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Dr.P.B.Boss: Founder of Osaka Group of Companies - Reminiscing his path to success


The birth of a dream

Is it better to swim against the tide or to follow a safe mundane path? A boy from a small but beautiful rural area in Ernakulum Kerala, struggled with this dilemma from a tender age.

Growing up in close proximity to the natural beauty of his surroundings, programmed into him a default setting of respect, and love for the environment. The fields were his playground, the stories narrated by his grandparents were teachings in morals and integrity.

He was groomed to follow a career path as directed by his bureaucratic family. But the boy was a dreamer. His biggest thrill was to climb the tallest tree and gaze at the sky, lost in thought in a deep meditative trance. He loved the celestial transitions, from tranquil blue with cotton white fluffy clouds to spectrums of orange, pink and purple of the on-setting dusk.

“I wonder if the sky looks different from other places”

The turning point

This gnawing curiosity infected him with a burning desire to travel. After passing out of degree college, he was unsure about his career path. It would be safe to simply take up a job. But his inner voice said otherwise. Destiny intervened when his cousin, introduced him to a prominent Travel Agency in Thiruvananthapuram. The boy was inspired. He found his calling.

He envisioned his own company in a business that could help millions of people realize their travel dreams.

He would help them see what the sky looked like from different places.

The boy becomes the Man

Dr.P.B.Boss was that young boy who established Osaka Air Travels in 1993. He operated from a small rented room in Angamaly. The beginning was humble and full of struggles and difficulties. However, by his side was his pillar of strength Mrs. Bissy Boss, his spouse and partner. A teacher by profession, Bissy was soon to become an integral contributor to the business.

Kochi International Airport, was soon to be inaugurated. Dr.Boss saw a gleaming opportunity, and procured a loan from his father. He expanded his company and took on additional staff. His plan was bold and needed immediate action. He singled out areas inhabited primarily by NRIs. They literally knocked on doors, personally informing them about the services offered by Osaka Air Travels. This move was the key that determined the success of Osaka Group of companies.

His main aim was to provide the best services available, and establish a reliable and trustworthy relationship with the customer. Soon, by word-of-mouth Osaka Group was recognized as the leading travel agency with the highest visa submissions in Southern India.

Its primary objective; making travel easy and stress free for the customer.

“A person’s novelty is determined by their conduct”

Getting to know Dr.P.B.Boss was inspirational and enlightening. A holistic personality, his integrity and character prominently surfaced in this interview. Here is what he had to say…

Q. Whom do you consider as your inspiration/Idol?

Sri. Ratan Tata is one of the most prominent and responsible Indian leaders. He built a people centric vision that is socially responsible. This strong visionary still strives to improve the quality of the communities we live in.

Mr. Bill Gates used his intelligence and excellent business skills to improve the world.

Mr. Stephen Hawkins’ life has helped me understand that no matter how bad our situation is, there is always a way out.

Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. is one of the greatest innovative contributors of our time.

Q. What makes you unique as a person?

Business is a unique platform that offered me a sufficient level of freedom, autonomy and flexibility. This has pushed me to grow into an initiator rather than a procrastinator.

People skills and networking have been one of my strengths, essential in any business endeavor. Interactions in this cosmopolitan society have helped me think out of the box and to be persuasive about my target goals.

People first…I am a strong believer in a business model that can improve people’s lives. My company is developed on the goodwill idea of helping people who require travel assistance and support. We will spare no efforts to ensure you will have a memorable, and problem free experience.

A person’s novelty is determined by their conduct. – Dr.P.B.Boss

Connect us – www.osakaair.com // info@osakaair.com

Written by Hilton Dsouza

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