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Sumant Kant Kaul, former telecom Prodigy: Launching Bliss GenX, Future of Global Education and Wellness


Sumant Kaul, visionary, philanthropist regarded as the unsung hero of India's telecom revolution, played a vital role in the growth of India's economy with his innovative marketing concepts of helping people through Mobile telephony.

The former telecom prodigy is set to Launch his new venture Bliss GenX, a Global platform on Education on Wellness which he believes will disrupt the way  formal Education, Wellness and Healthcare industries are being run in India and the world today .

The need for Bliss GenX arose due to the economic and social havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 1/3 of global GDP Around $90 trillion has been lost. Globally, children and young adults have missed a year of school. Mental health problems in students have been on the rise since COVID 19. The Indian Psychiatry Society reported a 20% increase in mental illness cases by the end of March 2020. Since then, things have worsened.

COVID 19 exposed the incompetence of Education and Wellness and Industries.

We know what to do when we are sick, but not how to avoid getting sick. Bliss GenX will provide global wellness education. Global Education will be synonymous with Bliss GenX.

Sumant Kaul has prophesied that Wellness is the future of the Global Economy. Wellness Industry which already is a USD  4.7  trillion  industry and almost 3 times Global Pharmaceutical industry and according to Sumant Kaul, the Wellness industry is set to become a 30 trillion USD Business by 2030 which is equivalent to USA and GDP of 53 Commonwealth countries according to him

Sumant Kaul says, “I am very confident of the wonderful future after the pandemic as I know the world is ready for the big shift. I was one of the pioneers who created the need for mobile telephony, now I am going to make it happen for wellness globally. This is the only way we can truly help the world. The world does not need flying cars, the world needs to know how to thrive not survive”.

Remembering his old Telecom memories, he recalls that he knew telecom was the greatest tool available to fulfill his vision of helping people improve their livelihoods when Airtel was venturing into Telecom under the great vision and leadership of Sunil Mittal. He predicted in a meeting chaired by Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman Airtel in August gathering in Hotel Intercontinental now Lalit in New Delhi in the presence of Rajan Mittal, Rakesh Mittal, Hemant Sahdev, Sharad Mishra and many other telecom industry stalwarts, said his company Hitech Cellular would do about 200,000 subscribers and Airtel 1 million by year 2000 and the rest is history. People used to be skeptical when he spoke about India's bright future in 1990s, because India was still a developing country with few roads, bridges, and dams, and power cuts even in the country's capital for long periods of time and outgoing and incoming calls was Rs 16.84 per minute and mobile phones cost INR 50,000 way beyond almost 99% Indians & now we know Telecom and IT created 9 Million jobs.

Sumant Kaul is leading the Wellness Revolution, with the vision and mission of transforming the lives of one billion people by 2025. Using the Science of Consciousness technique and samadhi meditations used by Himalayan yogis, he realized his dream and created amazing marketing schemes such as significantly subsidising mobile phones and giving them away for free with gifts such as diamond pendants, ray ban glasses gold plated, and holiday vouchers to prepone the population's decisions and make it affordable. Sumant now wants to empower billions to achieve breakthroughs through this powerful technique on his new platform Bliss GenX

He foresees that people will have their own education and wellness institutes in the future and Bliss GenX is going to empower the world to achieve this. Bliss GenX will create disruption in the education, health, and wellness industries thereby creating a major shift in the wellness and health of 7 billion people in times to come.

Wellness is the new age mantra and everything in the world will be related and revolving around Wellness.

Sumant Kaul emphasized that It’s clear nature is forcing us to change and it seems COVID 19 has come to teach humanity to raise their level of consciousness and unless we take responsibility on ourselves that with the present state of consciousness and brain power which is  approximately 3 to 8 % of a normal human uses his brain and that  has brought us to the state of anarchy that we are in.

Under any physical or emotional threat, a human uses and perceives the world through the lizard or money brain and uses a part of the monkey brain called amygdala and hippocampus to take all unmindful decisions and thus out of fear and activation of limbic brain all unresourceful decisions like war, terrorism, insurgency, greed, jealousy, murder, molestations happen. Even irrational fear leads to an unbalanced acidic body which is a breeding ground of viruses inside our body and we invite viruses from outside also as viruses attack the weak immune system.

Bliss GenX will help people to move out of constant survival mode. Survival mode is not the lack of money, even self made Billionaires may live in survival mode however, since their level of cognition is so high, the degree is very less.

Traditional education failed as we don’t apply 90% of what we learnt in school and university in our lives. According to Sumant Kaul, we need to educate the world that human survival is only possible through the wellness of our own self by understanding the complex machine of brain, body and mind.

In September 2021, Bliss GenX plans to launch this global application for wellness education through mindfulness. Bliss GenX brings innovative ideas to the table in order to provide an effective educational platform where members can learn, grow, and earn. Bliss GenX members will receive certification as wellness practitioners, instructors, and master instructors.

The Bliss GenX platform aims to raise global consciousness. With the platform reaching 1 billion people, Industry estimates the app's net worth will be one trillion dollars by 2025. Educating the world in true wellness is the only new age mantra for continued  human existence with happiness.

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