court against Payal for making a "false, baseless, indecent and derogatory" statement and sought damages.</p> <p>Payal, on September 23, registered a First Information Report at suburban Versova police station, accusing Kashyap of raping her in 2013.</p> <p>Anurag Kashyap, who was last week questioned by the police, denied the allegations and provided documentary evidence to show that he was shooting for a film in Sri Lanka when the alleged incident was said to have taken place.&nbsp;</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/richa-chadha-shares-copy-court-order-after-payal-ghosh-refuses-apologise.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/richa-chadha-shares-copy-court-order-after-payal-ghosh-refuses-apologise.html Fri Oct 09 16:27:34 IST 2020 ex-bigg-boss-contestant-sana-khan-quits-showbiz-to-follow-creator <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/ex-bigg-boss-contestant-sana-khan-quits-showbiz-to-follow-creator.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/10/9/sana-khan-insta.jpg" /> <p><i>Jai Ho</i>&nbsp;actress&nbsp;Sana Khan, on Thursday, announced her decision to quit the entertainment industry, citing religious reasons.</p> <p>“I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the orders of my Creator,” she wrote in an elaborate post on Instagram.</p> <p>Sana is known for appearing as a contestant on&nbsp;<i>Bigg Boss 6</i>. She has also worked in several movies and TV series.</p> <p>She said that showbiz has blessed her with all kinds of fame, honour and wealth from fans for which she is grateful. “But, for the last few days, I have been possessed of the realisation that: Is the real purpose of man's coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame?,” she wrote.</p> <p>She wrote: "Today I am talking to you standing at a crucial juncture of my life. For years, I have been living the Showbiz (film industry) life, and during this time I have been blessed with all kinds of fame, honour and wealth from my fans for which I am grateful to them. But, for the last few days, I have been possessed of the realisation that: Is the real purpose of man's coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame? Isn't it a part of his/her duty to spend his/her life in the service of those who are needy and helpless? Shouldn't a person think that he/she could die at any moment? And what will happen to him after he/she is no more? I have been searching for answers to these two questions for a long period of time, especially the second question as to what will happen to me after my death?"</p> <p>"When I searched for the answer to this question in my religion, I realized that this life in the world is actually for the betterment of life after death. And it will be better if the slaves lives according to the command of his Creator and does not make wealth and fame his only goal," she added.</p> <p>She further wrote: "Therefore, I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the orders of my Creator. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me to Allah to accept my repentance and grant me the true ability to live in accordance with my determination of spending my life following the commandments of my Creator and in the service of humanity, and grant me perseverance in to. Finally, all brothers and sisters are requested to not consult me with regards to any showbiz work henceforth."</p> <p>Sana Khan has featured in films such as&nbsp;<i>Halla Bol, Jai ho, Wajah Tum Ho</i>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<i>Toilet: Ek Prem Katha</i>.<i></i></p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/ex-bigg-boss-contestant-sana-khan-quits-showbiz-to-follow-creator.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/ex-bigg-boss-contestant-sana-khan-quits-showbiz-to-follow-creator.html Fri Oct 09 12:21:23 IST 2020 amitabh-bachchan-roped-in-for-prabhas-deepika-padukone-next <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/amitabh-bachchan-roped-in-for-prabhas-deepika-padukone-next.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/gallery/shots/2018/june-03-2018/people/73-amitabh-bachchan.jpg" /> <p>Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in for Prabhas and Deepika Padukone’s next.</p> <p>The production house announced on social media on Friday, “Welcoming with a full heart, the pride of a billion Indians. The Amitabh Bachchan. Our journey just got BIG-ger! https://youtu.be/ejugTJB-MwM #NamaskaramBigB @SrBachchan #Prabhas @deepikapadukone @nagashwin7 @AshwiniDuttCh @SwapnaDuttCh @VyjayanthiFilms.”