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5 of the Best YouTubers for Trading Forex


1 The Inner Circle Trader

The Inner Circle Trader (Michael Huddleston) is popularly known as ICT. He is a forex trader, mentor, and life coach whose unique approach to forex trading online took the world by storm.

Conventional trading styles and strategies like support and resistance, trend lines, and chart patterns have been in use for decades. Still, ICT's approach to trading questioned the efficiency of these tools, thereby providing novel trading strategies.

His teachings aim to enlighten traders on the nature of price movements and the techniques used by banks to manipulate the forex market. He teaches the various types of price manipulations, including liquidity grabs, stop hunts, and other methods through which banks liquidate the open positions held by less significant participants in the currency market.

His methods have birthed terms like fair value gaps, order blocks, breaker blocks, and other price presentations that can be used to frame a trade setup. His YouTube channel contains over 100 video lessons that cover basic to advanced concepts regarding his trading style. These include the precision trading series, market maker series, and most importantly, the free 2022 mentorship on YouTube.

After restricting applications to his mentorship program, he started teaching for free on YouTube, and the videos cover many concepts that other traders now copy and recreate.

He is one of the best forex YouTubers because he teaches profitable trading strategies, provides free video lessons, and has a good track record with a lot of successful students.

Michael describes himself as "the Mentor of your Mentor." His trading mentorship and educational video materials date back to 2017. The Inner Circle teaches about price action, technical analysis, using patterns, scalping, session trading, swing trading, risk management, and trading psychology.

2 Rayner Teo

Rayner Teo is a forex trader and founder of the blog TradingwithRayner. He is also the most followed trader in Singapore, with more than 75,000 traders reading his blog each month.

His YouTube channel is a forex goldmine with many video lessons and trading courses. He has produced valuable content on many forex-related topics like candlestick patterns, chart patterns, forex indicators, etc.

Rayner offers a lot of different courses and books in his academy. Some require payment, and some are free. Some of his famous books include;

·  Price Action Trading Secrets

·  Pro Traders Edge

·  Free Guides

Overall, the books teach trading strategies and help traders understand the different approaches to forex and stock trading. His YouTube channel is great for new traders and provides lots of trading strategies free of charge.

3 Hannah Forex

Hannah's YouTube channel documents her trading journey and shows her experiences, hurdles, and victories in the past few years of her trading journey. It's more of a relatable personal vlog that shows the realities of trading and the various steps she has taken to develop and grow into a profitable trader. Unlike other forex-related YouTube channels, Hannah forex isn't a means of selling a course or any paid service. The channel provides a realistic and motivating learning environment that can help new traders develop the right attitudes and mindset regarding trading.

4 Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is an award-winning Singaporean entrepreneur, best-selling author, and professional investor & trader. His YouTube channel has over 800 thousand subscribers, thanks to the diversity of his content. He teaches trading strategies and techniques ranging from price action strategies to in-depth explanations of forex trading indicators.

Adam was a self-made millionaire by the age of 26; he owns and runs multiple businesses with a combined annual turnover of millions of dollars. He is a renowned and influential financial mentor with over 35 million YouTube views.

New forex traders can benefit from his 70+ video lessons on the basics of forex and financial trading strategies.

Furthermore, a section of his YouTube channel is devoted to advanced traders who can benefit immensely from the strategies he shared based on his experience as a successful trader.

5 Warrior Trading

With close to 50 million views on YouTube, Warrior Trading is one of the most-watched forex YouTube channels for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, it features several other professional traders as well and primarily focuses on specific days and how much money they were able to make or lose.

This YouTube channel largely focuses on day trading and consistently provides invaluable day trading content.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing a YouTube channel to learn from, make sure it meets your trading needs and requirements. For instance, if you are struggling with day trading, then a day trading YouTube channel might be best for you.

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