</p> <p>Said to be a sci-fi film, it is directed by Nag Ashwin. The film will mark the debut of Bollywood star Deepika Padukone in Tollywood.</p> <p>Prabhas was last seen in the 2019 action thriller <i>Saaho</i> co-starring Shraddha Kapoor, while Deepika's latest release was Meghna Gulzar's <i>Chhapaak.</i></p> <p>“After its latest offering <i>Mahanati</i>, the story of the legendary actress Savitri that won several national and international awards, its upcoming project is a much-cherished dream for Aswini Dutt, producer and founder of Vyjayanthi Movies,” the production house said in a statement.</p> <p>“I feel lucky and blessed that Bachchan Sir has selected our film among the many choices he has... It is a full-length role, which we believe will do justice to the legend that he is,” Nag Ashwin said.</p> <p>The film is slated for a worldwide release in 2022.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/amitabh-bachchan-roped-in-for-prabhas-deepika-padukone-next.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/09/amitabh-bachchan-roped-in-for-prabhas-deepika-padukone-next.html Fri Oct 09 11:03:45 IST 2020 bengal-cinema-halls-to-reopen-with-sushant-singh-rajput-films <a href="http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/08/bengal-cinema-halls-to-reopen-with-sushant-singh-rajput-films.html"><img border="0" hspace="10" align="left" style="margin-top:3px;margin-right:5px;" src="http://img.theweek.in/content/dam/week/news/entertainment/images/2020/8/6/Sushant-Rajput-singh.jpg" /> <p>In what looks like an attempt to bank on the sympathy factor for Sushant Singh Rajput whose unnatural death in June has hogged prime space in the news media for over three months, several single-screen theatres in and around Kolkata have decided to reopen shows from next week with films starring the actor.</p> <p>At least 14-15 single screens in the city and districts would be showing Rajput's 2018 hit <i>Kedarnath</i> while his other movies such as <i>Sonchiriya</i> (2019), <i>M S Dhoni : The Untold Story</i> (2016) and <i>Chhichhore</i> (2019) may also be re- released in the state, officials of film distributing companies said.</p> <p>"We wanted to show a film by Sushant which has good content. Since there are no big time releases in this festive season, we have decided to screen films which had a decent run at box offices in recent times. We also know how Sushant has figured in discussions of everyone.</p> <p>"These two factors make us believe that Kedarnath will be a perfect release after a seven- month closure of theatres," senior executive director of SSR Cinemas Pvt Ltd Satadeep Saha said.</p> <p>If the response is good, his other films like <i>Sonchiriya</i> would be released later, the distributing company official told PTI.</p> <p>The SVF Entertainment, which was the Bengal region distributor of <i>M S Dhoni : The Untold Story</i> and <i>Chhichhore</i>, said that it is in talks with Mumbai distributors about re-releasing these two films in the state.</p> <p>"We are waiting for confirmation from Mumbai distributors regarding the possibility of releasing either of these two films or both in our theatre chains from October 15," an SVF spokesperson said.</p> <p>After seven months of shut down due to COVID-19, the Centre has allowed cinema theatres to reopen from October 15 with 50 per cent capacity and one-seat distance between viewers.</p> <p>A major single screen, New Empire, said it is planning to reopen the hall with <i>Dil Bechhara</i>, the most recent Sushant-starrer released on OTT after his death, or <i>Kedarnath</i>.</p> <p>Rajput is the safest bet as halls reopen with 50 per cent capacity and when a section of the audiences may be apprehensive to visit a theatre in the present pandemic situation, a spokesman of Eastern India Motion Pictures Association (EIMPA) said.</p> <p>EIMPA is a platform of producers, distributors, exhibitors and laboratory and studio owners.</p> <p>Rajput was found hanging in his Mumbai apartment on June 14.</p> http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/08/bengal-cinema-halls-to-reopen-with-sushant-singh-rajput-films.html http://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/10/08/bengal-cinema-halls-to-reopen-with-sushant-singh-rajput-films.html Thu Oct 08 20:24:48 IST 2020